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Vilma Being Traded to the Saints

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    "Ok, here's the deal on the Vilma trade. Stay with me because this gets a little twisty.

    The Jets received a fourth-round pick in the upcoming 2008 draft. That's theirs and they will use it or trade it or whatever they want to do with it in two months. If Darren McFadden is around in the fourth round, he'll be a Jet.

    Now, if Vilma reaches certain playing time levels AND he winds up signing an extension with the Saints (remember, Vilma didn't renegotiate so he's a free agent after the 08 season), then the Jets will get either a second or a third rounder in 2009 but they would have to sort of pay back the original value of the deal by giving the Saints a fourth-round pick.


    So the best case for the Jets is that they wind up with a fourth this year, a second next year, but have to give up a fourth in 2009."

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      Originally posted by vbsiena24 View Post


      "Though terms of the deal weren't announced, it is believed Vilma will go to the Saints for a fourth-round pick in 2009 that could be upgraded to a third-round based on how he plays in 2008. Vilma is in the final year of his contract and he goes to New Orleans without a new deal."

      WTF?! That's it?! Better be more like a 2nd or a 3rd!

      And it isn't even for this year!!!!
      I agree. Sure he sucked this year, but still. Vilma's great in the correct system.