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Jets Draft Rumor About Keller

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  • Jets Draft Rumor About Keller

    So I heard on a Jets board that supposedly the NYG were planning on taking TE Duster Keller at #31 if he fell to them. Then they would have traded Shockey to NO for their 2nd and 5th pick. The NYJ caught wind of this and knew Keller wasn't falling to #36 and decided he was worth trading up for knowing what they knew. So the Giants take Kenny Phillips and keep Jeremy Shockey on the roster. Any validity to this? Forum Moderator

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    Pick #31...and it is why I thought the Jets made the move.
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      You da man, Matt.


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        I heard that also. It would have been an interesting move, as they probably would've still had to draft a Safety with New Orleans' 2nd Rounder, so it was essentially a Keller for Shockey swap. In that case, I keep Shockey, if just for his blocking.