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  • It was the night befor Christmas

    1. Jake Long, Michigan
    In the books.
    2. Glenn Dorsey, LSU
    I think DT Glenn Dorsey has been number two on their board behind only Jake Long. Could this pick be Chris Long? Maybe, but I think a DT like Glenn Dorsey only comes around once every ten years or so.
    I also think Chris Long would be a better fit for a team running the base 3-4 defense like the Jets. Some say that the Rams have no interest in Vernon Gholston, but other teams do and could trade up to have the chance to draft the player who I think could have the biggest impact on a defense of any player in the draft. I see him as a Leonard Little later replacement, but I don’t think the urgency is there at this point. I’m not sure the Rams think they can replace the ageing 13 year veteran UT La’Roi Glover with any current players on their roster. I think that thinking down the road a peace might be the deciding factor here. I don’t think the Rams should move Adam Carriker to DE from NT except maybe in a 3 man pass rush look. With the selection of Glenn Dorsey they could have a twin headed monster in the middle of their defense for years to come and he would have a mentor to start his pro career off on the right foot. The truth is the biggest need on their DL is a RDE right now, but very soon that could be their UT too. I’m Just thinking outside the box a little on this pick, because I’m not convinced that Chris Long’s best position is DE in a 4-3 defense.

    3. Matt Ryan, Boston College
    If Glenn Dorsey goes number two. Then the Falcons just lost their top player left on their board. Unless they can swap picks with the Rams to get him. I think QB Matt Ryan is their consolation pries, but not so fast because the Ravens will also be interested in moving up to have the chance to select Matt Ryan and there is also the possibility of the Chiefs moving up to have that opportunity. The Jets are also said to have an interest. I think all the talk about QB Matt Ryan sliding in this draft with so many teams picking high that have a need at QB is just off the mark. Could they go with DT Sedrick Ellis? I don’t think the Falcons are as high on Sedrick Ellis as they are on Matt Ryan. Having said that I don’t think this is the best team for Matt Ryan to go to, because they have so many needs.[B]
    4. Vernon Gholston, Ohio St
    If DE/OLB Vernon Gholston is there at pick 4. He will be their pick. Not RB Darren McFadden, because they think their system is what makes the running back and not so much the player. Could they go with Chris Long? I think it makes for a great story line in resurrecting the Raider Gods of old, but I don’t see that as a realistic option here.
    5. Sedrick Ellis, USC
    DT is not their biggest need, but you can never have too many of them in a Tampa 2 defense and he is a better impact prospect then anyone else they have at the position
    Currently, from the stand point of rushing the passer and putting presser up the middle and in a QB face. DT Sedrick Ellis can play the 3 technique and also the 1 technique for them if they go to a 3 man line in pass rush situations. Could they go for DE/OLB Vernon Gholston? Only if he falls passed the Raiders. Could they go with Chris Long? Maybe, but for the same reasons I don’t see the Rams or Raiders picking Chris Long. I don’t see the Chiefs picking him here either. Could they go with an OT with this pick? Maybe, but I don’t think they will get a defensive player with the impact potential at pick 17 as they will here and they should at least be able to get a decent OT prospect there at 17.

    6. Chris Long, Virginia I think the Jet would be ill advised to take RB Darren McFadden with this pick over a solid prospect like Chris Long on the board. Does NY remember Blair Thomas? Well they better have a Long memory. Chris Long has been projected to go as high as number one Miami. So this pick was rather easy for me. I think the 3-4is his best fit at the next level.
    Do I think he could play DE in a 4-3? Yes, but I don’t think he will have as big an impact in that defense as he will standing up in a 3-4 defense.

    7. Branden Albert, Virginia Given Bill Belichick’s history on draft day in the 1st round. I think the Patriots will pass on a CB this early and even though I also like LB Keith Rivers with this pick. History says Belichick will take a big man when the opportunity presents it self. Could the Patriots look to move down in the draft? Yes that is a possibility if DT Sedrick Ellis fall to them
    And another team is looking to move up like the Bengals and Saints.
    8. Ryan Clady, Boise State
    The consensus with this pick seems to be CB Leodis McKelvin or QB Matt Ryan if he falls, but they need to think about a replacement for Jonathan Ogden and big LT prospects are much harder to come by then a CB in the drafts or threw FA. He would also be a good fit for the Falcons if Glenn Dorsey is taken at pick 2 and the Ravens move up to get Matt Ryan at 3.

