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Old QB scouting evaluations - Can you ID the QBs?

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  • Old QB scouting evaluations - Can you ID the QBs?

    I recently ran across an archive of old scouting reports on college QBs entering the NFL draft. I was surprised by how generic all the descriptions are -- many of them could apply to QBs in the draft right now. It's also interesting to see what was said then about QBs now that we know how they turned out in the NFL. Looking at this stuff makes me mistrust scouting reports because they're too subjective. Below are a few samples. See if you can pick the QBs without cheating. I tried to cut out any identifying info, but might have missed some. I'll post answers in a couple days if anyone cares.

    Notes: _____ is a pocket-type passer who plays best in a dropback-type system.

    Positives: Good height to see the field. Very poised and composed. Smart and alert. Can read coverages. Good accuracy and touch. Produces in big spots and in big games. _______ is a gamer. Generally plays within himself. Team leader.

    Negatives: Poor build. Very skinny and narrow. Ended the season weighing 195 pounds and still looks like a rail at 211. Looks a little frail and lacks great physical stature and strength. Can get pushed down more easily than you’d like. Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush. Lacks a really strong arm. Can’t drive the ball down the field and does not throw a really tight spiral. System-type player who can get exposed if he must ad-lib and do things on his own.

    Summary: Is not what you’re looking for in terms of physical stature, strength, arm strength and mobility, but he has the intangibles and production and showed great improvement as a senior. Could make it in the right system but will not be for everyone.

    Notes: Was regarded as the top pure-passing high school drop-back quarterback in the nation. Also a super baseball player. Played Major League Baseball. Finished second in the nation in passing efficiency.

    Positives: Outstanding size. Smart, mature and tough. Will pay the price. Lost weight, gained quickness and became a much more technically sound and accurate passer after scouts told him those were the areas he had to improve on. Has a strong arm and can throw a nice deep ball. Is not a scrambler but will show some pocket awareness.

    Negatives: Still is not very mobile or a gifted runner. While he has really improved his accuracy, he is not a pinpoint marksman who consistently puts the ball right on his receiver. Seems to be breaking a bad habit that has really hurt him of overstriding and then having the ball sail on him, but he still reverts back at times. Also has a tendency to throw some passes into the ground when he presses and his mechanics go south. Did not throw well at the Combine and seemed to be pressing.

    Notes: Premier high-school athlete.

    Positives: Tremendous athlete with rare size. Can see from the pocket and has been very durable. Powerful runner who can shake off rushers and tacklers. Can improvise and scramble. Has a very strong arm. Has improved accuracy and touch over the course of his career. Can throw all types of passes and will allow the team that drafts him to draw its pass routes on longer paper. Was coached by ________ in college, ran a pro-type offense and was taught how to read progressions.

    Negatives: Worst game came against ____, which threw more complex coverages and more tight man-on-man coverage against him than he had seen before, leading to four interceptions. Has a tendency to put too much touch and air under some of his throws and to underestimate how quickly defensive backs can break on his ball if they are playing tight man coverage. Very inconsistent release point and seems to get a lot of passes batted at the line for somebody his size. Tends to get too heavy. At times, leaves you with the feeling that all the parts are there, yet something is missing. I would like to see a little more emotion from him on the field. Seems to be almost too low-key for a leadership position.

    Summary: Has touch and accuracy from the pocket, but only moderate mobility or running ability.

    Notes: Started 40 games in high school.

    Positives: Big, strong, thick, powerful athlete who is very hard to knock down. Has excellent balance, body control and coordination. Shows some vision and feel as a runner. As strong as a bull and gives pass rushers fits when they try to bring him down. Looks like a fullback running with the ball. Stands in well against the rush and generally knows when it is time to bail out. Good release. Very strong arm. Can unload quickly and throws some very pretty deep balls with very nice touch. Can run with the ball and can run the option. Has started for well over three years and faced some of the best teams in the country.

    Negatives: Has a weight-gain problem and will really balloon up at times. Will lose mobility and ability to escape from the rush when he gets too heavy. Is not a quick or elusive scrambler, even when his weight is under control. Looks a little heavy-legged at times and is not a quick-footed, nimble athlete. Tends to lose accuracy when throwing on the move. Does not always set his feet, even when he has the time to do so. Will lock on his primary receiver. Tries too hard, presses too much and tries to do too much at the end of close games. As a result, he does not throw the ball as accurately on a consistent basis as he normally does and makes more mistakes in judgment.

    Summary: Has the tools to develop into an NFL quarterback if he keeps his weight down, becomes more consistent and learns how to play within himself and not to try to do too much himself in crunch time.

    Notes: Did not run at the Combine but has lost weight and looks a lot more mobile. Top high school javelin thrower who won a bronze medal at the Pan-American Games.

    Positives: Fine work ethic and intangibles. ______ works hard to learn in the classroom and film room, hits the weights and replaced ___ as the team’s offensive leader. Football smart and really wants to play. Very tough and competes well. Is big, strong and durable. Will really stand in against the rush. Can feel and sidestep pressure and does not look as immobile as his times would indicate. He has a quick release and very strong arm. Throws effortlessly and can make all the throws. Has improved his timing and touch. Is more willing to throw the ball away and to go on to the next play. Was extremely impressive at the Senior Bowl. Threw the ball like a possible first-round pick and did all the little things and extras.

    Negatives: Lack of great foot speed will hurt him more in most teams’ eyes now, with so many teams going to the run-pass types of quarterbacks compared to pocket passers who sidestepped rushers, but did not run very often. Can be a little streaky. May be too tough for his own good. Will hold the ball until the last instant and gets pounded. Does not like to slide when he is on the move.

    Summary: Really elevated himself at the Senior Bowl. Should be a first-day pick unless teams really hold his lack of mobility against him and do not weigh his intangibles, throwing ability and quick release heavily enough into the equation.

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    I just re-read the five summaries I posted. I did not pick the summaries this way on purpose, but I realize now that those five random summaries could almost be confused for QBs in the 2008 draft.

    QB#1: Colt Brennan?
    QB#2: Matt Ryan? (this one is the most off-base I think)
    QB#3: Flacco?
    QB#4: Flacco?
    QB#5: Woodson? (except for the quick-release comment!)


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      I will guess that No. 3 is Daunte Culpepper
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        Dunno the rest
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          I'm guessing #2 is Drew Henson


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            I think #5 is Patrick Ramsey

            I'll guess David Garrard for #4
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            Round 3, (71) Eddie Royal, WR/KR, Virginia Tech
            Round 3, (89) Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers
            Round 4, (125) Barry Richardson, OT, Clemson
            Round 5, (147) Tommy Blake, DE, TCU
            Round 5, (158) Andre Fluellen, DT, Florida State
            Round 5, (159) Erik Ainge, QB, Tennessee


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              Nah i would say #4 is either Leftwich or Jared Lorenzen


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                BTW, all five are still in the NFL. No throwbacks from the 80s here. Interesting guesses so far.


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                  #1 Chad Pennington
                  #2 Drew Henson


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                    #4 maybe roethlisberger


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                      tell us who they are


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                        I'll post answers tomorrow sometime, to give everyone a chance to answer. If enough people are interested, I will post some RBs next.


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                          that sounds cool about the RB's


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                            And i would guess #3 as McNabb, and agree #2 as Henson.

                            As for 1 and 5, i know who they are so i will shut up there...


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                              Originally posted by Craig Smith View Post
                              And i would guess #3 as McNabb, and agree #2 as Henson.

                              As for 1 and 5, i know who they are so i will shut up there...
                              No more mock drafts Craig?