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  • Bucs needs by Walter

    I think you are wrong on 2 corners...we just need one next season to develop. Ronde is good for another year. P-Buc will start next year adequately. I think we just need to draft one corner...maybe sign one in FA I think that is where you are coming from.

    I don't think QB is a need until we find out if McCown is any good or not. I'd rather stick with him since he knows Gruden's complex offense. I mean he did go something like 16-16 @ New Orleans. I just think he needs more experience. I say we wait until 2009 to draft a QB. Word is Gruden like Josh Johnson and we might spend a 3rd (I hope 4th if we were to draft him) on him, which would be a bit of a reach.

    Thanks for saying the Spurlock return was a fluke because it was horrendous coverage, we just got lucky (for once).

    Jerramy Stevens wasn't the answer? He played very well from what I saw especially late in the year. I mean he won the game that all but clinched the division vs. NO. Huge catch. I think he is very good Smith is solid but doesn't seem elite. Maybe with time but who knows. I hope we don't draft a TE it would be a waste of a pick unless spent on 6th/7th rounder.

    Wow you have DT as our #8 need? We need a NT and a UT better than Jovan Haye who is garbage.

    Greg White is a ERFA so he will likely re-sign in Tampa. I think we will tender Earnest for a 1st round pick. Tender Penn for a 2nd/4th round pick.

    Good job though. I expect us to cut Greg Spires to get us more cap room. Hopefully we trade Simms for a 3rd round pick.

    Cross Fingers on these FA signings:
    DJ Hackett/Bryant Johnson
    Andre Davis
    Jeff Faine
    Randall Gay

    It would reduce our needs in the Draft to maybe QB, maybe LT, UT, NT, CB.
    2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

    Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.

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    Matt - what do you think of Chris Simms? Is he done or do you think he can be a quality starter? I know at Texas he should have been benched for Applewhite.

    I sacked Chris Simms in 6th grade (one of my claims to fame!) so I am hoping he wins a Superbowl or something so my brag is even more impressive. Incidentally, I sacked him on a HANDOFF, he was that slow. I just shot the gap and took him down before he could give the ball to his RB. Granted, it was 6th grade, but still something I hang my hat on :-)
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      I think he is a really bad job for Gruden's offense.

      His bet fit is in an offense that has long routes and a lot of shotgun. He has a VERY strong arm so he has some upside. I don't think he is as bad as he was in Tampa, it was just a bad fit offensively and he had no running game/defense the year he injured his splein.

      lol speaking of football claims to dad tipped one of Joe Montana's passes when he was at Purdue. Then some big DE teammate of his told him he'd get to Montana after Montana talked some **** to my dad. The DE put an injury on Montana's back that stayed with him for the remainder of his NFL this injury is pretty much of the result of my dad lol
      2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

      Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.