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C Jeff Faine almost a Buccaneer

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  • C Jeff Faine almost a Buccaneer

    Haha eat that *****es. Wade was a huge weak line on our OL and we make a splash in free agency by signing the best center on the market (which isn't saying much but we couldn't have done better in the market or the draft so I'm happy).

    Haha take that our OL is NEARLY set ... I'd say it would be set if Petigout can come back healthy at 100% but I doubt it. Look at this OL:

    LT: Luke Petigout/Donald Penn
    LG: Aaron Sears
    C: Jeff Faine
    RG: Davin Joseph
    RT: Jeremy Trueblood

    Haha that OL would kick so much ass omg I'm so psyched. Hope we can get Caddy healthy but even if we don't Graham would still rush for 1300 behind that line.

    Matt McGuire updated FA Wish List:
    *All but locked in is Faine

    1. Trade for Marcus Stroud (give 2nd round pick)
    2. DJ Hackett WR
    3. Randall Gay CB

    1. Glenn Dorsey falls to #20 and we take him (who was last DT to fall to us ... oh yeah Warren Sapp I forgot future HOFer but who cares )

    Unrealistic but I'll take it. Probably more likely that we would take a Kentwan Balmer or Mike Jenkins or Carl Nicks.

    2. Traded for Stroud

    3. Lawrence Jackson DE
    2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

    Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.

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    Forget Almost, they already signed him
    2016 NFL Mock Draft

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