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Grading the draft

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  • Grading the draft

    So every year we rank give teams grades, on an a-f rating of some sort. This obviously isnt usefull until the class has a few years in the NFL. But its also fun to see how your team ranked up there with rivals/other teams to get pumped for the upcoming season.

    I was thinking of trying a new system this year, and since there are lots of knowledgeable folks on here, and a few who rank drafs, I thought I would kick around some ideas..

    Instead of the grades, why not assign a number/or rank the teams in best to worst performance...grade the entire draft process, not just the players picked.

    Every team starts out with 70 pts or some other number...

    Selecting the best player available at a position of need, +10 pts

    Selecting the best player available, maybe not a 'need', but no trade down possibilities were presented +5

    Selecting a player that will fill a percieved need in the upcoming 2 years ( like GB taking Harrell assuming they couldnt afford williams as a FA) while not passing up a player available to fill a need this year = +1 pt

    Trading down and still selecting the BPA that fills a need = +15 pts

    Trading up, not giving up too much TVC pts, and taking the BPA for a need where that is the last player that can start day1 +10 pts. (example, trading up for the last top tier DT knowing the dropoff is huge after that player is gone)

    Trading up to take a player because there is a run on that position and you need that position = -10pts (getting scared into trading up to take that player) exemption, if that is your only need on the team or you dont have any needs to fill and can afford to give up too much to get the targeted player. Still bad draft strategy, = - 5pts (similar to playing poker as the chip leader and muscling players out of a pot)

    Trading down, but not getting your targeted player, but still not reaching to fill a need = +5 pts.

    Trading down, losing your player and then reaching for the next player at that position = -10pts

    'reaching' for a player to fill need. = -15pts. example of 'reach' for me, taking a WR in rd1 when a WR of similar draft grade/skill sets (possession/speed) would be available at your next selection.

    I have just put this together, and realize it is very rough, but as always I welcome opinions and suggestions.
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    I don’t think you can really grade a draft until the players have had the chance to show what they can do at the next level. I grade a draft 3 years after the fact.
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      That is the most logical way to grade. However, fans want something instantly after the draft, so all we have to go on his who they picked, what we thought of those players compared to other players availalbe and our percieved needs for that team at that time.

      I came up with this after reading how walter graded his draft grades from 06. Some system with a numerical value would give a better comparison than A+, B- etc...
      Bears offseason wish list:

      Jay Cutler, I am good, for now.


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        I might do that for my site (and if you're lucky, I'll give you credit).


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          Isn't saying they got the best player available the same as predicting how talented they'll be in the NFL?