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    The guys at NFL House asked me to post a link to their QB Lab:
    2016 NFL Mock Draft

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    rothlisberger a 4 star?!?!?!
    He should be a 5 star he is way better than eli


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      Why is Mike Vick 5 stars?


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        Eli wasn't drafted by NYG


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          Kordell Stewart and Big Ben have the same rating...


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            Originally posted by NoNonsenseCoach View Post
            Kordell Stewart and Big Ben have the same rating...
            That's so stupid.


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              I still like it.
              In the 4th-7th rounds since 1997, a 2nd stringer or better was taken every year.
              Some good points are made. I liked that last round statistic.

              But I just can't agree with some things.
              Micheal Vick, Carson Palmer, Phillip Rivers, and Eli Manning all have
              turned out to be top tier QBs
              Even pre dogfighting Mike Vick was an elite entertainer, but never a top tier QB.

              David Carr had those memorable seasons in Houston,
              where he had the worst O-Line in NFL history, and that may have affected his growth process.
              Not saying they weren't bad, but Carr contributed to that more than people think. The same o-line blocked for Matt Schaub and Sage Roesenfels and they both had a solid year.