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Illini's Mock Draft With Explanations/Pics!!

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  • Illini's Mock Draft With Explanations/Pics!!

    2008 NFL Draft

    1.Miami Dolphins-Jake Long OT, Michigan

    Jake Long might not be the best player in the draft but he is a safe pick and fills a big need for the Phins. Chris Long and Vernon Gholston are very enticing with this pick and Parcells loves to go defense but why invest that kind of money into a player that really isn't that great of a need? Other than Vernon Carey Miami has no depth on the offensive line and picking Jake Long would allow them to move Carey to his natural position. Long is a mauler and is a Parcells type of guy. They go with the safe pick and get their franchise left tackle for years to come.

    2.St Louis Rams-Chris Long DE, Virginia

    The Rams could go in a few different directions and while Gholston may have more upside than Long, I think Long is the safer pick in this spot. Also, Glenn Dorsey is a possibility here but I think they are comfortable with Carriker staying inside to play defensive tackle. Leonard Little is 34, James Hall is 31 and they need to add youth off the edge and Chris Long does that. Long is very versatile and the Rams are rumored to be switching to 3-4 and Long would be a perfect fit. He has great bloodlines and a great attitude, he is can't miss prospect that would immediatly help St Louis' pass rush.

    3.Atlanta Falcons-Glenn Dorsey DT, LSU

    Alot of people have Matt Ryan here but I just don't think that is good value with this selection and they should be able to get a good QB at the beginning of round two. The Falcons are estatic to have possibly the best player in the entire draft fall into their laps. If not for all of his injury concerns Dorsey could have easily been the number one overall selction in this years draft. He is a great character guy and someone that you want to have has the face of your defense. Very similar to Warren Sapp in terms of ability and character.

    4.Oakland Raiders-Vernon Gholston DE, OSU

    This pick could very well be Darren McFadden but with solid runningbacks on the roster it isn't a real big need so they get possibly the guy with the most upside in the draft on defense. Al Davis loves athletic freaks and that is exactly what Gholston is. He is a perfect fit for Oakland's defense and would improve a lacking pass rush that the Raiders need.

    5.Kansas City Cheifs-Branden Albert OG, Virginia

    This might be a bit of a surprise pick to some people but Albert is quickly rising up the draft charts and has moved into the number two offensive lineman on many peoples boards. Matt Ryan is definetly in consideration with this pick but I believe that the Cheifs really believe Brodie Croyle is their franchise QB and don't want to give up on him just yet. Albert would provide them with some versatility on the offensive line as he can play any position. He is extremely athletic, and has rare size for the guard position that could translate to him becoming a franchise left tackle at the next level.

    6.New York Jets-Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas

    Even though McFadden doesn't fill a glaring need for the Jets his talent is just to good to pass up and the Jets will plan to use him like the Vikings used Adrian Peterson. There are question marks about whether McFadden can be an every down back at the next level but even if he isn't he has speed that can change the game. McFadden and Thomas Jones paired up would be a nice combo that would definetly help the Jets weak offense and would give them an elite playmaker they haven't had in years. Although you can't rule out Matt Ryan with this pick as the Jets might have him higher up on their draft board than McFadden.

    7.New England Patriots-Keith Rivers LB, USC

    If there is going to be any trades in the top ten this would be the most likely spot as maybe some teams will try to come up and get Matt Ryan or Sedrick Ellis. If a trade doesn't get done I think the Pats will go either linebacker or cornerback with this pick. The Patriots are not known to pick linebackers early but Rivers is a very good player and would add youth to New England's linebacking group. He is very athletic and while some people don't think he is a good fit, I think he would be and would ultimately success former Trojan Junior Seau.

    8.Baltimore Ravens-Matt Ryan QB, Boston College

    This is about as big of a no-brainer pick you can get in this draft. Steve McNair is getting up there in age and we all know Troy Smith and Kyle Boller are not going to be franchise QB's so they finally get a guy that could come in and eventually be that guy. He has all the tools you look for in a franchise QB and while he doesn't wow you with anything, he is very smart, has good poise, and is a great character guy that is willing to be coached.

    9.Cincinatti Bengals-Sedrick Ellis DT, USC

    The Bengals were trying very hard this offseason the try to acquire a defensive tackle but were unsuccesful in doing so. This is the best case scenario for the Bengals as they have a great player fall to them at number nine. Cincinatti was dreadful against the run last season and Ellis would come in and immediatly help. He actually had better overall production than Glenn Dorsey so don't be surprised to see him off the board by here, and also don't be surprised to see the Saints try to trade up to get him.

