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    It's still pretty early. I normally just do one of these right before the draft so I don't have to update it, but I had nothing to do yesterday.

    1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long - A safe and easy pick. The QB class is weak overall, but it's pretty good at the second level. Pass on Ryan and pick someone more deserving of the #1 overall pick.

    2. St Louis Rams - Vernon Gholston - Jake Long and Vernon Gholston could both go here. Gholston beat long though so why not draft the better talent.

    3. Atlanta Falcons - Sedrick Ellis - Ellis made people look silly at the Senior Bowl. I don't care about a DT's 40 time when he dominates like that.

    4. Oakland Raiders - Glenn Dorsey - Davis loves speed, and Justin Fargas, one of the fastest back in the NFL was just re-signed. I think he holds off on McFadden and drafts a player to plug the defense.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs - Jake Long - Thankful the T fell all the way to them the Chiefs make an easy selection here taking the BPA and addressing a big need.

    6. New York Jets - Darren McFadden - With Alan Faneca on the line Thomas Jones might be productive, but you can't pass on McFadden with this pick.

    7. New England Patriots - Leodis McKelvin - Asante Samuel out, Leodis McKelvin in.

    8. Baltimore Ravens - Matt Ryan - Unless they really like Troy Smith they won't pass on Ryan here.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals - Derrick Harvey - Harvey can step in and replace Justin Smith. He should actually be able to get to the passer better than Smith did.

    10. New Orleans Saints - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - Davis didn't quite pan out as a man to man CB, but DRC certainly will.

    11. Buffalo Bills - Mike Jenkins - Harvey is an option if available, but CB is a more pressing need.

    12. Denver Broncos - Chris Williams - Clady is quoted saying he's a Denver type offensive lineman, but I still think Williams is the better prospect. Either will do well in the ZBS though.

    13. Carolina Panthers - Ryan Clady - Jordan Gross can't play both T positions.

    14. Chicago Bears - Rashard Mendenhall - Cedric Benson is a problem. Normally teams seem to give up on their 1st round picks one year too late so this pick could easily be a LT, but Mendenhall fits in well with the Bears.

    15. Detroit Lions - Jeff Otah - RB is a need, but it's a deep class and this is the last dominant LT in the draft. Plus, if Kitna wants his 10 wins they'll need to play well all season, and Jonathan Stewart might not be ready to go if they drafted him here.

    16. Arizona Cardinals - Aqib Talib - The Edge can still run the ball and they have a lot of money in him anyways. CB is a big need, and they get decent value here with Talib

    17. Minnasota Vikings - Phillip Merling - The Vikings secondary looked worse than they were. They had to cover WRers for way to long and the front 7 didn't provide the pressure they needed too, specifically at the DE spot. Marcus McCauley, Cedric Griffin, and Dustin Fox were all first day picks taken in each of the last three years. With a better pass rush these guys could improve the secondary.

    18. Houston Texans - Keith Rivers - Texans love to draft defense. They re-signed Green and got Brown so I don't think they'll go RB in round 1. LT is a need and I think it's their #1 option, but most are gone by now. Keith Rivers fills the hole of Danny Clark who needed upgraded anyways.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles - Devin Thomas - I actually don't like this kid that much, but he has shot up draft boards and I think the Eagles will take a stab at him to help out Donovan

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DeSean Jackson - Joey Galloway got hurt last year in the playoffs and he's old. He needs a replacement and DeSean Jackson is a great one.

    21. Washinton Redskins - Quentin Groves - Groves is very raw, but with help at the LB position to recover for his mistakes I think he'll be able to make an immediate impact getting to the QB.

    22. Dallas Cowboys - Limas Sweed - Receivers don't break out until their 3rd year, and by then or sooner Dallas will need a replacement for Owens or Glenn, both in their 30s

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers - Brandon Albert - Alan Faneca for some reason was let go and the Steelers need to fill a huge hole at LG. Brandon Albert is the kind of guy that can step in right away.

    24. Tenessee Titans - James Hardy - Limas Sweed would look nice being from Texas and if he's here it's an obvious pick, but James Hardy is a similar player and the Titans don't lose too much by drafting him instead. Now VY fans can stop complaining about his weapons and realize he just isn't a good QB.

    25. Seattle Seahawks - Jonathan Stewart - T.J. Ducket is a short yardage back, and Julius Jones is a short term change of pace back. Stewart might not play right away, but the Seahawks could use a franchise RB since Alexander declined.

    26. Jaxonville Jaguars - Lawrence Jackson - A big DE to replace and upgrade their current ones. The DL in general will need depth after losing Stroud.

    27. San Diego Chargers - Kenny Phillips - MLB is a need, but this isn't a great draft for them. Kenny Phillips is the best Safety in the draft and the Chargers have few selections so they need to make them count.

