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  • 49ersfan
    Originally posted by Blazedestin View Post
    I don't see the issue with Harvey at #12.

    He's gained enough bulk so that he could play as a 4-3 end. It's not like anyone's scared of Denver's pass rush right now.
    Yes, but they have more pressing needs (S, WR, OT, etc), and Harvey is a reach.

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  • Blazedestin
    I don't see the issue with Harvey at #12.

    He's gained enough bulk so that he could play as a 4-3 end. It's not like anyone's scared of Denver's pass rush right now.

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  • Matt McGuire
    I also like your Talib Sants pick that is a reach I could see happening.

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  • Matt McGuire
    Hey I remember in my first mock draft I had Derek Abney going in the first round ... from then I just posted my mocks on forums and I got ripped to shreds but I always tried to improve with each and every mock I did (still do).

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  • yem123
    Thanks for the comments guys.... as you can see I don't know a lot about certain teams' schemes and personnel needs. So thanks for the comments.

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  • Matt McGuire
    Jake Long is not a premier left tackle he doesn't have premier athletic ability.

    You don't take the 20th best player in the draft at #5.

    What value does Ellis give the Ravens at #8 as a nose tackle? NT is not a need and I'm not sure he fits the defense anyways ... his bread and butter is to rush the passer not stuff the run.

    Horrible #11 and #12 picks.

    Interesting selection in Keith Rivers. I really like your Reggie Smith pick due to his versatility, but I think they move Oliver to S with Weddle and draft a pure corner at #27 ... but with a nobody at RT how do they pass up on that huge of a need? I say they trade out of the pick but RT has to be the pick in ever mock at that spot.

    Hardy doesn't fit Martz's scheme.

    Interesting pick with Cason and the Giants.

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  • Blazedestin
    Second Round: I just can't see Felix Jones going over Chris Johnson to the Lions. The Lions need a guy who's used to taking a lot of carries. Johnson is capable of being a featured back with his greater experience and his 4.2 40 time.

    I also can't see Henne being drafted by the Panthers, at least not in the second round. Delhomme should be more or less able to play in 2008. And behind him is Matt Moore, who didn't do that bad in 2007.

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  • titan_qb_3
    Devin Thomas in the 3rd round? Oh and the Chiefs will take Jordy Nelson over Earl Bennett. They love Nelson

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  • bills_red
    Ryan Clady???????????

    WTF kind of pick is that?????????

    5 reason we won't draft him
    1. Heard of Jason Peters LT?
    2. Heard of Langston Walker RT?
    3. No way he beats out Peters for LT
    4. He is no RT
    5. He will sit the bench untill Peters leaves IF he leaves

    Adarius Bowman is now labled a H-Back now ****ing way we pick him in the 2nd

    Terrell Thomas holy **** a good pick

    Ray Rice :sick: and we don't have that pick

    Jermichael Finley another good pick

    Bills mock: -5/10

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  • Flounder87
    Packers wont go DT. They released Williams because Harrel was his replacement. Mario has dropped. I like seeing Baker and Smith in round 1. I dont see the point of Ellis going to Baltimore. Value, shmalue- Hes a 4-3 tackle not a 3-4 end, and Baltimore needs to address much bigger holes (WR, CB, QB, OL).

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  • 49ersfan
    Good, but McKelvin will go in the top 10 and aead of Jenkins. Mario won't go in the first.

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  • yem123
    started a topic My First ever mock

    My First ever mock

    Comments and criticism welcome! :-)

    I did four rounds.

    First round posted below.

    My First NFL Mock Draft

    1. Miami Dolphins
    Jake Long T Michigan 6-7 305
    I think Parcells know that if his QB is to have a chance, he needs a premier LT. Jake is the man.

    2. St. Louis Rams
    Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State 6-4 260
    The Rams would have loved Jake long, but he's gone. Now they go after the one DE who could beat Long in college - Vernon Gholston. He immediately impacts this awful defensive unit.

    3. Atlanta Falcons
    Matt Ryan QB Boston College 6-5 225
    The Vick era is over. The Ryan era begins.

    4. Oakland Raiders
    Darren McFadden RB Arkansas 6-1 217
    While Chris Long makes the most sense, Al Davis is senile. He likes the flash of McFadden. He might also trade with Dallas here.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs

    Jeff Otah T Pittsburgh 6-6 340
    I'll copy Mayock here, Otah fits the scheme and for Croyle to succeed, the O-Line needs HELP! Also, Herm Edwards wants to keep his job.

