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My 5 round mock - FINALLY finished

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  • My 5 round mock - FINALLY finished

    As you can see I've just joined the forum but information availible on the main site has been invaluable in the creation of this mock. I'm sure I didn't manage to assemble a perfect fit for everyone of your teams, so feel free to criticize any oversight I've made - however minute!

    Also, if I made fun of your team it's prolly just for the sake of humor - don't take it personal. Unless of course you're a division rival, in which case you can suck it


    ROUND 1:

    1. Miami Dolphins: Jake Long - OT, Michigan

    The main question you should be asking yourself about this pick is which Long will MIA choose? MIA is a god awful, horrible, dog**** team with many many needs. They have 5 picks in the top 100 this year, but the Tuna will need even more picks(and a couple years) to right this ship. They should try to trade down but they can throw out the trade value chart, no one will offer anywhere near that this year.

    Back to my original question, I think they will pick Jake Long. There have been rumors that they will trade Jason Taylor for an additional 1st rounder, but unless that happens OT is a bigger need than a DE/OLB. They have a huge hole at LT since they cut L.J. Shelton and currently have Vernon Carey moving to RT. Unfortunately Long isn't as good of an LT prospect as last years Joe Thomas, but what he lacks in athleticism somewhat makes up for in brute strength. While he's not a perfect fit, I think Tuna will realize that this team is a long term project and getting an elite tackle is as good a place to start as any. Keeping your best player and perennial MVP candidate to rush the passer is also a better idea than trading him for less than he's worth and drafting his replacement.

    I will be extremely surprised if they draft Matt Ryan considering they can't protect them, they just invested a 2nd round pick in John Beck, and he's not a good enough prospect to ignore the first two reasons and draft him anyways. Dorsey has obvious injury concerns and isn't as well suited to play NT as the newly acquired Jason Ferguson.

    2. St. Louis Rams: Chris Long - DE/OLB, UVA

    STL is sitting pretty at #2, DE is their biggest need and they'll fill that need with a great player in this draft. Leonard Little is about done and their D-Line was in such disarray last year that they started experimenting with the 3-4 just so they could put one less crappy player out there. Long will immediately improve their sorry excuse for a pass rush and will flourish along side Adam Carriker for years to come.

    An interesting pick would be Dorsey here, which would allow for the aforementioned Carriker to move back outside. That pick would limit their ability to switch to a 3-4 in the future though, which isn't an issue with Long. It will also be interesting if I'm wrong about MIA taking Jake Long. STL has a big need at OT given the shortcomings of Orlando Pace(durability) and Alex Barron(he sucks), but I think they might take Ghoulson for all the reasons they want Chris Long. In fact Ghoulston had such a freak nasty combine that they may take him over Chris Long if they're both on the board.

    3. Atlanta Falcons: Glen Dorsey - DT, LSU

    MIA damn near went 0-16 last year but they're not the worst team coming into the '08 season, ATL is. Their QB is in jail and they cut/traded pretty much everyone on their team that was any good. I predict that Michael Turner will literally average half the yards per carry he did last year. Through no fault of his own, mind you. In fact he's their best player, which says a lot about the state of this team given that this will be Turner's first year starting.

    This is a pivotal pick for the rest of the top 10. If they take Ryan a couple of teams in the DT market will benefit, if they don't he'll likely fall to BAL. I'm going to use the same logic for ATL passing on Ryan as I did for MIA even though they don't have a long term prospect waiting in the wings. OT is their biggest need, naturally they want Jake Long to drop to them because there's not another prospect worth the 3rd pick. So given the fact that have no O-line, I think they would be better off getting Harrington/Redman killed this year instead of Ryan. They now have three 2nd round picks and should get their choice of 2nd tier QBs, so they should get the BPA at #3.

    Dorsey finally worked out at LSU's pro day, and while that doesn't erase all concerns about the state of his knees, it does remind teams just how good of a prospect he is. ATL is moving to a 4-3 where Dorsey is the perfect centerpiece for that defense. There's always a chance that they'll get cold feet and take the safer option in Ellis, but Dorsey did enough in his college career to take a chance on him

    4. Oakland Raiders: Vernon Ghoulston - DE, OSU

    Sigh.. with this pick I am actually assuming that OAK will something smart for the first time in a long time. What does that make me? Probably not very smart.

    As much as people make fun of the Raiders, they have quietly assembled one of the best secondaries in the NFL. All they really need is another pass rusher to help out Derrick Burgess and I honestly think that defense will be nasty. Ghoulston is not a reach here at #4, he is the perfect pick for any team running a 3-4.

    Before the DeAngelo Hall trade I definately had them taking McFadden. But without that 2nd round pick(they now only have 2 picks in the first 5 rounds) it becomes even more implausible for them to take a RB at #4. Their offensive is probably going to suck next year no matter what because they have a ****ty line and a first year starter at QB, McFadden will not do much to help with that. Somebody seriously needs to grab Al Davis by the ears and argue that fact until it penetrates his decrepit head. Emphasize the fact that Ghoulston is every bit as impressive and explosive as McFadden, just on the other side of the ball.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs: Sedrick Ellis - DT, USC

    Their defense is improving, but they were still pretty bad against the run last year. That stat may be skewed due to their terrible offense leading to them being behind most of the season, but either way a big DT couldn't hurt. Ellis shot up to a top 5 prospect after dominating the senior bowl and benching 34 reps at the combine. KC took Tank Tyler in the third round last year to help with this issue, but he has yet to beat out one of their ****ty incumbent DT starters.

    The bigger need on this team is OT, but there's really not a suitable pick for them right here. Jeff Otah would be a big reach, but he's the type of mauling RT they're looking for - not Ryan Clady. Carl Peterson does has a history of terrible draft picks so it's not out of the question. Neither is Matt Ryan or a CB, you never know what the Peterson/Edwards braintrust will come up with.

    6. New York Jets: Darren McFadden - RB, Arkansas

    Mangini has gone from a genius to a treacherous dolt in the past year, and he does not want to feel the pressure another 4-12 season will apply. We've seen this mentality in their FA moves and I think we'll see it again with this pick. This offense needs another playmaker if Laveranues Coles is on the decline, and McFadden can supply the big plays they need. Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are a very average tandem, and I don't think theres any way the pass on McFadden if he's there.

