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  • **Day 2 Needs**

    With day one over, how do you feel your team did? also what are your day 2 needs?

    day - Keepin lito was key, also getting a 1st rounder in 2009 isn't bad. I dont mind the trevor Laws pick, I love the Desean pick at #49. Pickin up booker wasnt bad either.

    Day 2 needs - Hopefully Dan conor slides somemore lol, if conor is gone then i would like them to grab a saftey.


    Tall WR/Oline

    Can't wait till tommorow, Day 2 is going crazy.
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    Day 1 - Thought Felix Jones could've been had at 28, but I loved Mike Jenkins at 25. Martellus Bennett is going to be a great TE, but I would've liked Earl Bennett or Manningham here.

    Day 2 needs - LB, FB, OL/DL depth
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      Day 1- I almost commited suicide when I came home from work and saw "Draft Trades- Baltimore Ravens traded for Joe Flacco". But, he does have the most upside of all the QBs, so I guess it isn't so bad. Ray Rice could easily be the best running back in this draft class.

      Ravens need a CB. I'm thinking someone like Justin King.

      We should add some depth on offensive line.

      Really just depth issues. I'm hoping Kendall Langford at some point in the third round.


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        Bengals need a front office.
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          I say we draft Michael Jordan as our GM.
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            Giants need linebacker depth. Trading up might not be a bad idea, maybe for a 2nd round pick in 2009 or for Jeremy Shockey. Dan Connor for Jeremy Shockey? I could live with that.
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              craig stevens
              owen schmitt
              brian johnston
              andy studebaker

              all need to be headed to GB. probably more, too.


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                For the Lions their picks fill need which is a bonus but i have to question them.

                First Cherilus at 17 almost made me puke. Second you want to be a run first team and draft a tackle who comes from a pass first offense at Boston College, and who struggled as a senior giving up 5.5 sacks. Thats more than double what Jake Long did in his entire career. I understand he is suppose to be a better right tackle than left tackle, but i Though someone like Otah would have been a better pick for them.

                Can't for the life of me see why they selected a Tackle of Mendenhall either.

                Second round selecting Jordon Dizon with Dan Conner still on the board was mind boggling. And even though they selected Dizon, if Miami and St. Louis pass on Conner they need to take him.

                As for their day 2 needs they still need at ILB, Thats why i think Conner would have been a better pick. I don't think Dizon will have the size to move there. They still need a runningback as well which may be a top target in next years draft for them.

                They also did nothing to a poor defensive line that only regressed with losing Shaun Rogers. They need a young DT and a pass rushing DE. Alama-Francis may still be that guy, but you have to wonder with all the Derrick Harvey talk prior to the draft.


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                  The Lions need a RB in the worst way....7 are already off the board
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                    The Redskins need to use the rest of their draft to make their offensive line younger and pick up a defensive lineman to develop.

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                      Kansas City:
                      Day 1- Got 3 starters that fill needs at DT, G/T, CB
                      Day 2- Need a DE WR and a QB. BPA from there on


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                        Loved the Williams pick
                        Not a fan of Forte w/ rice still on the board, but well see
                        Not sure why we didnt get back into the 2nd to take a QB since they fell...

                        Day 2:
                        QB, if they cant get booty, then they need to sit out on the rest of the QB, all crap
                        2 WR, bennet would be solid in rd3
                        2 OL, need a starting guard and tackle depth
                        Depth at DT and Safty
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                          Carolina still needs a free safety. Luckily some are still around. Plus a defensive tackle or defensive end. Owen Schmidt would be nice too, though I think he's out of the question unless he falls to round 5.


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                            Cleveland Browns

                            Round 1- I think Brady Quinn is the steal of the draft so far, I loved this pick. I give it a A++
                            Round 2 - Love this pick. Picking up the best 3-4 Defensive end in the draft in the late second round in Cory Williams love it. I give it a A++

                            Day 2 - Looks good for us. I see a BIG BIG nose tackle waiting for us in this round maybe even on of the best in the game, depending on his motivation level. I’m looking to get Crabble or Davis OLB in the 4th and best CB in round 5. After that best player available.


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                              Drafting from the 30 spot I think the Packers did decent.Was'nt thrilled with the Nelson pick only because of the depth we already have.He'll replace James Jones imediately as our #3.Drafting Brohm and Lee made my day one draft.I'm psyched with those 2 picks.Here's my wish list.

                              DaJuan Morgan
                              Roy Schuening
                              Anthony Collins
                              Oneil Cousins
                              Carl Nicks
                              Eric Young
                              Jermicheal Finley
                              Brad Cottam
                              Kellen Davis
                              Craig Stevens
                              Charles Godfrey
                              Justin King
                              Chevis Jackson
                              Antuan Molden
                              Jack Ikegwuonu
                              Tashard Choice