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Scott Garrison's Breakdown of the 2008 QBs

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  • Scott Garrison's Breakdown of the 2008 QBs

    Scott Garrison sent me this. Thought I'd post it to see what you guys think:

    One of the most exciting positions to watch during the NFL draft is the quarterback position. You need look no further than the 1998 draft to realize just how vital it is to draft the right quarterback. Peyton Manning, taken #1 overall by the Colts, has gone to eight Pro Bowls and a won Super Bowl. The second overall selection, Ryan Leaf, is currently the quarterbacks coach at West Texas A&M. The Chargers were eventually able to overcome this draft blunder, but it took years for them to find their franchise quarterback. Let’s take a look at the quarterbacks taken this year…

    Matt Ryan, the stud quarterback out of Boston College, was selected #3 overall by the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan almost single handedly carried BC through the football season last year and was the consensus top quarterback this year. While I do not think he was worthy of the third draft choice, the Falcons needed to draft their franchise quarterback and he was the only option. If they opted against taking him, the Michael Vick questions would start to arise as he gets closer to getting out of jail. Ryan should be able to be the leader of the Falcons for the next 10 or so years.

    After Ryan, the next quarterback to be selected was a question mark. The experts were torn between Joe Flacco, Chad Henne, and Brian Brohm. Once everything was said and done, Flacco ended up being the next QB selected at #18 overall by the Baltimore Ravens. Flacco, the 6’6” phenom out of Delaware, will be able to contend for the starting position from day one. I guess this means the Ravens don’t have much confidence in the abilities of Troy Smith, their 5th round selection last year. Personally, I think Flacco will prove to be the best quarterback from this class.

    Brian Brohm was the next off the board when he was taken with the 56th pick by the Green Bay Packers. This was a huge surprise to many because Aaron Rodgers, their first round pick from 2005, is slated to take over for the “retired” Brett Favre. Rodgers is unproven and an injury risk, but this doesn’t exactly show confidence in their starting QB. Brohm fell from a top 10 pick last year to the end of the 2nd round this year because he chose to stick around for an extra year, something which makes no sense. He is a solid quarterback, but I don’t like the pairing with the Packers.

    The Dolphins chose to grab Chad Henne with the very next pick, 57th overall. Talk about the perfect scenario for Parcells. I’m not completely sold on Henne, but he is a proven commodity after 4 years starting for Michigan. If the Dolphins had selected a quarterback in the beginning of the 2nd round, it would have provided immediate pressure on John Beck. Selecting a quarterback in the beginning of the 2nd round signifies a franchise quarterback. Selecting a quarterback towards the end of the round signifies a work in progress. This allows Henne time to develop with Jake Long, his collegiate teammate, and also gives Beck another year to develop.

    Once the second day started, more questions arose as to who would be the next quarterback taken. The top four went on Saturday and we had to wait until the 31st pick of round 3 before Kevin O’Connell of San Diego State was taken. I actually like the Patriots drafting a quarterback but I disagree with them drafting O’Connell this early. I like O’Connell but I never would have imagined him going in the 3rd round.

    About a week ago John David Booty told ESPN that he wanted to be drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. It looks like he got his wish. They called his name with the second pick in the 5th round, 137th overall. Booty is nothing special, but he is a solid and consistent quarterback who doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. The Vikings do not need a Pro Bowl QB to be successful. All they need is a “care taker” quarterback, and I hate that term, to take care of things and to hand the ball to Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. Booty reminds me a lot of Brad Johnson.

    Once again, I love the Steelers selections this weekend. Dennis Dixon was once the Heisman trophy front-runner and he appears to be rehabbing faster than expected. Dixon has a skinny frame and he will need to add a lot of bulk if he plans on being a QB at the next level. Honestly, I see this more like their selections of Hines Ward and Antwaan Randle El, quarterbacks moved to wide receivers. Scooping up Dixon with the 156th pick was another smart move by the Pittsburgh front office.

    Let’s add Josh Johnson to the stable of quarterbacks that Jon Gruden is hoarding down in Tampa Bay. The San Diego University quarterback, drafted 160th overall, had the collegiate stats to warrant a first round selection (113 touchdowns vs. just 15 INTs) but it was against mostly I-AA opponents. He will be a work in progress who could become a starter a couple years down the road.

    The New York Jets selected Erik Ainge from Tennessee two picks after Johnson was selected (162nd overall). Ainge is another proven commodity, much like Chad Henne, who I view as consistent but unremarkable. The past two seasons he put up pretty good numbers for a major college program and he should be looked as a developmental project who could challenge for the starting position in two years.

    Finally, my favorite QB to cheer for, Colt Brennan, was taken by the Redskins with the 20th pick in the 6th round. Since being eaten alive by Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, Brennan has put on weight and had surgery on his hip. He does not have great arm strength but put up video game-like numbers playing for Hawaii. Brennan has had legal troubles in the past, but he seems like a kid who knows he has something to prove at the next level. I think the Redskins will be happy they drafted him.

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After last season Andre Woodson was looked at as a first round choice and maybe even the top QB taken. By the time this weekend rolled around, he fell all the way to the Giants at the end of the 6th round. He has a slow throwing motion but a strong arm and he can make almost all of the throws. Kentucky is not known as a football school and the success of the football program last year can be attributed to Woodson. The Giants needed a backup for Eli Manning and Woodson should be able to compete for that role.

    The Packers must be serious about building competition amongst the quarterbacks on their roster. After spending a 2nd round pick on Brian Brohm, they use a 7th round selection on Matt Flynn from LSU. You have to give him credit for leading a national champion but he does not have much starting experience and will need time to develop. Just a thought…with Flynn on the roster, will the Packers look at trading Brohm for a future draft pick?

    Apparently the Texans wanted to take a late flyer on a quarterback and selected Alex Brink from Washington State. He has decent size but he will not translate into a starting quarterback. He put up good numbers as a four-year starter but only had a 58% career completion percentage and he threw 15 interceptions last season. I don’t see him as more than a third string quarterback in the NFL.
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    I don't understand what's wrong with the Brohm pick. Aaron Rodgers has the Jeff Tedford Curse looming over his head. Brohm is a highly accurate QB who has to hit one of those GB receivers and they can juke, spin and whatever their way to 10 fantasy points for me.

    I think Chad Henne starts right away with those 48 games under his belt. He basically showed that he could pick up an offense quickly at the Senior Bowl.

    John David Booty will hopefully be starting at some point this season.

    I no longer comment on Woodson...