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NFL Draft Game for Autism Awareness

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  • NFL Draft Game for Autism Awareness

    Just got this e-mail. Thought I'd pass it along:

    As a member of the Autism Awareness Team at Grand Street Campus, I am currently working with my teamates on how to let people know about World Autism Awareness Day, which is April 2nd. I have created a fantasy-type game called Stacking the Board, that goes along with the NFL Draft. The directions are below. Please forward to any football fans you know and if they are interested they can follow the directions and play along. Even if you do not play along, just by forwarding this email you have helped me in letting people know that April is the month to find out more about Autism and what we can all do to help.

    I will donate $20 in the name of the person with the highest official point total.

    Directions for Stacking the Board
    Choose 32 players that you think will be drafted in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft.
    Place them in the order that you think they will be picked.

    Points will be given like this:
    1 point if your player is selected anywhere in the first round.
    5 points if your player is selected in the slot you predicted.
    10 points if you pick three players in a row
    15 points if you pick four players in a row
    20 points if you pick five players in a row
    (if you hit on five in a row, you start a new streak on the next pick)

    In order for your picks to be official, I must receive them by 11am on April 26th (one hour before the draft starts) email them to [email protected]

    For your convenience, I have attached a list of what many think are the top players in the draft, in no particular order. If you want to do some research just google "2008 NFL Draft" and you will be directed to a bunch of mock drafts where people have been picking themselves. You can also pick up a NFL Draft magazine in any major newstand or bookstore which will help you to predict based on team needs, trends and the rumor mill.

    Please forward to anyone you think would be interested. If you are unclear about the rules, please contact me via email. This is free. There is no catch.
    2016 NFL Mock Draft

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    That's nice, I'll send my mock.


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      You know 100+ people are going to submit Walter's mock.


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        ...why would they? It's a $20 donation in the name of the winner not some big cash prize.


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          Dibs on Matt's mock.
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            Ouch. Don't worry Matt, you can submit Todd McShays mock.


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              Good Luck Picking

              Hey everybody,
              thanks for reading and saying that you will participate in the Stacking the board game. I knew you guys would dig it the most.

              I am hoping that this could be kind of like a NCAA bracket type thing.

              I am sure a ton of people will copy and paste mocks and throw em up, but the sleepers, stupid picks, trades and all the other intangibles should even out the playing field.

              its a good thing, but I am starting to get nervous that I will be grading these things until opening day.

              thanks again - and pass it on
              April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day


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                This sounds cool. I will submit my mock soon.