    28. Dallas Cowboys - Jamaal Charles - Going to take heat for this, but I don't even think this is a reach for Charles. He's a great complement to Marion Barber. A really good outside runner with the ability to go between the tackles. Better speed, but not as vicious as Barber. Chris Johnson is a 40 time and Felix Jones just doesn't do it for me.

    29. San Fransisco 49ers - Kentwan Balmer - The offensive line needs help, but if they don't get Balmer now then he might not last till their next pick. The gap between the next good DT and next T is marginal at the T position with Godser, Baker, Nicks, and Collins early 2nd round picks.

    30. Green Bay Packers - Antoine Cason - Adding depth and getting younger at the CB position. Woodson and Harris are at the end of their primes.

    31. New York Giants - Dan Connor - The Giants haven't drafted a big time LB for since Carl Banks and Lawrence Taylor. They need a playmaker at the position to keep that defense dominant.
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    A good overall mock, although the yellow text is really hard to read. I really liked the HOU pick, it's one I haven't seen before. Also liked the 49ers pick, but I do not like the Steelers pick because, for the 50th time, guards DO NOT go in the first round. It just doesn't happen. Also, OAK will not pass up Jake Long if he is available.


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      Looks good coach. Interesting having the Falcons take Ellis over Jake Long and Dorsey.

      Baltimore took a guard in the first round last year and Tampa did a couple of years ago.


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        Pittsburgh picked Kendall Simmons (RG) in the first round in 2002 and Alan Faneca in the first round in 1998. A guard goes in the first round (or a pick or two after) almost every year.

        Regardless of that fact though, I think that's Pittsburgh's biggest need. They have a run first philosophy and just lost Faneca. Who better to replace him than the most talented G prospect in the draft? The front office has already said they won't take a WRer in the first round, and i don't see any other glaring needs.
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          Originally posted by 49ersfan View Post
          A good overall mock, although the yellow text is really hard to read. I really liked the HOU pick, it's one I haven't seen before. Also liked the 49ers pick, but I do not like the Steelers pick because, for the 50th time, guards DO NOT go in the first round. It just doesn't happen. Also, OAK will not pass up Jake Long if he is available.
          50 times huh?

          I guess you missed

          Ben Grubbs, G, 07 first round pick Baltimore
          Davin Joseph, G, 06 first round pick Tampa Bay
          Logan Mankins, G, 05 first round pick New England
          Kendall Simmons, G, 02 first round pick Pittsburgh
          Steve Hutchinson, G, 01 first round pick Seattle
          Alan Faneca, G, 98 first round pick. Pittsburgh

          So i guess evidentally it does happen...


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            Ben Grubbs, Davin Joeseph, Logan Mankins, Luke Petitgout, Chris Naeole, Pete Kendall, Jeff Hartings (drafted as a G didn't play C till he went to Pittsburgh), Jermane Mayberry, Ruben Brown, and Chris Snee and Eric Steinbach were picked 34 and 33, one selection removed from being round 1 guards. Guards are drafted in the first round almost every year, but that's besides the point.

            Even if it was immoral for guards to go in the first round Brandon Albert is still the BPA and fills the Steelers biggest need. They lost a 7 time all pro so they need to replace him with a major talent who can play right away. Hopefully Albert won't go earlier.
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              In a cover 2/tampa 2 you don't need a shut down CB (part of the reason we let Nate go) you need a great pass-rush. Fewell ever said we play tampa 2 25% of the time and some fourm of it 50% of the time so that is only 25% we are out of a tampa 2. I'd guess most of those would be goal line plays.
              So while a CB is a need I'd rather take one later on like Flowers who would be a great tampa 2 CB.


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                Good overall. I liked the Jamaal Charles to Dallas a good deal.
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                  I'm surprised by that, I thought people would bash me for that pick. I think he's a better compliment to Marion Barber than Felix Jones, and a better overall back than him too.


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                    yeah i'm not sold on felix. plus charles is more local. chris johnson might be a surprise pick there, though too. i was watching his highlight vids...that sonuva***** outjogged everybody on the field. man i guess that's what 4.24 looks like in action.


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                      I think Felix Jones makes sense because we all know that Jerry Jones is an Arkansas homer.


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                        Originally posted by PuppyPuncher View Post
                        I think Felix Jones makes sense because we all know that Jerry Jones is an Arkansas homer.
                        that could be true. i'd almost feel sorry for dallas fans though if they went with him over charles or johnson though. heck, even ray rice is a better back than felix jones. i've got forte above him on my big board too.
                        i guess he just doesn't light my fire.


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                          I'm going to gamble and have some faith in Jerry Jones and company saying he takes the best available running back in Charles.

                          No mention of Chris Williams over Ryan Clady? It's only 1 spot so it doesn't matter to much, but most people like Clady better.


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                            Nice Vikings pick...

                            I don't think Chris Williams over Ryan Clady is very far fetched it could happen but I personally prefer Clady.


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                              Nice mock, but I'm not sure if Jake Long makes it past Atlanta.

                              Also, the Bengals signed Antwan Odom to take over for Justin Smith
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