    9. Keith Rivers, USC
    If my scenario holds true and RB Darren McFadden falls, the Bengals might conceder him with this pick or trade the pick to Dallas, but I’m not convinced that Dallas fills he would be worth the cost to move up this high. They would love to have DT Sedrick Ellis fall to them here as most pre draft mocks predict, but I see him as a top five prospect in this years draft and many teams may look to try and move up to get him, including I think the Bengals, but they never seem to get the deals done on draft day. Keith Rivers is a solid LB prospect and would fill a need.
    10. Leodis McKelvin, Troy
    I think CB Leodis McKelvin is high on the Saints board and their top CB. If they are unable to move up to get one of the top two DT and Leodis McKelvin is still available. He will be their pick Could this pick be CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie? Maybe, but only if Leodis McKelvin is off the board. The saints would love to move up and get either of the top two DT, but may not be willing to match the price to move up.
    11. Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh (Eagles Via the Bills)
    I’m putting myself totally out on a limb with this pick, but here it is.
    With the Eagles philosophy of drafting for next year this year, because of the age of their starters at OT and the fact that they have CB Lito Sheppard who they are shopping. Will look to move up to acquire one of the OT and the Bills will be looking to move down, because the WR they covet can most likely can be selected with the 19th pick.
    Lito Sheppard is the trump card in this deal. They could either combine him in the deal directly or threw a pick they may acquire. I think Jeff Otah is in the mold of the Eagles OT Jon Runyan and would be a good fit in the city of brotherly love.

    (Matt gets a High Five on this one)
    12. Chris Williams, Vanderbilt
    Jay Cutler is Chris Williams biggest cheer leader and the top brass like the fact that the transition from Vanderbilt offensive terminology to theirs is a good fit. Could they go with a defensive player here? Only if LB Keith Rivers was to fall to them here.
    13. Derrick Harvey, Florida
    With Mike Rucker retiring and the OL prospects that they might covet with this pick all gone in my scenario . I see this as a good pick for them. I don’t see them going with QB Brian Brohm, Matt Ryan would have been an intriguing choice here, but of course he will be long gone. Will they go with a RB here? Maybe, but DE is a bigger need. I know Derrick Harvey has been mentioned as a possible OLB in a 3-4 defense, but I think his best fit is at DE in a 4-3 defense.
    14. Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois
    The Bears would love to get in on the OL derby this year in the 1st round, but I don’t see things working out for them here with this pick, so instead of thinking about a player like RB Matt Forte with a later pick. I see them going with the local favorite here and should be able to get a pretty good OT prospect in the second round. I think they will hope QB John David Booty will be there in round 3 for them.
    15. Jerod Mayo, Tennessee
    The Lions were hoping RB Rashard Mendenhall would slide to them here and I don’t see them reaching for an OT with this pick, but they really would like to get a good MLB to put in their defense to go along with OLB Ernie Sims. I see Jerod Mayo as a 3rd tier prospect, so he is my first real reach in the draft.
    16. Jonathan Stewart, Oregon
    The Cardinals need a CB in a bad way, but I think the team would feel pretty good about having RB Jonathan Stewart fall to them here, Personally I would have taken him with the Lions pick, but after the Bears broke their hearts by taking Rashard Mendenhall off the board, they might go in another direction. Big toe or not Jonathan Stewart is a 2nd tier prospect.
    17. Gosder Cherilus, Boston College
    If the Chiefs go with a DL pick at five and I believe that they will. With all the picks they have acquired threw the Jared Allen trade, they can afford to reach a little for the best player at the position. I think before they made this trade, that their mind set and best case scenario was to get a DL and OL in the 1st round out of the deal. Could they go with
    DE Phillip Merling? Maybe, there is a need after the trade with the Vikings, but I think they may look at a prospect in round 2, with one of their two selections. possibly DE Lawrence Jackson to fill the void left over.

