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Manninghan a steal at #26?

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  • Manninghan a steal at #26?

    That's what Matt's favourite draftnik McShay says in his latest mock!
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    LOL yeah we saw that... we thought that mock was compiled a month ago
    2016 NFL Mock Draft

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      That is funny. Manningham will be a high-3rd if he's lucky.


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        Manningham would be a steal anywhere in the 3rd, I don't care about his 40 he's a short strider and his speed shows in films where it MATTERS!
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          Hes a great posession receiver and I say you can compare him to Moose.
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            Mid to high second rounder. He'a a gamer. Screw the combine results.


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              Yeah Todd McShay and Charles Davis seem to be related ... they have the same stupidity gene.
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                I like Walt's Mock where the Hawks are taking him in the I think THAT would be a steal. Any WR who runs a 4.6+ is not a 1st round WR unless he is 6'5" 240lb and had a monster college career in the redzone. There have been plenty of fast WR who don't run well at the combine due to innexperience in track events, but a 5'11" guy who is 190 soaking wet isn't going to stay in the 1st on production alone. It's kinda funny how I never really thought too much into what McShay has said in previous articles. I've never put two and two together, although I do recall wondering if I was just really offbase with some of my thoughts because I disagreed with him somewhat regularly. After reading the "Fire Todd McShay" page some things are starting to add up now. I'd like one of you draftknicks to fill me in as to whether a guy of Manningham's size, college production, and combine results have been drafted in the 1st round over the last several years.

                Oh, and I have a beef with Matt...I read his Emmitt Smith archive today at work for the first time and people kept telling me to shut up because I was laughing too much. That stuff was ridiculous.

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