    It would be very interesting to see who they would choose if both Ghouston and McFadden dropped out of the top 5, but it seems unlikely. If neither of those players is availble they would take their favorite CB to fill a need and spite the Patriots.

    7. New England: Leodis McKelvin - CB, Troy

    They got caught cheating and suffer the unprecidented penalty of losing their 1st round pick. They develop Asante Samuel to be so good that they can no longer afford him. Well guess what, it doesn't even matter. They get their choice of CBs with this pick and their nearly perfect team from last year will be nearly as good. There's nothing the rest of the league can do but stock up on Haterade.

    McKelvin did fine against top level competition at the senior bowl and followed it up with a tremendous combine. He has enough size and strength, combined with elite speed, to be a shutdown corner in the NFL. He also need to thank DeMarcus Ware for being awesome, teams won't be afraid to draft a player this high just because he went to Troy.

    Until he bombed the wonderlic, I thought there was a chance that they'd take Ryan Clady with the incredible CB depth this year. I expect NE to take a lineman with one of their four day 1 picks, given the manner in which they lost the superbowl.

    8. Baltimore Ravens: Matt Ryan - QB, BC

    Steve McNair is too old, Kyle Boller is too terrible, and Troy Smith is too short. I'm sure they'll waste 15 minutes of our time making the selection, but the actual choice to take Ryan shouldn't take more than 15 seconds if he falls to them. Brohm just had a good pro day which should get him drafted in the first round, but he's still a big reach at #8. Clady fills a need at LT since Ogden is nearing the end, and there are a couple more CBs worth top 10 consideration. BAL fans should be rooting hard for ATL to pass on Ryan either way, their decision will have a significant impact on the immediate future of your franchise.

    They might consider "boxing out" CHI or whoever from trading up for Ryan. Meaning BAL could burn a draft pick trading up for Ryan even though they shouldn't need to. This would keep another team from doing so and ruining BAL's day - I'm thinking KC might be receptive to this idea. It all depends how much higher Ryan is on their board than Brohm, if there's not much of a difference they will stay put and see what happens.

    9. Cincinnatti Bengals: Keith Rivers - OLB, USC

    Much like BAL fans should be rooting for ATL to pick Dorsey, CIN fans should be praying for them to pick Ryan. Only one team(KC) between pick 3 and 9 is suited to take one of the top 2 DTs, so CIN would be able to fill a big need with whichever one fell to them. This ATL/BAL/CIN plotline is the most intruiging aspect of this draft to me, we'll see how it works itself out.

    Rivers is by far the best OLB prospect in this draft and is a fine pick at #9. CIN lost OLB Landon Johnson, their leading tackler, in FA. They also replaced Justin Smith with Antwan Odom but may consider drafting a DE if they're not high on Rivers. Trading down is a fine option as well.

    10. New Orleans Saints: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - CB, TSU

    NO paid Jason David a lot of money to try and be a shutdown corner, despite having previously been a very average corner in Indy's cover 2. This brilliant idea, along with the appropriately named Josh Bullocks, led to NO having one of the worst pass defenses in the league. They signed the appropriately named Randall Gay in FA but still need more help.

    DRC has shot up draft boards since he ran a 4.28 at the combine. It is so incredibly rare to see a 6'1 guy with that kind of speed, add in a 38.5" vertical and a knack for making plays and you have a top 10 draft pick.

    11. Buffalo Bills: Derrick Harvey - DE, Florida

    They really need a possession WR to compliment Lee Evans, so they'll be very interested in Malcolm Kelly's workout scheduled for April 9th. There are serious concerns about his health and he needs to look impressive to regain his top spot in this years deep WR class. It's possible that BUF will reach for Devin Thomas or Limas Sweed with this pick, but then again maybe they've learned from the Whitner/McCargo reachfest two years ago.

    They also need to improve their pass rush with this draft, Chris Kelsay was supposed to be the guy to step up and compliment Aaron Schobel but he was ineffective and injured last year. Harvey is moving up on a lot of draft boards and he's starting to look like a good value pick here at #11. I had Merling rated going here until recently, he is bigger and possibly faster but Harvey has the quicker first step and projects as the better pass rusher. Also, Merling had minor surgery on his back which could drop him a bit.

    They need a CB so Jenkins is a possibility, but an improved pass rush will help out their mediocre secondary more than anything.

    Edit(4/11): Malcolm Kelly took himself out of consideration with a poor workout, he will likely drop as far as round 3.

    12. Denver Broncos: Ryan Clady - OT, BSU

    I think their decision will be made for them if Clady drops this far, and I think it would be a toss up between Chris Williams and Devin Thomas if he doesn't. Matt Lepsis retired, Clady is the best LT prospect in the draft, and he fits with their ZBS. DEN generally doesn't take linemen or RBs this high due to Shannihan's arrogant belief that he can fill these needs later in the draft, but maybe last year's experience will humble him a bit. They have a promising your QB and a gaping hole at LT so as much as I'd like Clady to drop one more spot, I don't see them passing on him.

    It sucks that he bombed the wonderlic but whatever. That didn't help Matt Lienart get drafted ahead of Vince Young at the most mentally taxing position in sports. Also watch for DEN to potentially trade up ahead of CIN if one of the top DTs is dropping, or they could trade down and take a WR.

    13. Carolina Panthers: Jeff Otah - OT, Pittsburgh

    This pick hinges on Jordan Gross and his ability to play LT. If he hasn't improved at all since his last attempt to do so, we'll(I'm a Panthers fan) take Chris Williams in the hopes that he can come in and start from day 1. I think John Fox would rather take a RT and a RB in a later round to try and rebuild an identity as a power running team. Otah would help our running game significantly more than Williams, but that'll be a moot point if Gross gets Jake Delhomme killed. Hmmmmmmm...

    I'm slowly warming up to the possibility of taking Derrick Harvey, but he's not on the board in this mock. I'm pretty sure I'll drop kick my TV if we draft a skill position here, in fact both lines are so bad right now that I won't be surprised if that doesn't happen till day 2.

