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Question about adjusted 40 times.

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  • Question about adjusted 40 times.

    Okay, just what goes on when they change players official 40 time? Most are adjusted down. Surprisingly, Chris Johnson's wasn't. What was up with them downgrading Devin Thomas by a 10th TWICE? He orginally ran a 4.34 and a 4.32, yet they adjusted the 4.32 to 4.4.
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    I think it's recorded by hand the first time and then watched again on tape and recorded again.


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      There's no real way to accurately time a 40 - everyone's time is going to be different.
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        From Wikipedia (although it doesn't clarify things)..."There actually is no single, "official" 40 time at the NFL Combine. National Scouting, which runs the combine, provides three times per run, two fully hand-held and one stopped electronically. Each player may run twice, thereby yielding a potential six times. National Scouting provides all six of these times to NFL teams. The teams then do what they want with those times, or ignore them. Some teams use the best electronic time. Some teams throw out the fastest and slowest and average the rest. Some teams use the best time provided. And some teams use a time provided by their own scout on site."
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          I've said before they need official timing here at the combine. How hard is it to get a laser or something that they break with their down hand at the start (as that is what scouts go off anyway) and others at the 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard line? Dr Evil had a giant moon laser, why can't we have a small one?


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            agree with jim


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              Then you get into technique issues. Are guys now going to roll or jack their body on the starting line to get momentum just so their hand doesn't raise? At the finish line are you now reaching your hand across just to trip the laser? I see your point with Dr Evil and it's very valid, but I think he's just that much smarter than the NFL that he gets a big laser and we get none.


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                ROFL at Bills Red's sig!


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                  Don't they have multiple watches and do some sort of average. Because the time is about the timers reaction time as much as the players running speed
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