    18. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State
    The Texans biggest position of need and a player that figured to go higher, falls in their lap. They get the first steal of the draft to this point.
    19. Devin Thomas, MSU (the Bills from the Eagles)
    The Bills move down and fill their biggest need with this deal. This would be a good trade for both parties.
    20. Mike Jenkins, South Florida
    The Bucs might go with QB Brian Brohm with this pick, but I don’t believe that if you told them before the draft that CB Mike Jenkins would be available to them with this pick they would believe you. I think he is higher on their board and will be their selection.
    21. Phillip Merling, Clemson
    Its unfortunate that DE Phillip Merling was not able to work out at the combine and his pro day, but given the Redskins needs I can’t see them passing on his potential. Could they select a WR here? Maybe, but I think the trade of Jared Allen to the Chiefs help them get the DE they hoped for in the 1st round.
    22. Darren McFadden, Arkansas
    This is my riskiest pick. I’m not convinced that the Raiders will select Darren McFadden at 4 and if the Jets have their choice between Chris Long and Darren McFadden. I know it’s not the sexist pick and the peanut gallery will Boo!, (They Boo all their 1st round picks anyway) Chris Long should be their pick. Now the only other team before Dallas at 22 that might even conceder him is the Bengals. Everyone else seems to think that this years Brady Quinn is Matt Ryan, but I see the player that drops in this years draft as possibly being RB Darren McFadden. Just hop on the bus Gus! In my corner I have Mike May****, Charlie Casserly, Brian Baldinger and Michael Lombardi who all also think that Darren McFadden is not the top RB prospect in this years draft. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys
    Might make another one of those jaw dropping trades and feel they need to move up to get him, but I think if they can be patient and not pull the trigger, he might just land in their laps, but patients is not one of Jerry Jones best virtues. I have had Darren McFadden in the 3rd tier all along, because I feel he is lacking in some areas of being a complete type RB at the next level.

    23. Kentwan Balmer, UNC
    All the top OL prospects are of their board at this point. I know Big Ben is crying for help at WR, But I see Kentwan Balmer as a player who can come in and play in their 3 man front rotation and give them depth across the line and possible take a starting position as he grows into the next level. I flirted with Safety when considering this pick, because of the K2 factor when facing up against the Browns, but I think Kentwan Balmer whom I have as a 3rd tier player rates higher then any Safeties on the board at this point. The Steelers do not usually make a habit of drafting players higher then they rate. The Consensus is that they will take a OL prospect here, but I see them going with the best player on their board regardless of his position.
    24. Antoine Cason, Arizona
    I know the Consensus with the Titans pick is they need to pick a WR here, but in a year that is deep, but with not real great value at the position in the 1st round. I see them holding off on the position at least with this pick. With the other team needs at DT and DE not looking to promising at this point I have them taking the best CB on their board.
    They have acquired an extra pick (4th round) from Dallas from the Pac Man Jones trade and might be able to move up some in round two and get their WR there without giving up to much. I think it must be a type error (I hope) or something because Gil Brandt doesn’t even have Antoine Cason in his top 10 (100) tiers.

    25. Limas Sweed, Texas
    With the OL and DL prospects selected before this pick. Threw the process of elimination. I think this brings the Seahawks to their number one ranked receiver on their board I believe.
    26. Calais Campbell, Miami
    This is strictly a need pick for the Jags. One I must admit I have had trouble with, because he is a player that no team has really shown interest in. He has big potential and fills a big need, but I see him as a boom or bust type, because of his lack of any apparent motivation. He is a 3rd tier prospect that could just as easily be a 6th tier. If CB Antoine Cason is on the board he might be another option here with this pick.
    27. Felix Jones, Arkansas
    This was an obvious pick to me, because RB Michael Turner was a very valuable player for the Chargers team last season and now there is a void. I think Felix Jones will be the type of player who can help them over come this void. The Chargers may look to trade out of the 1st round though.
    I think there maybe a few other teams interest to move up a head of other teams looking to select one of the QB prospects early in round 2.