    14. Chicago Bears: Brian Brohm - QB, Louisville

    They managed to keep Lance Briggs somehow so now I expect them to spend most of their draft picks on offense. They re-signed Rex Grossman for one more year(not exactly a ringing endorsement) and cut Brian Griese. Kyle Orton has yet to resemble a franchise QB so they will have to draft one.

    OT is a huge need, so they could definately take either Williams or Otah depending on who's availible. It all depends on how much they like Brohm compared to the 2nd tier guys that will be availible later. After his impressive pro day, I'm pretty sure that he'll go somewhere in round 1. If CHI doesn't take him, TB will.

    15. Detroit Lions: Rashard Mendenhall - RB, Illinois

    They have basically scrapped their entire defense but don't think for a moment that they'll shy away from taking yet another skill player with their 1st round pick. Now that Martz is out of town they may actually try to run the ball, but Tatum Bell certainly isn't going to get the job done. Kevin Jones showed a lot of promise early on in his career but he's no longer with the team and they need to draft a replacement.

    At some point during Illinois' tremendous '07 season it became apparent that Mendenhall was a RB with a bright future in the NFL. His measurables were great at the combine and he has the potential to be the best RB in this year's deep class. He'd probably go in the top 10 if there were more teams with RB needs.

    16. Arizona Cardinals: Mike Jenkins - CB, USF

    Antrel Rolle is moving over to FS so they actually need to land a couple of quality CBs in this draft. Jenkins and Trae Williams made up one of the better college CB tandems at USF last year, but on draft day we will see just how many millions of dollars elite speed can make you. Jenkins would be the first CB off the board most years, but this is an exceptionally good year for that position and he has a few character flags that could drop him into the 20's.

    ARI could definately go RB first given the deep CB draft class I already mentioned. Edgerrin James is on the decline and the new coaching staff made is apparent with last year's draft that they want to run the ball. I think they would take Mendenhall if he was availible but there are injury concerns with Jonathan Stewart that will drop him out of the top 20.

    17. Minnesota Vikings: Phillip Merling - DE, Clemson

    Kenechi Udeze has been diagnosed with leukemia and Merling is a good replacement. He is the best all around DE in this draft, able to play both the run and pass. Don't be suprised to see MIN select an additional pass rushing DE in the later rounds, Erasmus James isn't working out so well for them either. I would also expect them to trade down and/or reach for a 2nd tier DE with this pick if Harvey and Merling are off the board.

    I don't know how to futher emphasize just how much this team needs a DE.

    18. Houston Texans: Chris Williams - OT, Vandy

    Amazing how their pass protection improved so much last year when David Carr was no longer under center. They still can't run the ball though and Ephram Salaam is slated to start at LT, so expect them to use their 1st rounder on Williams if he's there - otherwise, RB. The franchise started out on the wrong foot when they gave a gimped up Tony Boselli lots of money, and they haven't landed a franchise LT since. Williams definately has the potential to be that guy, they will be very lucky if both CAR and CHI pass on him.

    A good CB to line up opposite Dunta Robinson is also needed, but there will be a decent one availible when they pick again in the 3rd.

    19. Philidelphia Eagles: Devin Thomas - WR, MSU

    Andy Reid loves drafting linemen with his 1st round pick, he does it every year. His seat is starting to feel a little hot though so it might be time for a change in philosophy. Kevin Curtis was a decent pickup last year but he's a #2 receiver at best, it's time to draft the reciever that you thought you were getting in Reggie Brown however many years ago. Thomas came out of no where last year to emerge as a top WR prospect, he has great size and ridiculous speed. It sucks that PHI wasn't able to land a proven WR this offseason but they might get what they need with Thomas.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Aqib Talib - CB, Kansas

    Ronde Barber is getting old and Brian Kelly has opted out. Talib doesn't have the elite speed of the top 3 CBs but he has great big play ability. He needs to get a bit stronger to help with the run, otherwise he's a perfect fit for TB's cover 2. Derrick Brooks, Ronde Barber, Jeff Garcia, and Joey Galloway probably have enough gas in the tank for one or two more runs at the postseason, but the team needs to fill a few holes with the draft first. Gaines Adams was another nice addition last year so this team could actually be pretty good.

    If they become enamored with one of the availible WRs I could see them going that route, Michael Clayton is getting worse. I've also mentioned that I don't think Brohm would get by them - he's a younger more talented version of Jeff Garcia.

    21. Washington Redskins: Limas Sweed - WR, Texas

    They desprately need a DE, but neither Harvey or Merling fell to them so they'll fill another need at WR. Santana Moss followed up his great '06 season with a total stinker in '07. They're pick will reflect his future with the team, meaning they'll either take DeShaun Jackson to replace him or a big possession guy to compliment him.

    Malcolm Kelly bombing his workout will move Sweed up a few spots. I don't expect him to go in the top 15 but he's the best possession guy availible and a lot of teams could use him.

    22. Dallas Cowboys: DeShaun Jackson - WR, California

    With two first round picks and no dire needs I expect DAL to select the BPA for a number of positions - trading up is also a strong possibility.

    They want the big play ability of McFadden but Jackson is a more sensible choice. Terrell Owens is approaching the age where WRs start to see their skills diminish, Terry Glenn is already there, and Patrick Crayton sucks. Jackson is a tiny little fella so he may get broken in half, but at least they didn't draft him in the top 10 like MIA did with Ginn. He runs good routes and can take a 3 yard drag to the house at any time. An excellent luxury pick for a team who could use another weapon.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers: Branden Albert - G, UVA

    It was inevitable that Alan Faneca would leave them for a big contract elsewhere, which is a big blow to an offensive line that has run the ball effectively for a long time. They could take Gosder Cherilus(or certainly Otah if he's still on the board) and move Sean Mahan and/or Willie Colon to guard, but all that is unnceccessary if Albert is availible. He is one of the best linemen in this draft and would be a fine value at #23.

    There's also a possibility that they won't be able to resist the urge of putting the best safety in this draft, Kenny Phillips, next to Troy Polamalu.

