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    I love this book. It's about a writer who basically followed the Giants GM, Ernie Accorsi around for the 2006-2007 season. I bought it around the time the playoffs started so I was in the perfect mood for reading in it. There isn't a whole lot of insight on the draft but you do get a scouting report on Eli Manning that Ernie Accorsi did after going to an Ole Miss game. He talks about the Eli Manning trade and how hard it was for him to do that, one of his scouts orgasming about a Jeremy Shockey pro-day, the Mathias Kiwanuka pick, one of his scouts correctly predicted Tom Brady's success, etc. Whole bunch of good **** in this book.

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    I've been thinking about starting a football book review thread but never got round to it. Maybe I should...
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      in The GM it has a scouting report of amani toomer...the gm does it in caps and bold


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        I liked this book but also hated it. Basically, I am a huge Giants fan, have been forever, and I couldn't put it down, because there was just so much cool beind the scenes type of stuff.... on the other hand, I thought the writer, Callahan, was awful. In my opinion it was maybe the worst-written book I've ever read, but the one with the best and most interesting content. :-) So I love it and I hate it. hahaha
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          I just put in a bid for it on e-bay. I might get it for $3 lol