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    Is it just me or does it absolutely suck?

    I'm watching it now and I can't get into it at all. The QB for Philly, Tony Graziani the highest paid player in the league has absolutely horrendous pocket prowess and looks lost on the field making some very stupid throws, yet this guy is still up there with the best in the league? Yuck.

    P.s Not enough defense, too small a field, I really could go on.

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    I guess it's better than NFL Europe if that's a compliment.


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      Arena Football is tough to watch sometimes. It's basically the same as two hand touch in the street. Almost zero running, all pass, and walls instead of parked cars. I actually deal with a bunch of the NY Dragons at work. They're all really cool guys. Most are either former NFLers or guys that didn't get drafted out of College, but didn't plan on having a career other than football. The first time AFL players are always in a state of culture shock as to how different the AFL game is.

      Regardless, as a former defensive player, I have a hard time watching a game where the average score is 65-62


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        I love arena has great pace.
        The best player in the league is actually damien harrell a WR
        My favorite team is the NY Dragons


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          Go Sabercats! Mark Grieb for prez! Seriously, it is a good change-of-pace. I think it will eventually catch on b/c most casual football fans like action, not tactical battles, and the AFL has more of that then the NFL.


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            Originally posted by NoNonsenseCoach
            I guess it's better than NFL Europe if that's a compliment.
            NFL Europe was great


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              I think the AFL is kind of fun to watch, and I also think that it could be the way to go with promoting the sport in Europe. Why? Because in a lot of countries (Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic etc.) you alread havy Hockey arenas for about 10 000 people. Most of the people I talk to who aren't interested in Football say it is because the game is very slow. AFL increases the game speed and the score.
              Forgive me I'm Swedish!


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                It's not real football. Once you get past that it could be entertaining. It's a good product live but I don't care to watch on TV. I will certainly miss NFL Europe this spring.
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