    24. Tennessee Titans: James Hardy - WR, Indiana

    Vince Young is coming off a pretty rough season, but in his defense he did have the worst recieving core in the league. They got back Justin McCarreins and signed Alge Crumpler but they need some 1st round talent on their roster(Mike Williams doesn't count). Young likes throwing at big targets so Hardy or Sweed would be a great fit. He also likes jellybeans, Hello Kitty, and any kind of music except for country. Jeff Fisher's fate is now tied to a simpleton so expect him to try and accomodate Young in any way possible. Seriously though, Hardy is a great talent and may end up being the steal of the draft.

    25. Seattle Seahawks: Jonathan Stewart - RB, Oregon

    So let me see if I have this right. Shaun Alexander *****ed/moaned/held out because SEA wouldn't give him a big longterm deal and then the second they showed him the money he started running like he has girl parts. I actually don't hate the Julius Jones signing under the assumption that he won't be the featured back. He'll be a fine compliment to Stewart, not T.J. Duckett.

    I've had Stewart going as high as #13 but he picked the worst possible time to get surgery on his toe. SEA is a team that can afford to wait on him to get healthy, at which point I think he will be a very good RB.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars: Quentin Groves - DE/OLB, Auburn

    JAC has a very big, boring, and effective defense. They can either stick with that philosophy and take Kentwan Balmer or take a chance on one of the best pass rushers in this entire draft. Groves isn't a perfect fit because he's a tweener best suited for a 3-4 but surely JAC can figure out a way to get him on the feild. Jason Taylor won the defensive MVP on a 4-3 defense and you could say the same thing about him. I like this pick a hell of a lot better than reaching for Calais Campbell or Lawrence Jackson.

    27. San Diego Chargers: Kenny Philips - FS, Miami

    Ineptitude at this position really cost SD in the playoffs last year so it'll be a pretty easy pick if Phillips is availible. He will be a fine addition to a talented young secondary already consisting of Eric Weddle and Antonio Cromartie. They also need someone to replace Drayton Florence, so they could take a CB here or trade down and take one. The latter option would be preferable considering they only have one pick in the first 4 rounds.

    28. Dallas Cowboys: Kentwan Balmer - DT, UNC

    People forget that Tank Johnson isn't really a NT, so given the Jasn Ferguson trade I do expect them to draft someone to truly anchor that defense. Balmer has a big frame and great strength, he should be able to bulk up a little and be a capable NT. I had him going to SEA up until recently when Stewart dropped to them, if that scenario happens he could go anywhere in the late 1st or early 2nd.

    DAL has a lot of options in the first round, they could take a number of players but for this pick I went BPA. They could certainly reach for Felix Jones but Marion Barber just needs someone to compliment his running style, not replace him. That need can easily be filled later on, it's not worth wasting a 1st round pick on just because your owner likes Arkansas. Also, the CBs availible for their 2nd round pick will be much better values than any NTs still availible.

    29. San Francisco 49ers: Gosder Cherilus - OT, BC

    Quentin Groves would have been a great addition to their defense, but Cherilus fills a bigger need. This pick allows Joe Staley to move over to LT and slightly lessen the chance that Mike Martz gets Alex Smith killed. I still don't like his chances, in fact let me take a moment to offer my deepest preemptive condolences to the entire Smith family for their loss.

    I'd be surprised if they went WR here when there will likely be a great player availible when they pick again(#39), whereas their OT possibilities will be greatly diminished. They also need to get back to running the ball the way they did in '06 so Cherilus is a perfect fit.

    30. Green Bay Packers: Antoine Cason - CB, Arizona

    Charles Woodson surprised everyone by turning back the clock and playing well last year, but it is inevitable that he'll start to suck very soon. So will Al Harris for that matter, they're both dinosaurs. There are a lot of great CBs availible, GB will take whoever they like the best between Cason, King, Porter, or Flowers. They may opt for the elite speed of Porter or King, Cason really should have came out last year when he was a sure 1st round pick. He is a safe choice though and should be able to hold down a starting CB job for a long time.

    31. New York Giants: Dan Connor - MLB, PSU

    They could get a good CB here, but LB is a bigger need and Connor is a top tier talent at that position. Matthias Kiwanuka will prolly move back to DE and they've dealt most of their other LBs. I expect them to bolster their corps with two selections in this draft. Connor's versatile enough to play outside which should give him the nod over Jerod Mayo for a team that needs a lot of LB help. They'll have an interesting decision if Kenny Phillips drops this far, FS is another big need.

    ROUND 2:

    32. MIA: Tracy Porter - CB, Indiana

    A month ago he was a late 2nd or early 3rd guy, then he busted out a 4.29 40 at his pro day which may land him in the 1st - funny how that works. MIA's secondary is god awful and they should use one of their 2nd rounders on a CB.

    33. STL: Sam Baker - OT, USC

    I really don't think Baker's that good, but other prospects are dropping and a bunch of teams have OT needs which will result in him going early in the 2nd. It's also possible that someone will take him late in the 1st after trading up/down.

    34. ATL: Jerod Mayo - MLB, Tennessee(from Hall trade)

    ATL has needs at virtually every position and a ****-ton of draft picks so I expect them to go BPA a lot. Mayo could go in the first so expect ATL to snatch him ahead of NYJ if he doesn't. Keith Brooking is moving outside and they need Mayo to come in a play right away.

    35. KC : Carl Nicks - OT, Nebraska

    They did nothing to replace two HOF linemen that retired last year and their offense suffered. They're praying for Jake Long to drop in their lap, but Nicks is a fine consolation prize inthe 2nd. He has some "character issues" but he's big and relatively fast so I don't expect him to drop.

    36. NYJ: Justin King - CB, PSU

    He surprised no one with a great 4.31 40, there has never been any doubt about his athleticism. There's no telling whether he'll be a great NFL corner or not, he struggled at times during his college career.

    37. ATL: Anthony Collins - OT, Kansas

    Probably not the BPA, but he's the last of the 2nd tier OTs and ATL needs one desprately. They have yet another 2nd rounder coming up and it's more likely that the QB they want will be availible than Collins.

    38. BAL: Charles Godfrey - CB, Iowa

    He worked his way into the 2nd round with a great 40 at his pro day. He has adequate size and strength as well, making him a fine addition to a team who needs to get younger at CB.

