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KFFL's Senior Bowl: Day 3 tidbits and weigh-ins

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  • KFFL's Senior Bowl: Day 3 tidbits and weigh-ins

    Richard Garcia from KFFL, live from Mobile, Ala., reviews the third day of the Senior Bowl and lists the weigh-ins of each player.
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    Dumb question: How do they measure hand size? I figured it was just tip-of-thumb to tip-of-pinkie, but I just measured my own hands in that way, and they're about 10.5 inches on the left and 10.0 on the right. That can't be right because it would mean I've got bigger hands than almost every one of these guys. (I'm a big guy, 6'3" + 220lbs, but lots of these guys are bigger than I am.) What gives? Any info appreciated.