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CBS sportsline mock draft!

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  • CBS sportsline mock draft!

    I think it is constructed to annoy Matt. Henne selected at #17 and no Woodson...

    And is Ellis really a #1 pick?

    I also found that one of the mocks in the draft database had JDB going at #17. What is people thinking with?
    Forgive me I'm Swedish!

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    This is probably the most uncommon mock I've seen, and most unlikely to be right.


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      There are a few others with some strange picks:

      This one has Jake Long going to the Fins at #1 and Sam Baker to the Bengals in the first round:

      While this one has JDB to the Vikings at #17
      Forgive me I'm Swedish!


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        Brian Brohm, Louisville
        'Bout time a good QB fell to them
        Lol. I think Brohm is the new "worst value" pick now that Woodson is out of the first round. I don't blame the Bears for taking him if they do, but I just think it's funny how the author wrote that like "Yes, about time all the answers showed up to our franchise door."

        The second mock is terrible and I won't even comment on it.


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          The Pats taking Gholston? The Bills taking Harvey? Henne and Fred Davis in the first round? This is almost as bad as Rivals.