    39. SF : Early Doucet - WR, LSU

    Doesn't have the great measurables but he can be a productive WR in Martz's offense. I like the Bryant Johnson addition but Arnez Battle is horrible and Isaac Bruce is ancient. They missed out on a number of FA possibilities at WR so they'll need to draft someone ready to contribute.

    40. NO : Pat Sims - DT, Auburn

    They need a big run stuffer and would love for Sims to still be availible. I'd expect them to take Dre Moore or DeJuan Morgan if he's not, they need a ton of help on defense.

    41. BUF: Fred Davis - TE, USC

    Malcolm Kelly would have been a great compliment to Lee Evans if not for his rapid descent out of round 1. Davis could have a similiar effect though, he had a good 40 and should have established himself as the best all around TE prospect. BUF can still get a decent possession WR later in the draft.

    42. DEN: Curtis Lofton - MLB, oklamoma

    DEN shocked everyone by giving up a million rushing yards last year. They could take a DT with this pick or get one of the better run stopping MLBs and move DJ Williams back outside where he belongs. Lofton was extremely productive in college and should continue tackling everything in sight at the next level.

    43. CAR: Dre Moore - DT, Maryland

    Losing Kris Jenkins was a huge blow to this defense. Damione Lewis and Maake Kemoeatu are the starting DTs at this point, both of them are undrafted guys who have overacheived - we desperately need more talent at this position. Trevor Laws may be the safer pick in some ways, but I think Moore has the potential to be a dominant player.

    44. CHI: Duane Brown - OT, VT

    After passing on Chris Williams they'll need to reach for whoever can best keep Brian Brohm upright. Brown is more of a 3rd round talent but with so many teams needing OTs there's very little chance that he makes it out of the 2nd.

    45. DET: Reggie Smith - CB/S, Oklahoma

    It's tough to put a tangible value on Smith - he's a good but not great CB, FS, or kick returner. I actually had him going to CAR instead of Dre Moore at one point, but he was pretty slow at his most recent workout. Matt Millen sucks at the draft though so they'll take him anyways.

    46. CIN: Felix Jones - RB, Arkansas

    He excelled in a complimentary role but that makes him a risky pick in my opinion. Jamal Charles is the better back on paper but something tells me Jones will get drafted first - either here or in the 1st round by DAL.

    47. MIN: DaJuan Morgan - FS, NCSU

    This pick will tell us just how much MIN like Tavares Jackson. Assuming they aren't looking to replace Jackson, Captain Morgan is a talented prospect with a good blend of strength, athleticism, and dance moves. They've signed Madieu Williams but he's not a long term solution.

    48. ATL: Joe Flacco - QB, Delaware

    They could prolly live with Chad Henne here if somebody snagged Flacco in front of them. This is the latest I see them taking a QB though, it's painfully obvious that Joey Harrington is never going to be the man and there's no reason to think Chris Redman has it in him either. Flacco has all the measurables to be a franchise QB, but have a lot of guys who surf the hype wave to an early selection.

    49. PHI: Calais Campbell - DE, Miami

    Add Campbell to the list of useless DEs PHI has drafted in the Reid era, there's a reason he's dropped this far.

    50. ARI: Jamal Charles - RB, Texas

    I like this pick a lot, in fact I'd expect ARI to take Chris Johnson if Charles isn't availible. Edge's better days are behind them, much like Shaun Alexander he was able to stay upright just long enough to sign a big contract and dissappear.

    51. WAS: Lawrence Jackson - DE, USC

    He had a decent combine and is a safer pick than Campbell, so all things considered I'd say WAS made out pretty well after missing out on Merling and Harvey in the 1st.

    52. TB : Mario Manningham - WR, Michigan

    When you're 5'11/180 you really can't afford to run a 4.6 40 at the combine. I mean it will literally cost you millions of dollars no matter what you did on the feild. Fortunately for Manningham he redeemed himself with a 4.4 at his pro day and is back in the 2nd round.

    53. PIT: Malcolm Kelly - WR, Oklahoma

    Well he had to go somewhere. Big Ben wants a bigger reciever and Kelly still has that much going for him. They could definately opt for a FS/RB here and hope for Jordy Nelson in the 3rd.

    54. TEN: Trevor Laws - DT, ND

    They weren't able to sign Albert Haynesworth to a long term deal so they need a DT to either replace him or line up beside him. Laws was dominant at the senior bowl but I think he'll have a tougher time on Sundays.

    55. SEA: Dustin Keller - TE, Purdue

    It was quit comical watching Marcus Pollard drop wide open passes in the playoffs, unless you're a SEA fan. They missed on Jerramy Stevens a few years ago but if at first you don't suceed.. Keller is the best recieving TE in this draft.

    56. GB : Erin Henderson - OLB, Maryland

    Brady Poppinga and Brandon Chillar are decent but I'd still expect them to upgrade that position. What kind of guy goes by Erin though? I wonder if his brother EJ's given name is Emily.

    57. MIA: Cliff Avril - DE/OLB, Purdue

    He may not be Chris Long but he'll provide a decent pass rush opposite Jason Taylor. Or perhaps a decent replacement when Taylor gives up on football to pursue his true passion.. salsa!

    58. JAC: Josh Barrett - SS, ASU

    They're still looking for someone to replace Donovan Darius. Barrett seems to be the best SS in this draft but watch out for Tyrell Johnson who is on the rise after posting an astonishing 27 reps on the bench. Not that Barretts's 4.35 40 is anything to scoff at, it'll just come down to what a team needs from their SS.

    59. IND: Xavier Adibi - LB, VT

    IND hates stopping the run so they've cut Rob Morris and will replace him with a tiny Cato June-like OLB in Adibi. Neat.

    60. GB : Martellus Bennett - TE, TAMU

    Donald Lee just got paid but GB doens't have any other pressing needs and Bennett is a very good prospect. They need an OT more but there's not much value in taking one here.

    61. DAL: Brandon Flowers - CB, VT

    Despite looking very mediocre on paper this kid can play. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get taken late in the 1st, where ever he lands Iexpect him to make an impact. CB is another position where DAL is getting pretty old.

