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    Originally posted by Walter View Post
    And I think it's ridiculous to keep drafting defensive ends every year.

    Matt, I wouldn't pin the Giants' struggles on Eli Manning, but he doesn't seem the type of QB that players rally around to get out of a funk.
    Thats a great point Walter, this team has stacked up their DL too much and it is so obvious how many holes could have been filled on their defense. I never really thought about it but I think you are on to something.

    I mean, its hard to get out of a funk period. I like how I have seen Eli perform in the 2 minute drill and he has been very clutch at times...maybe you're wrong maybe you're right I have no idea...I think winning teams have leadership all across the board. Look at SB teams like the Bucs and Steelers in past seasons. There was a leader at every freaking position...and the division winners usually seem to have more leaders than the losing teams.

    I mean we can't blame Eli Manning...the Giants gave up a lot for him and quite frankly I don't think he was worth it.
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      Eli Manning could be great if he a shut-down defense. How good would the Bears be with Eli Manning?
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        Eli Manning would be really good with the Bears.

        I think we all have to give Manning a lot of credit for playing well given the amount of pressure he's under. He's a QB in New York for a team that gave up so much to draft him. He just needs to start coming through late in the year, which is something Peyton had trouble doing early in his career.
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          Originally posted by Craig Smith View Post
          Coughlin is ridiculous. He beats his players into the ground and by mid-season they got nothing left

          Lets see, before back peddling on the statement, Pro Bowl Running Back Tiki Barber flat out said that he is why he retired. Not to mention previous public critisizm.

          Pro Bowl TE Jeremey Shockey has publically critisized him as well.

          Its ridiculous to release not only your LEft Tackle without a replacement, but 2/3 of your staring LB corps, without replacement.
          Surprisingly Dave Diehl has actually been very solid in both games so far against solid players in Ware and Kampman (whos sack only came due to Lorenzen holding onto the ball for an age outside of the pocket).