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    What I would try and do, not what will happen

    Free Agency

    Patrick Crayton-WR-Dallas Cowboys
    Height:6'0, Weight:205, Age:28
    Bryant Johnson-WR-Arizona Cardinals
    Height:6'3, Weight:216, Age:26
    Keary Colbert-WR-Carolina Panthers
    Height:6'1, Weight:210, Age:25

    Reason: The Bills have no ture #2 threat. Steve Fairchild was the Offensive Coordinator under Mike Martz, and he wants to open it up just like Martz. With the addtion of these guys he will now get what he wants.
    Peerless Price and Josh Reed will be cut not much of a cap hit if at all. Sam Aiken is a FA also.

    Ben Troupe-TE-Tennessee Titans
    Height:6'4, Weight:270, Age:25

    Reason: Kevin Everett career is over and the Bills don't have any depth at all at TE. Troupe can stretch the field vertically witch Robert Royal can't really do. Also gives Steve Fairchild another weapon he can play with.

    Jake Scott-RG-Indianapolis Colts

    Reason: Brad Butler the future RG? I don't think so. Scott is a blue collar type guy which Buffalo will love. He can keep Peyton Manning off his back I think he can do that same for Trent. Also gives Jim "Mouse" McNally another good O-Line man to make even better.

    Top 5 pick, trade down to about 12ish. Get 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, '08 3rd.

    1st-(TD)-James Laurinaitis-LB-Ohio State
    2nd-Malcolm Kelly-WR-Oklahoma
    2nd-(TD)-Mike Jenkins-CB-South Florida
    3rd-James Davis-RB-Clemson
    3rd-(TD)-Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie-CB-Tennessee State
    3rd-(BAL)-Colt Brennan-QB-Hawaii
    4th-Jorvorskie Lane-FB-Texas A&M
    4th-(TD)-Alex Mack-C-California
    4th-(COMP)-Wesley Woodyard-OLB-Kentucky
    5th-Joey Haynos-TE-Maryland
    6th-Anthony Reddick-FS-Miami (FL)
    7th-Trade for future pick/s
    7th-(PHI)-Tim Silver-T-Richmond

    Depth Chart

    Trent Edwards
    J.P. Losman
    Colt Brennan (R)

    Analysis: Let J.P play out his last 1 or 2 years of his contract and let him go or trade him. CHI could use him. Colt Brennan will be the Frank Reich and Trent Edwards will be the Jim Kelly. The QB spot should be good for 10+ years. I would hope so anyway.

    Marshawn Lynch
    James Davis (R)
    Dwayne Wright
    Fred Jackson

    Analysis: Looks like this could be a nice deep spot for the Bills. Davis can come in on some plays and production wouldn't drop much if at all. Dwayne Wright would be the grunt guy. Fred Jackson is a nice player could develop into a nice back-up player.

    Lee Evans
    Patrick Crayton (FA)
    Bryant Johnson (FA)
    Malcolm Kelly (R)
    Keary Colbert (FA)
    Roscoe Parrish

    Analysis: Wow, looks like a real WR core that can make big plays! Enough with all the 5'9 WR, the Bills add hight which will help in the Red Zone. You can't double team Lee Evans ever play now. You will see a lot of 3 and 4 WR sets.

    Robert Royal
    Ben Troupe (FA)
    Joey Haynos (R)

    Analysis: Royal can catch but is a great run blocker. Troupe will be the vertical threat. Haynos is a decent blocker and receiving threat, but does not do one exceptionally well.

    Jorvorskie Lane (R)
    Joey Haynos (R)

    Analysis: Jorvorskie Lane is like like the Bus. Just 1 huge MoFo. Can Haynos play FB? I don't know but he can try it for a bit. If it doen't work and Lane gets hurt they can just go with no FB. If Lane is hurt for a long period put him on IR and get someone.

    Jason Peters
    Langston Walker
    Tim Silver (R)

    Analysis: Not much depth so let's hope no one gets hurt. Peter is a prow-blow caliber player. Walker is just a BIG run blocker. Silver is a nice looking player 6'6ish and around 325, could become a nice back-up.

    Derrick Dockery
    Jake Scott (FA)
    Brad Butler

    Analysis: Dockery so far has not shown me why he was worth 49 Mill but has yet to give up a sack so I guess it good I'm not saying his name. Scott liked I said before is a blue collar player which Buffalo will love. Butler is a serviceable back-up.

    Melvin Fowler
    Alex Mack (R)

    Analysis: Fowler is just your average C. Not great no horrible. Mack will be the starter in a year or 2.

    Aaron Schobel
    Chris Kelsay
    Ryan Denney
    Anthony Hargrove

    Analysis: Aaron Schobel 14 , Chris Kelsay 5.5, Ryan Denney 6 thats 25.5 sacks out of the DE position in 2006. Hargrove is a hight energy player that doesn't see much time.

    Larry Tripplett
    Kyle Williams
    John McCargo
    Jason Jefferson

    Analysis: They didn't draft a DT, what!? Yep the problem has not been the DT this year it's been the DE. McCargo is starting to look like a 1st round pick. Tripplett and Williams are both playing fine, so hey let'em gel.

    Angelo Crowell
    James Laurinaitis (R)
    Keith Ellison
    Coy Wire
    Wesley Woodyard (R)

    Analysis: Crowell is a very good LB. Laurinaitis can play all 3 spots at LB they put him at the WILL. Ellison is a good back-up along with Wire. Woodyard will also be a WILL LB.

    Paul Posluszny
    John DiGiorgio

    Analysis: Paul Posluszny = next great Penn St. LB. Paul was all over the place before going on IR. DiGi is a okay back-up.

    Terrence McGee
    Mike Jenkins (R)
    Dominique Rodgers (R)
    Ashton Youboty
    Jabari Greer

    Analysis: I'm getting tired so.

    Ko Simpson
    Jim Leonhard
    Anthony Reddick (R)

    Analysis: I'm getting tired so.

    Donte Whitner
    Jim Leonhard
    John Wendling

    Analysis: I'm getting tired so.