    62. NE : Chris Johnson - RB, ECU

    I'm not convinced he'll ever be an every down back but he'd be a great addition to a team like NE who already has a power back in place. They have another pick comming up early in the 3rd so they may as well fill a need with that one and take Johnson as a luxury here. His ability to catch passes out of the backfield is a big deal to a team like NE.

    63. NYG: Quentin Demps - FS, UTEP

    Gibril Wilson got a big contract from OAK, leaving a huge hole in their secondary. Demps is a playmaker and a fine coverage guy.

    ROUND 3:

    64. MIA: Chad Henne - QB, Michigan

    This is the appropriate time to draft some competition for John Beck.

    65. STL: Andre Caldwell - WR, Florida

    Caldwell has decent size, great speed, and that same doofy-ass deer in headlights look as his brother.

    66. KC : Terrell Thomas - CB, USC

    Solid corner who can play a little safety and return kicks. KC needs all of that.

    67. CAR: Matt Forte - RB, Tulane

    DeShaun Foster's reign of terror has come to an end so we'll need someone to lighten the load placed on DeAngelo Williams. He ran a good 40 to go along with his great size and strength.

    68. ATL: Patrick Lee - CB, Auburn

    Mediocre 40 times have dropped him out of the 2nd round but ATL will gladly take him in hopes of replacing MeAngelo Hall.

    69. NE : Tyrell Johnson - SS, Arkansas St.

    Much like Cromartie-Rodgers, Johnson has vaulted up draft boards due to a tremendous combine. The fact that he didn't play for a big time school is a concern, but his upside will appeal to NE who needs to prepare for the end of Rodney Harrison's career.

    70. CHI: Red Bryant - DT, TAMU

    Their run defense suffered quite a bit last year without Tank Johnson. Only 20 reps from a run stuffing DT is a bit of a concern but they'll take Bryant anyways.

    71. JAC: Chilo Rachal - G, USC

    He's the best gaurd availble and they need to replace Chris Naeole.

    72. BUF: Mike Pollack - C, ASU

    He's the best center availble and they need to replace a bunch of guys that suck..

    73. MIN: Brad Cottam - TE, Tennessee

    On paper he's a tremendous prospect but so was Leonard Pope who has yet to make an impact. They need a big target to compliment the newly acquired speed of Bernard Berrian on the outside.

    74. CAR: Chris Ellis - DE, VT

    Charles Johnson is unproven to say the very least so we need to bring someone in to compete for Mike Rucker's old job.

    75. SF : Marcus Howard - OLB, Georgia

    They missed out on Quentin Groves but Howard ran great at the combine and should provide a much needed pass rush across from Manny Lawson.

    76. DET: Shawn Crable - OLB, Michigan

    Boss Bailey really sucked and now he's gone. Crable was a beast on the bench press at the combine so he should help out their sorry run defense. Their MLB situation is also troubling but they don't have enough draft picks to fix everything.

    77. CIN: Ahtyba Rubin - DT, ISU

    He showed tremendous strength at the combine and could conceivably move ahead of Red Bryant on a lot of boards. After missing out on Sedrick Ellis CIN will be happy to grab Rubin, all they currently have at DT is some fat Hawaiian guy with a ridiculous golden mane.

    78. NO : Steve Justice - C, WF

    They were unable to re-sign Jeff Faine.

    79. HOU: Ray Rice - RB, Rutgers

    I'm a big fan of this pick, Rice may be small but I think he'll be a great RB for a team who desperately needs one. I'd set the over/under at about 11.5 combined games played by Ahman Green and Chris Brown this season.

    80. PHI: Tony Hills - OT, Texas

    Maybe this guy can block Osi Umenyiora better than Winston Justice.

    81. ARI: Tavares Gooden - OLB, Miami

    They lost Calving Pace and had to franchise Karlos Dansby so expect them to draft an OLB at some point. Gooden has 1st round talent but injury concerns and a lack of production drop him to the 3rd.

    82. MIN: Marcus Harrison - DT, Arkansas

    The Williams duo was great against the run last year but Pat is getting very old.

    83. TB : Andre Woodson - QB, Kentucky

    Woodson may flop in the NFL but at least he has a spleen, that will earn him an oppurtunity to try and replace the fabulous Jeff Garcia.

    84. WAS: Roy Schuening - G, OSU

    A team that needs a guard drafts a freaking guard. Fascinating stuff, I know.

    85. TEN: Chris Harrington - DE, TAMU

    Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy are both gone so they need someone to line up opposite Kyle Vanden Bosch.

    86. SEA: DeMario Pressley - DT, NCSU

    The playoffs were going fine last year until Ryan Grant gashed them for 200 yards. Pressley has just had knee surgery but they don't need him to come in and start right away.

    87. DET: Jermichael Finley - TE, Texas

    They've been looking for a legit recieving TE for a long time and Finley is one of the better options on day 1. Jonathan Goff would probably be the smarter pick but this is DET we're talking about.

    88. PIT: Tashard Choice - RB, GT

    Willie Parker ran the ball way too much last year so now he's damaged goods. Najeeb Davenport is still good for a laugh based on his closet ****ting high jinks from back in the day, but he has not gotten the job done on the feild.

    89. JAC: Earl Bennett - WR, Vandy

    JAC has drafted a bunch of ginormous WRs in recent years and they've all been dissappointing. Maybe this year they try a different strategy and take someone who can actually play - then again, Marcus Monk is availible.

    90. CHI: Thomas DeCoud - FS, California

    Hi, I'm Mike Brown. Every year I show up and talk a bunch of bull**** about being a leader on this awesome defense and then I promptly get injured.

    Nice to meet you, Mikey. Here's your replacement.

    91. GB : John Greco - OT, Toledo

    A versatile player who provides depth for an aging O-line.

    92. DAL: Tom Zbikowski - SS, ND

    Roy Williams is good for gooning up people's legs and having an enormous melon - that's about it. It's time to ditch the zero and get with a hero, DAL.

    93. IND: Jason Jones - DE, EMU

    They need another candy-assed finesse pass rusher incase Freeney goes down again. Way to man up with 18 reps at the bench, Jason - you'll fit in just fine on that defense.

    94. NE : Oneil Cousins - OT, UTEP

    This is the kind of lineman NE likes to draft. He'll probably take over a starting gig early in the season and hold that spot for the next 10 years, I'm totally calling it.

