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Team defenses - Prospects for 2008?

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    Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
    No, but I expect a few sacks in a rookie year. Just a few and some nice flashes here and there. 0.0 sacks = no flashes.

    Also, it was 3.5 sacks, not 4. OMG 4 SACKS! Don't piss your pants scar.\

    (like you sig btw)
    yes, but at the same time Anderson was getting very good pressure till we cut Grady Jackson and all the double teams went to him and Abe. Babineaux got 3.5 sacks in 12 starts. That's pretty damn good. And the way he woudl penetrate the line was very impressive too. Babineaux wasn't a 2nd roudn pick in 2005 for nothing.

    (thanks. it's gonna change soon though)

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      I don't follow the Bills too much, but I think their defense will be improved. They got Marcus Stroud in the middle, signed Kawika Mitchell, and I think that last year, most of their LBs were injured... so we should see major improvement there.
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        Originally posted by Warpig View Post
        KC's defense will be lucky to be middle of the road. Probably more like bottom 20's. Tamba Hali is a liability in the run game and teams will run at him all day. Unless they improve their DT's they will also be succeptible up the middle (D Edwards is moving inside I believe and Demorrio will bump outside). They have ZERO corners on their roster other than Surtain who has been losing a step the past 2 years. Their safeties are young and give up the big play every now and then.

        So the Chiefs defense will probably look solid against poorer teams but will get exposed for what they really are against the better teams.

        PLUS...that offense is gonna be putrid and the defense will be on the field far too long in games.
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