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  • Matt's Blog 2/16

    Wow. Good read. I particularly like your analysis of Jarvis Moss as "All-universe". I just wrote in a post recently how much I disliked that particular trade and that the recent season has done nothing to make me think otherwise.

    I think that Jones should just take it like a man an suck it and see if McFadden falls to the Pats. It might not happen, but unless it does, I agree that he would probably have to give up too much in order to get him.

    Fundamentally I am of the opinion that the Cowboys shouldn't make trades here. They have 3 good picks in this draft to build on what is already a great team.

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    Will the Cowboys make a trade to move up and get DMac? Eh we'll see I don't think so but you never know. I will guarentee though there will be a least 1 stupid trade in the 1st round. Then again there is usually 1 or 2 every year. Forum Moderator

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      Yup...bad trades are immenint in the draft...but so are teams passing up on bad trades and the latter happens more often than you obviously hear about.
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