    95. NYG: Eddie Royal - WR, VT

    Royal had a good combine but he drops this far because it's a deep WR class and he's tiny. We'll see whether or not Eli Manning is accurate enough to consistently throw to someone other than the biggest WR in the NFL.

    (Compensatory pick time! Woohooo!!!)

    96. WAS: Kirk Barton - OT, OSU

    He did a great job at his pro day and earned himself a lot of money. The only knock on Barton is a bum knee but he's the best OT availible and WAS needs someone to keep Jon Jansen company on IR.

    97. CIN: Martin Rucker - TE, Missouri

    Ben Utecht was a decent signing but he's more of a blocker than anything. Carson Palmer needs some new targets now that Chris Henry is gone and Chad Johnson is being a jerk.

    98. ATL: Jacob Tamme - TE, Kentucky

    Beware the curse of Algernon and the Crumpletones. I predict a broken leg for whatever TE ATL takes this year, it might as well be this guy.

    99. BAL: Jonathan Goff - MLB, Vandy

    Ray Lewis is not the dominant player he once was, but don't think for a second he won't demand a ****load of money when contract time rolls around. Goff makes for a decent backup plan assuming that ole' Ray-Ray doesn't murder him.

    Round 4:

    Okay, that's the end of my commentary. I don't feel like writing "they draft player A to replace player B who is old/terrible" 65 more times.

    100. MIA: Jordy Nelson - WR, KSU
    101. STL: John Sullivan - C, ND
    102. NYJ: Donnie Avery - WR, Houston
    103. ATL: Craig Steltz - SS, LSU
    104. OAK: Barry Richardson - OT, Clemson
    105. KC : J.D. Booty - QB, USC
    106. BAL: Dexter Jackson - WR, App St.
    107. SF : Antwaun Molden - CB, EKU
    108. DEN: Nick Hayden - DT, Wisconsin
    109. CAR: Marcus Griffin - FS, Texas
    110. CHI: Kevin Smith - RB, UCF
    111. DET: Brian Johnston - DE, Garner-Webb
    112. CIN: Mike McGlynn - G, Pittsburgh
    113. NYJ: Phillip Wheeler - MLB, GT
    114. BUF: Terrence Wheatley - CB, Colorado
    115. PHI: Tyvon Branch - CB, UCONN
    116. ARI: William Franklin - WR, Missouri
    117. MIN: Eric Ainge - QB, Tennessee
    118. HOU: Jack Williams - CB, Kent St.
    119. DEN: Jerome Simpson - WR, CCU
    120. TB : Frank Okam - DT, Texas
    121. SEA: Josh Johnson - QB, SD
    122. CLE: Orlando Scandrick - CB, BSU
    123. PIT: Beau Bell - MLB, UNLV
    124. TEN: Zach Bowman - CB, Nebraska
    125. JAC: Frank Morton - DT, Tulane
    126. DAL: Steve Slaton - RB, WVU
    127. IND: Eric Young - G, Tennessee
    128. GB : Darrell Robertson - DE, GT
    129. NE : Kendall Langford - DE, Hampton
    130. NYG: Chevis Jackson - CB, LSU
    131. PHI: Jamar Adams - SS, Michigan
    132. BUF: Paul Hubbard - WR, Wisconsin
    133. BAL: Kenny Iwebema - DE, Iowa
    134. TEN: Mike Hart - RB, Michigan
    135. GB : Simeon Castille - FS, Alabama

    Round 5

    136. KC : Keenan Burton - WR, Kentucky
    137. STL: Ezra Butler - OLB, Nevada
    138. ATL: Marcus Monk - WR, Arkansas
    139. DEN: David Roach - FS, TCU
    140. KC : Donald Thomas - G, UConn
    141. CAR: Kellen Davis - TE, MSU
    142. CHI: Chad Rinehart - G, N. Iowa
    143. JAC: Trae Williams - CB, USF
    144. DET: Letroy Guion - DT, FSU
    145. CIN: Lavelle Hawkins - WR, California
    146. NO : John Carlson - TE,ND
    147. BUF: Owen Schmitt - FB, WVU
    148. DEN: Jeremy Thompson - DE, WF
    149. ARI: Dwight Lowery - CB, SJS
    150. MIN: Doug Legursky - C, Marshall
    151. HOU: Johnny Dingle - DE, WVU
    152. PHI: Jalen Parmele - RB, Toledo
    153. TB : Jeremy Zuttah - OT, Rutgers
    154. WAS: Andre Fluellen - DT, FSU
    155. CLE: Bruce Davis - OLB, UCLA
    156. PIT: D.J. Parker - FS, VT
    157. TEN: Wesley Woodyard - OLB, Kentucky
    158. JAC: Rudolph Hardie - DE, Howard
    159. JAC: Ali Highsmith - OLB, LSU
    160. SD : Brandon Keith - OT, N. Iowa
    161. IND: Gary Barnridge - TE, UL
    162. GB : Peyton Hillis - FB, Arkansas
    163. DAL: Jameel McClain - MLB, Syracuse
    164. NE : Ben Moffitt - MLB, USF
    165. NYG: Bryan Kehl - OLB, BYU
    166. SD : Jonathan Zenon - CB, LSU

    Sorry I said **** so much
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    Welcome to the forums

    good job on the mock !Its a difficult task making a five rd mock!


    • #3
      Hey noid, welcome to the forum. Yeah, you trashed my Lions pretty good, but unfortunatley well deserved. I respect the research and the hard work that went into this.

      A couple of things about DET that you may not be aware of...Rod Marinelli has taked charge of the scouts and the draft. He is telling his scouts what physical and mental characteristics to look for, so this won't be a Millen draft. That's GOT to be an improvement. Also, everybody seems to forget that we get Dan Campbell back at TE and they think very highly of him, especially his blocking, so I doubt they draft a TE with so many other holes.

      Lord help us that they don't draft Crable. I watched him underproduce for 3 years at Michigan and I hate to think I'll need to watch him continue with the Lions.


      • #4
        I don't think Mike Pollack is much of a up-grade at all, due to the fact is isn't that good in the running game.


