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    WRer isn't even looked at as a need for the Texans in my opinion. I highly doubt they'd pass on Rivers to grab a WRer when they just lost 2 OLBs and they retained all their WRers.


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      Originally posted by 49ersfan View Post
      No, I think they need a corner. Deltha O'Neal (if he's even with the team) is slow and old and Jonathan Joseph is, at best, a nickel corner. They need another corner, and Jenkins is a very good one. That pick will probably change in my next mock, although I could see the Jenkins pick still happening.
      Jonathan Joseph is good (1st R pick in 2006)
      Leon Hall is good (1st R pick in 2007)
      You really think 3 CB in 3 years? no chance in hell.


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        Heard Fred Davis had a $hit pro-day


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          Just an FYI.

          I think you flipflopped the Chargers and Jags

          Jerod Mayo, not Jonathan

          Jamaal Charles, not Jaamal
, get some.
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            I'd cream myself if Keith Rivers fell to us, can't see it happening though.


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              3.Atlanta – OT Sam Baker, USC

              Atlanta uses a zone-blocking scheme, which Baker fits well into. I think he could get back into the first round with a good pro day, so the Falcons should feel lucky Baker is coming Atlanta
              we don't run ZBS anymore. that left when Pigtrino came in.

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                Points taken. Once again, Rivers will be higher in the next mock.


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                  Originally posted by 49ersfan View Post
                  I am concerned about them, probably more then most. I asked my uncle, who is an NFL fan but also a retired doctor, and he said he doubted Dorsey's legs would hold up more then 5 years in the NFL if Dorsey was a 3 down player.
                  From what I understand is that he had to wear braces on his legs when he was young , because he was bow legged. (Like Forest Gump)

                  Other then that:

                  Injury Report 2003: Sat out three games as a senior in high school with an ankle sprain.

                  2006: Played most of the season with a stress fracture in his right leg, as he was forced to receive a painkiller injection prior to each game. Also had to wear a bone stimulator 18 hours per day until he was cleared to practice in 2007 spring drills.

                  2007: Limited in fall camp with a sore hamstring...Suffered a right knee sprain after an illegal chop block, missing most of the second half vs. Auburn (10/20)...Had to wear a huge brace on his right knee and left the Alabama game (11/03) briefly in the second quarter when he re-injured his knee...Sat out most of the Mississippi clash (11/17) with a sore lower back.

                  ^I don’t see anything that’s says he has had surgery on he’s knees.
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                    22.Pittsburgh – OG Brandon Albert, Virginia
                    Alan Fanaca is going to leave in free agency, so Albert, the top guard in this draft, can replace him. I have seen Brandon Albert go as high as the late 1st round, but that wouldn't happen. Teams just do not draft guards in the first round unless they are amazing prospects, which Albert is not.

                    Just because a player played OG in collage doesn’t mean he will be looked at as strictly a OG at the next level…..Ross Verba was a OG in collage and moved to LT in the NFL. I think
                    Brandon Albert has more athletic potential then Ross Verba, Also just because a player was a OT in collage doesn’t mean he will be one at the next level. Just some food for thought.
                    Browns fan since 1961.....(semper-fi)


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                      If he is at 41 I want Buff to take him even though he'd be a back-up. Unless he can play c for a year or 2 which won't happen but still.


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                        No offense 49er's but this thing about Branden Albert and gaurds not going in round is just ridiculous you gotta give it up. Branden Albert is pretty much a lock to got in round 1. Also at this point he is starting to sneak up into the top 15 picks.

                        People have already mentioned the Cincinatti pick I don't agree with that either there is just no way that the Bengals go CB in round 1 three years in a row. But the other pick I truly question is Kansas City Chiefs selecting Leodis McKelvin. They run the cover 2 which doesn't value CB's as highly in round one as other defensive positions. Not only that Leodis McKelvin really isn't a fit in that scheme McKelvin is a man corner. In Cover 2 you have have good instincts, be a very good tackler, and you must be willing/good at supporting the run(mostly goes hand in hand with being a good tackler) McKelvin is questionable at all of those. If KC wanted to get a CB in round 1 Mike Jenkins, or Aqib Talib would be the best fits for their defense.

                        Also I don't see the Broncos passing on Glenn Dorsey period they are desperate for more talent at DT and they would take the risk on Dorsey. As for the Vikings if you truly believe they will be drafting a QB for the future this year, which personally don't see it happening because childress loves his project Jackson. Then there is no way that you should have them passing on Brian Brohm in round 1 even if Derrick Harvey or Phillip Merling is available.


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                          Albert will be in the first round in my next mock, although I wouldn't be surprised if he dropped out of the first round on the 26th.

                          As for KC, McKelvin isn't the best fit for their system, but who else is there to take? Matt Ryan? They like Brodie Croyle too much to do that. Glenn Dorsey? Way too much risk for a top-5 pick. Ryan Clady? Way too big of a reach.

                          As for MIN, I think Childress has finally realized he made a mistake with Jackson. I sense that some Vikings fans are starting to get restless, and Childress may need to win now.