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    This was brought up on PTI the other day. Why not have closer QB's much like in baseball has a closer pitcher? A QB that goes in during the 4th quarter, or later in the 4th to close out the game. Just want to see what you guys think.
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    It's hard enough to find a good QB these days. Plus they're not throwing every 5th day over 180 games. QB should be able to compete for many years if they are good without needed a "closer"
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      Thats pretty retarded. The WRs are accumosted to their QB, and you have the leader of your team under center.

      It is a pretty dumb question. Only reason you have a closer in baseball is because he usually throws harder and the middle relievers/starter is tired.

      Totally different as in football the QBs arm rarely gets tired unless he is in like Texas Tech's or New Mexico State's offense.
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        The only way I can see that working is if you have a QB who is great, but chokes in the 4th Q. So, you bring in a guy who has won in the past, like a Jeff Garcia.
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