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  • Parcells at it Again

    Got a new Free Agent to add to the list Walter.

    Zach Thomas will be cut by the Fins. Wow I'm not totally surprised, but I didn't really expect him to be cut. He's getting up in years and that injury last year must have made Parcells think he should get youth in that position. Thomas like every veteren LB who seems past their prime will most likely end up in NE and rejuveniate his career IMO.
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    The source said retirement is a possibility and Thomas will play again only if he can join a team that he views as having a legitimate shot at winning a Super Bowl.
    Basically he'll go play for the Patriots if they want him.


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      Originally posted by NoNonsenseCoach View Post
      Basically he'll go play for the Patriots if they want him.
      Well yeah, he must be considered a rookie among their LB:s...
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        Who's next? If I was on the Dolphins roster, I would be pretty scared!
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          If you were on the roster of a team that went 1-15, you should be pretty scared. ... Zach Thomas was a great player and leader for the Dolphins, but this is a move that had to be made. His head injuries, his age, his salary and his size are not a good mix for a team that is rebuilding into a defense that will need to feature bigger and durable linebackers. It's not easy for a regime to make roster moves like this when it comes to a hugely popular player. I actually give Team Parcells credit for making a decision that they feel is in the best interest of the team, even if it upsets many fans.


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            He has to retire. It's not safe for him and his brain to be out there playing football any more.