    10.New Orleans Saints-Leodis McKelvin CB, Troy

    With both Sedrick Ellis and Keith Rivers already off the board there is no linebacker or defensive tackle worth the selection in this spot. They did sign Randall Gay this offseason but he no where nears solves New Orleans problems in the secondary. McKelvin has established himself as the number one corner in this draft and with improved ball skills he could develop into a lockdown corner at the next level.

    11.Buffalo Bills-Dominique Rodgers Cromartie CB, Tennesse State

    Adding a big receiver to compliment Lee Evans is a possibility here but there is nobody really worth selecting number eleven overall. Instead they go best player avalible that also fills a need for them. Rodgers-Cromartie might have the most upside out of any cornerback in the draft. He has great athelticism, speed, coverage ability, and I think he is more physical than people think. His cousin Antonio Cromartie is a stud in the NFL, and Dominique has alot of the same traits as him, that alone should make him a top 15 pick.

    12.Denver Broncos-Ryan Clady OT, Boise State

    The Broncos have alot of wholes to fill on that defense but I just think Clady is to good of a talent to pass up. With Matt Lepsis retiring they need a guy that could come in and be a franchise left tackle, and Clady could be that guy. He would be a great fit in Denver's zone blocking system because of his great feet and athleticism. Clady has the most upside out of any tackle in this draft. Also don't rule out DeSean Jackson or Devin Thomas to compliment Brandon Marshall.

    13.Carolina Panthers-Jeff Otah OT, Pittsburgh

    The Panthers were able to keep Jordan Gross and Travelle Wharton but their plans are to move Wharton inside to guard and Gross over to left tackle which leaves a whole at right tackle and Otah could be the best fit for the position. Otah is mauler and has the potential to be a dominant right tackle that could eventually develop into a left tackle. Don't rule out Rashard Mendenhall here as the Panthers are said to have alot of intrest in him and need someone to compliment DeAngelo Williams.

    14.Chicago Bears-Chris Williams OT, Vanderbilt

    The Bears have alot of needs on offense and Devin Thomas or Rashard Mendenhall could easily be the pick to add a playmaker on offense. However, I think that offensive line is a bigger need and they need some youth on the line. Chris Williams is a very smart, athletic tackle and is probably the player that is most ready to come in and contribute immediatly as he will more than likely be asked to do so.

    15.Detroit Lions-Derrick Harvey DE, Florida

    Rashard Mendenhall is a very strong possibility here after releasing Kevin Jones. However, I think there is enough depth at the runningback position for them to wait until the second round which is why I think they go Derrick Harvey at this spot. After releasing Kalimba Edwards they need another defensive end that can get pressure on the QB. They have said to be very interested in Harvey and he would come in and fill their biggest need.

    16.Arizona Cardinals-Rashard Mendenhall RB, Illinois

    Mendenhall could easily be gone by this pick but he isn't so the Cardinals go best player avalible and get Edgerrin James' eventual successor Rashard Mendenhall. James has not lived up to his contract, and Mendenhall would give them another explosive guy on offense that would compliment their passing game very well. He has a great blend of size, speed, and instincts to get it done at the next level, and could end up actually being a better all-around player than Darren McFadden at the next level.

    17.Minnesota Vikings-Phillip Merling DE, Clemson

    After missing out on Derrick Harvey, I believe the Vikings go next best defensive end avalible in Phillip Merling and although he isn't an elite pass rusher he is a very solid all around defensive end that could contribute immediatly. If not for his sports hernia surgery he could have been very well off the board by now and was viewed as a top ten player by many experts. Devin Thomas could be a possibility to add another playmaker on offense as is a another DE Calais Campbell from Miami. Childress says he may have a surprise for us on draft so who knows what he has in store.

    18.Houston Texans-Mike Jenkins CB, South Florida

    Jonathan Stewart is a possibility but Houston's cornerback situation is a mess. Dunta Robinson suffered a possible career threatening injury and other than him they really have no depth at that position. They are estatic a player like Mike Jenkins falls to them as he is viewed by many the best corner in the draft. He would fill in for Robinson until he return and in the future if Dunta gets healthy this could be one of the best CB tandems in the NFL.

    19.Philadelphia Eagles-Devin Thomas WR, Michigan State

    The Eagles haven't been know to select wide receivers in the first round but I think this is the year they do it. Thomas is quickly rising up draft boards and is viewed at the best WR in this class by alot of people. He is a great fit in Philly's West Coast offense and could eventually develop into that number one receiver that McNabb hasn't had in his career other than Terrell Owens. And look what he did when he had that type of weapon.