        • #5
          Hey bud, thanks for posting a mock...overall I like the effort and for my team it especially shows you have an idea of our team needs. I'd be very happy with the first two selections, but after that it gets a bit hazy for me.

          First, the third round pick of Pressley doesn't flow with me because he's not a "Ruskell" type guy. He has some character issues and it's widely known that our GM steers clear of anybody with those rumors, no matter how good he may be. I like that you recognized the need for a DT though, and in that position I'd rather see Frank Okam in the third.

          Second, and this is just my personal opinion, I wouldn't draft Josh Johnson if the draft went 13 rounds. I just don't think he'll ever be an NFL QB. As far as your board goes I'd rather see Darrell Robertson or Drew Radovich in that spot.

          Third, I really like that you gave us Drew Radovich in the 5th, but if you could convince the league to give us our 5th round pick back that would be super, lol.

          Overall, I like what you did minus the few slip ups.

          "I'm coming for you Murdock"



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            Giants mock ain't bad, but I'd prefer a corner over Connor as Connor isn't going to beat out Antonio Pierce.

            Kudos to you for making a 5 rounder with all those explanations, must have taken forever.


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              ^^oh, woops.. why does JAC have your 5th rounder now? I totally missed that.

              I went to NCSU btw and I definately think Pressley has day 1 talent, but external factors may very well lead to him dropping a couple rounds.

              ^that is part of the reason I like Connor for NYG, he can start off at OLB then make a smooth transition to MLB when Pierce is gone. I think I would have them pick Kenny Phillips if he was availible though

              and yes this did take a long time, but it was a labor of love.


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                Good KC mock. Now a couple other things. Jamaal Charles went to Texas not Oklahoma. An OU or UT fan might make a big deal over that lol. Also you may be the only one to have Erik Ainge over Josh Johnson. I'd be interested to hear your explanation on that one


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                  Pretty solid job with Green Bay. The only pick I am not a big fan of is the Erin Henderson pick. There is no doubt that Henderson is a very good player but after the signing of Brandon Chillar there is no reason to address LB that early


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                    Originally posted by noidroid View Post
                    ^^oh, woops.. why does JAC have your 5th rounder now? I totally missed that.

                    I went to NCSU btw and I definately think Pressley has day 1 talent, but external factors may very well lead to him dropping a couple rounds.

                    ^that is part of the reason I like Connor for NYG, he can start off at OLB then make a smooth transition to MLB when Pierce is gone. I think I would have them pick Kenny Phillips if he was availible though

                    and yes this did take a long time, but it was a labor of love.
                    I know somebody took our pick in the very well may be Jax...and I may have been thinking of somebody else with the character issues other than Pressley, but for some reason I remember saying to myself I hope they stay away from him. It may be his health issues. I looked him up again and read up on various scouting reports and couldn't find anything about character, but everything said he had Mario Williams type hype coming into this year, but his injuries kept him from producing.

                    "I'm coming for you Murdock"



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                      "then the second they showed him the money he started running like he has girl parts."

                      I hate the Stewart pick, but I literally lol'd here.
            , get some.
                      "Relax, all right? Don't try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic."
                      -Crash Davis, Bull Durham


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                        Originally posted by Casey View Post
                        "then the second they showed him the money he started running like he has girl parts."

                        I hate the Stewart pick, but I literally lol'd here.
                        Why do you not like the Stewart pick? And who would you rather have instead?

                        "I'm coming for you Murdock"



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                          If I had my choice of anyone, I'd take Brandon Albert.

                          His stock has risen, and so if I had to go by whats available in this mock I'd rather see Carl Nicks, Sam Baker, Malcolm Kelly (who I think will still be a 1st rounder), or Kenny Phillips.

                          Baker and Nicks, and/or eventually take over at either Left or Right Tackle.

                          I think Kelly would be an excellent fit on a team whose needs at WR have been underemphasized. I think Deion Branch is a bust. I've hated that trade since day one, and he's injured on top of that. D.J. Hackett is in Carolina. Engram is ageless, but will eventually hit a wall.

                          Kenny Phillips is a guy I regard higher than most also. I think he'd make a good replacement for either Brian Russell or Deion Grant as soon as 2009, and could play some valuable downs in 2008.
                , get some.
                          "Relax, all right? Don't try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic."
                          -Crash Davis, Bull Durham


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                            I don't think Stewart is an ideal fit in Seattle, nor do I think he'll be available. I think he'll be a Cardinal.

                            I don't think Stewart is athletic enough to remain in the lineup on 3rd downs. I see a lot of Shaun Alexander in him. Though Alexander got a lot of praise during his time of elite production, he's had effort questions through his entire career.

                            Also, Stewart's running style doesn't lend itself to longevity. While I'm not really concerned with the turf toe injury, I'm worried more about potential knee injuries.

                            If Mendenhall fell to 25 I'd be thrilled.

                            Also, the Seahawks signed Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett to five year contracts. Neither deal is big enough or structured in a way that precludes the right runningback in the first round, but I don't think that Stewart is the right back.
                  , get some.
                            "Relax, all right? Don't try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic."
                            -Crash Davis, Bull Durham


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                              I looked him up again and read up on various scouting reports and couldn't find anything about character, but everything said he had Mario Williams type hype coming into this year, but his injuries kept him from producing.
                              Our DT from last year, Tank Tyler, had character issues that dropped him to the 3rd round. Pressley was a huge local recruit for us comming out of high school, much like Mario. He was a bit inconsistent in his college career but a lot of that had to do with our entire defense getting crappy in a hurry. It really sucked when he went down with the knee last year but he showed great toughness by putting off surgery and getting back on the feild.

                              Jamaal Charles went to Texas not Oklahoma. An OU or UT fan might make a big deal over that lol. Also you may be the only one to have Erik Ainge over Josh Johnson. I'd be interested to hear your explanation on that one
                              I went with Ainge b/c it was MIN, figuring they might want to throw a conventional QB into the mix instead of re-drafting this years version of Tavares Jackson. I'm not high on Johnson, Ainge, or O'Connell.

                              Yeah I brainfarted on Charles, good call. I will make a small edit with that change and giving JAC SEA's 5th rounder.