    28. DeSean Jackson, California
    In stead of reaching for a CB with this selection. I see DeSean Jackson having better value here and he fills a need for the Cowboys, as their receivers are old and they need some fresh legs that can stretch a defense.
    29. Quentin Groves, Auburn
    I see this as a good fit for both Quentin Groves and the 49ers. I have had Quentin Groves in my 3rd tier all along and believe he has the potential to be an impact type of player at the OLB position in the 3-4 defense at the next level.30. Chad Henne, Michigan (the Ravens Via the Packers)
    The Green Bay Packers might find better Value here in trading down and out of the 1st round.
    After losing out on Matt Ryan, the Ravens will try and trade up for Chad Henne the other QB they covet in this draft, because he might be taken before they can pick again at 38 if they do not.

    31. Tyrell Johnson, Arkansas State
    With no clear stand out prospect at Safety this year and Kenny Phillips not really setting the world on fire with his workouts, Tyrell Johnson has been quietly making his way up the draft boards and I believe he maybe the 1st Safety off the board with the Giants final pick in the 1st round.

    Of course all Mock drafts are just one persons opinion. I only Mock a scenario of the 1st round, because after that I don’t think you can with any certainty predicted that far into the draft other then maybe what round or part of the round. With all the intangibles that occur in every draft such as trades for veteran player which can change a teams needs. Draft movement trading up or down. Players that drop and players that are taken early then the value of the majority would agree. Some players for one reason or another simply don’t interview well with some teams. It really comes down to personal preferences, all 32 of them! I’ve tried to guess at what these 32 opinions will do here in the 1st round and given a brief description of why (I) think they will select who they do. I have taken some liberties with this mock and installed some possible trades just to make it a little more realistic, because trades will screw up even the best laid plans, when mocking a draft.

    I have 6 OL prospects going in the top two tiers and I think in years to come this draft like no other will be remembered unique in that respect.

    Have a nice Christmas weekend.
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    Wow, Dallas sure would put asses into seats in that new stadium. What a show they would be if this happened.
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    Bring that title back to Big D!


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      Originally posted by dweaver44 View Post
      Wow, Dallas sure would put asses into seats in that new stadium. What a show they would be if this happened.
      Its hard to predict how far he may fall if he falls passed the Bengals and how far the Boys maybe willing to trade up to get him. Any number of teams after the 9th pick could possibly try and trade down with McFadden on their board. It all hinges on what happens in the top 5 of the draft as to what might happen and were he is selected.
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        I don't agree with everything, but interesting mock.


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          Interesting, but DMC at 22?


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            Originally posted by 49ersfan View Post
            Interesting, but DMC at 22?
            I think that Gholston matches up well with McFadden from the Physical Freak of Nature standpoint. Thus, he'd be high on the Raiders' radar.
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              My only beef is I don't think Dallas would wait for DMac to fall. They would trade up for him before he got to 22, but if you don't factor in trades then I don't have a problem with it at all.


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                McFadden wouldn't make it past Arizona, maybe even Chicago.


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                  Originally posted by NoNonsenseCoach View Post
                  My only beef is I don't think Dallas would wait for DMac to fall. They would trade up for him before he got to 22, but if you don't factor in trades then I don't have a problem with it at all.
                  I can't make that choice, because every team with him on their board would be a Potential trade partner if he slipps past the Jets and certainly if he falls passed the Bengals at 9.…..with facing all their problems concerning character issues already on their team I don’t see them taking a chance on McFadden and the most likely team to trade down is the Bills at 11. After that its anybody’s guess.
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                    There is no way Tyrell Johnson goes before Kenny Phillips.


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                      wow interesting mock
                      i like the idea of gb trading down if merling is not on the bord anymore

                      i just dont want dmac to fall that far and i think when he is still on the bord when arizona picks they will take him not stewart


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                        Originally posted by PuppyPuncher View Post
                        There is no way Tyrell Johnson goes before Kenny Phillips.
                        Maybe not, but some think he could go as high as 23, but I don't think that is likely.
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