    20.Tampa Bay Buccaneers-DeSean Jackson WR, California

    Michael Clayton has done nothing since his rookie year and I don't know if he will ever get those skills back, Joey Galloway is a stud but is 36 so who knows how much longer he can keep it up. They have to draft his replacement and they need another weapon on that offense. Jackson might be the most electrifying player in this draft and would be a great fit for Tampa's offense. Don't rule out Brian Brohm in this spot though, because Jeff Garcia is 36 years old and might not have much left.

    21.Washington Redskins-Calais Campbell DE, Miami(FL)

    Limas Sweed or James Hardy are strong possibilities here as they need a big receiver to compliment Moss and Randle El but there defense has to many holes not to be adressed here. Phillip Daniels and Andre Carter are both getting up there in age and they need depth behind them. Campbell may have as much upside as any defensive end in this draft and that is saying something. He looked bound to be a top five pick after his sophmore year but disappointed during his junior year and offseason workouts. If he get tough coaching this could be a great pick as they a very talented guy that has top ten abilities.

    22.Dallas Cowboys-Limas Sweed WR, Texas

    Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn are over 35 and they need some more depth at that position and a replacement for either T.O. or Terry Glenn. Cornerback is a possibility but I think they are going to be able to get Pacman Jones which lessens the need. Also, don't rule out a RB like Jonathan Stewart or Felix Jones to compliment Marion Barber. I think Sweed is the pick though,as he is a hometown kid that has alot of talent. He is very physical, has great hands, and very good athleticism.

    23.Pittsburgh Steelers-Gosder Cherilus OT, Boston College

    A big receiver is a possibility here but I don't think James Hardy will be the pick as the Rooney's are sick of people that have character question marks. Cherilus may be a reach but the offense line has always been the pride of the Steelers and they need depth on the line. He is versatile and played left tackle his senior year but his junior year he had more success at right tackle. Willie Colon is not somebody you want as your franchise RT, so I think they get that guy in Cherilus with this pick.

    24.Tennesse Titans-Chris Johnson RB, East Carolina

    With the biggest surprise in the first round the Titans get Chris Johnson who was an elite playmaker in college, and a playmaker is something Tennesse desperatly needs on offense. They missed out on DeSean Jackson and Devin Thomas so they get the next best playmaker avalible. Johnson is a guy that could be used in a Reggie Bush type mold and might be able to find a home at receiver for the Titans. He has Devin Hester type return ability which is something they need after Pacman is gone. Don't rule out a defensive player like Kentwan Balmer with the pick though.

    25.Seattle Seahawks-Jonathan Stewart RB, Oregon

    The Seahawks get lucky and have Stewart fall right into their laps. He is a top 15 talent that fell because of his toe surgey but they Seahawks will never pass him up. Shaun Alexander has not been the same since he has signed that huge contract and looks like he will never regain that form again. Look for them to release Shaun and get his replacement Jonathan Stewart. If Stewart is not avalible look for them to draft Kentwan Balmer.

    26.Jacksonville Jaguars-Quentin Groves DE, Auburn

    After losing Bobby McCray to free agency look for them to get a pass rusher here to replace him. Even with McCray that is something the Jags needed and Groves is exactly what the doctor ordered. He has great speed, and burst off the edge which is something they have been needing for a while. Don't rule out Kentwan Balmer here though as they have traded away Marcus Stroud.

    27.San Diego Chargers-Kenny Phillips S, Miami(FL)

    They let safety Marlon McCree go and will need to get his replacement, they could also look to upgrade Clinton Hart. Phillips is no doubt the best safety in this class and has everything you look for. Good coverage ability, speed, and his very physical. Not Ed Reed or Sean Taylor but definetly has the tools to be a solid safety in the NFL. Also don't rule out a defensive tackle like Kentwan Balmer here or some offensive line help.

    28.Dallas Cowboys- Antoine Cason CB, Arizona

    I was tempted to put Felix Jones here but I believe the Cowboys will be able to find a compliment to Barber later on in this draft. Even if they do acquire Pacman Jones they still need some depth at CB, not to mention Terrance Newman and Anthony Henry are over thirty. Cason doesn't have elite speed or athleticism but he is a natural playmaker. Great character guy that is a very hard worker.

    29.San Francisco 49ers-James Hardy WR, Indiana

    Kentwan Balmer is a possibility but I don't know if he would be a very good fit in San Fran's 3-4 defense. Even though they brought in Bryant Johnson and Issac Bruce, neither are superstars and they could look to upgrade over them. Hardy is a great red zone threat that has the chance to be a Plaxico Burress type at the next level. The only thing holding him back from being the number one WR in this class is his attitude.