    6. New York Jets
    Chris Long DE Virginia 6-4 285
    Mangini is salivating over this one, Long falls to them and the Jets fans actually cheer the pick.

    7. New England Patriots
    Dominque Rodgers CB Tennessee State 6-1 185
    Belichick might want a better player. but he has no cornerbacks. Rodgers Cromartie, who may be the most naturally talented, is his choice to replace Asante Samuel.

    8. Baltimore Ravens

    Sedric Ellis DT Southern California 6-1 295
    The Ravens have other needs, but Ellis' value is just too good to pass up here.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals
    Glenn Dorsey DT LSU 6-2 300
    The Bengals, who lost out on Shaun Rodgers, take Dorsey, injury concerns or not, this guy will help out an awful defensive unit.

    10. New Orleans Saints

    Aqib Talib CB Kansas 6-1 180
    The Saints' secondary is a liability, and they pick Talib at #10.

    11. Buffalo Bills
    Ryan Clady T Boise State 6-5 320
    Many people have Buffalo taking a WR here, but there will be talent available in the 2nd round. They look to strengthen their O-Line with Ryan Clady.

    12. Denver Broncos
    Derrick Harvey DE Florida 6-4 252
    Harvey really helps this awful defensive unit.

    13. Carolina Panthers
    Keith Rivers OLB Southern California 6-3 230
    The Panthers can't pass up on Rivers' talent, they'll address RB in the 2nd round.

    14. Chicago Bears
    Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois 5-11 225
    Surprise move in the Bears making a smart pick, but maybe they realize that Cedric Benson sucks, so they take Illinois hero Mendenhall to eventually take the reins at starting RB.

    15. Detroit Lions
    Mike Jenkins CB South Florida 5-11 200
    The Lions are lucky that they can choose between Jenkins and McKelvin at CB. Then end up going with Jenkins.

    16. Arizona Cardinals
    Leodis McKelvin CB Troy 5-11 190
    The Cardinals are another team who need help in the secondary, and they address that need with McKelvin.

    17 . Minnesota Vikings
    Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma 6-4 220
    The Vikings want a tall wideout who can get a hand on Tarvaris Jackson's errant passes.

    18. Houston Texans
    Kenny Phillips FS Miami 6-1 202
    Will Demps was a Pro-Bowl alternate by accident. The Texans take the only safety worthy of first round consideration.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles
    Limas Sweed WR Texas 6-4 220
    The Eagles finally give McNabb his first round WR. Jackson is a consideration but his small frame might be snapped in half in minicamp.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    DeSean Jackson WR California 5-11 165
    The Bucs take Jackson, a speedster at WR and a guy who can help in the return game.

    21. Washington Redskins
    Calais Campbell DE Miami 6-7 282
    Washington takes the first bust of the Jim Zorn era, Calais Campbell. Now they have a Campbell on each side of the ball.

    22. Dallas Cowboys
    Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon 5-10 235
    Although they need more help in the secondary, Jerry Jones can't resist a Barber-Stewart backfield combo.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Sam Baker T Southern California 6-5 308
    After losing Alan Faneca, and their line allowing Roethlisberger to be sacked more times than is healthy, the Steelers take the top lineman on the board, who can play G or T, to protect their $100M QB.

    24. Tennessee Titans
    Mario Manningham WR Michigan 5-11 180
    Vince petitions Fisher for a wideout. Despite a poor combine, they take Mario.

    25. Seattle Seahawks
    Branden Albert G Virginia 6-7 315
    They signed Julius Jones to take over at RB, now they look to fill the void open since Hutchinson left.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars
    Phillip Merling DE Clemson 6-5 270
    Jack del Rio likes the big DE Merling. I have a good feeling about this one.

    27. San Diego Chargers
    Reggie Smith CB/FS Oklahoma 6-0 200
    Reggie Smith can play both corner and safety, he can pair with Eric Weddle or replace Drayton Florence. They'll need the help against Brady and Peyton in the playoffs.

    28. Dallas Cowboys
    Chris Williams T Vanderbilt 6-6 315
    Flozell Adams is 38. Osi Umenyiora is 25. Need I say more?

    29. San Francisco 49ers
    James Hardy WR Indiana 6-6 220
    A reach, but this round has stolen the top WRs. They need a tall guy to catch Alex Smith's non-spiraling overthrows.

    30. Green Bay Packers
    Pat Sims DT Auburn 6-4 315
    Eventual replacement in the middle for Corey Williams.

    31. New York Giants
    Antoine Cason CB Arizona 6-0 182
    Jerry Reese likes Cason. Madison and McQuarters are old. Giants go CB for the second straight year.