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    Found this article from KC Joyner of overrated players from the 2007 season enjoy. Esp like the one about Kyle Vanden Bosch. Has 1 good year and people think he is special. Do it again next year buddy and we'll talk. Forum Moderator

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    Players making the Pro Bowl based on their overall career and reputation as opposed only to making it based on the particular season in question is nothing new, and will never change. It's almost not realistic to think that a player and team official and even fan, who each count as a third of the voting total, can ignore a player's past, his rep and his on-the-surface stats.

    It's nice to know that Mike Vrabel allowed 5.6 YPA on POA runs. But for every negative stat or statement made about these "overrated" players, there is some positive stat or statement. Do we know how many blocks Vrabel took on so other people could make tackles? Do we know how many times the opposing team purposely ran plays away from Vrabel? Do we know the effect Vrabel's leadership had on helping his team win all but one game?


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      I would like to see him make an argument for someone other than Anderson for the third spot in the Pro Bowl.

      I also hate when people say "Oh lets just take away his best game of the season and then see his numbers." That's so stupid. You can't take away someones best game for no reason like this dude did with Shockey.


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        Anderson is vastly overrated IMO. Hes got a good arm, good frame and all, but his accuracy is very patchy, and hes got an excellent offense to work with. If he for example went to say the Dolphins or Bears he'd get his ass owned.


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          The only other guy I can think of is Garrard hwho played really goodf for the Jags.
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            I think Dallas Clark is a bit overrated. He put up fantastic stats this year, but all his other years, he did not even eclipse 500 receiving yards. He really took advantage of having Marvin Harrison out of the line up.
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              Wes Welker. I know he's never had a great offense around him, but he has one good year in NE's offense and he's hailed as a top WR. Maybe if he does it again next year with Moss most likely gone, but still, get real.


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                Brett Favre


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                  He should have put Roy Williams, the worst safety to ever make the pro bowl, at the top of that list. He makes it purely on name recognition and that stupid commercial 2 years ago. I wonder if people accidentally are voting for the Roy Williams WR.
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