    30.Green Bay Packers-Aqib Talib CB, Kansas

    Al Harris and Charles Woodson are getting old and they need some depth behind them. The only reason why Talib is still avalible here is because of his maturity issues. He is viewed by alot of people one of the top corners in the draft and could be a bargin in the late first round. Don't rule out an offensive lineman like Sam Baker with this pick.

    31.New York Giants-Jerod Mayo LB, Tennessee

    Jerod Mayo is soaring up draft boards and could easily be gone by this pick. After losing Kawika Mitchell to free agency they need his replacement and they would love to move Mathais Kiwanuka back to his natural position. Mayo is a very smart, athletic linebacker that would be a great fit for the Giants defense. Don't rule out a defensive back pick here though.[/img]

    Comments welcome!!

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    I guess there are no Pics since you are not allowed to have over 8.


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      Pretty solid except for a couple picks I don't like:

      -The panthers will not let Derrick Harvey escape.
      -Broncos don't really need a LT since they have Ryan Harris.
      -Calais Campbell is probably a mid second rounder now
      -Chris Johnson? I just don't see it. They have a kick returner now and Chris Henry fills that role of runner who get around the edges.
      -Eric Weddle will most likely be their replacement for Marlon McCree so it's doubtful they go safety here.


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        you did a good Job, but yes Chris Johnson is a big reach
        Browns fan since 1961.....(semper-fi)


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          1. Jake Long is not going to Miami. Let's end it there. My arguments are all over the forum.
          2. Branden Albert is not a better LT than Ryan Clady is. And you do not spend top 5 money on a guard.
          3. I think the Patriots will go with a cornerback. Linebacker is not a Belichick move early on.
          4. Calais Campbell is no longer a 1st round pick. He is barely worth a 3rd round pick. He's slow and lazy, and had neither production in his junior year or a decent combine.
          5. Quentin Groves is too small to play in a Jacksonville scheme, at least at DE. And I'm not sure if he's an ideal OLB in the 4-3.
          6. I think Dan Connor's versatility will shoot him over Jerod Mayo to the Giants. They need a WLB because they're currently starting Gerris Wilkinson, they could use a SLB if Strahan retires and Kiwanuka takes his spot, and at MLB, Antonio Pierce has two or three years left of solid play. They'll go OLB over MLB.

          And that's it.
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            And yeah, the Chris Johnson is both a reach, and the Titans desperately need WR's.
            - Also known as Dan.
            - Also known as the footballclod, where I do my own fantasy football and other football related stuff. ->


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              Once I hear the words "safe pick" the mock goes in one ear and out the other.

              If you think you draft for safe pick, then I don't think you understand the draft. so yeah I am singling out 99% of the draft community.
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                Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
                Once I hear the words "safe pick" the mock goes in one ear and out the other.

                If you think you draft for safe pick, then I don't think you understand the draft. so yeah I am singling out 99% of the draft community.
                You don't want to give 25-30 million dollars or guarenteed money to a risky prospect do you? Jake and Chris Long are both safe picks. Gholston has tons of upside but that bust potential is higher with him.


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                  Everyone has the potential to bust. You can't gurantee that Jake and Chris Long won't bust


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                    Originally posted by IlliniVikeFan23 View Post
                    You don't want to give 25-30 million dollars or guarenteed money to a risky prospect do you? Jake and Chris Long are both safe picks. Gholston has tons of upside but that bust potential is higher with him.
                    I would like to point out that Robert Gallery was at the time, considered to be the safest pick of the 2004 draft.
                    - Also known as Dan.
                    - Also known as the footballclod, where I do my own fantasy football and other football related stuff. ->


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                      Johnson pick=crap
                      Good picks for the most part, although I'm not buying the hype that Kiper is putting out about Brandon Albert.


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                        This wasn't my final mock and I changed a few picks...I actually got the top 6 correct but how do you like that Chris Johnson pick? I called it baby!


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                          Originally posted by PuppyPuncher View Post
                          Pretty solid except for a couple picks I don't like:

                          -The panthers will not let Derrick Harvey escape.
                          -Broncos don't really need a LT since they have Ryan Harris.
                          -Calais Campbell is probably a mid second rounder now
                          -Chris Johnson? I just don't see it. They have a kick returner now and Chris Henry fills that role of runner who get around the edges.
                          -Eric Weddle will most likely be their replacement for Marlon McCree so it's doubtful they go safety here.
                          Holy ****, was I wrong!


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                            Nice call on Chris Johnson to the Titans


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                              That was probably the most impressive prediction I've seen.