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  • Scott Garrison's Day 1 Notes

    I told him I'd post these as well:

    Some quick notes from Day 1:
    -What is going on with the NFL? This first round was not only strange, it was flat out ridiculous. It started out normal with the first six picks going as planned. After that, all bets were off. The Patriots started off a trade-filled first round by flopping picks with the Saints and Jacksonville moving all the way up to 8 from the 26th spot to select Derrick Harvey. DERRICK HARVEY AT #8?
    Are you kidding me? I saw him going 11th at the absolute earliest. I am willing to admit that Harvey will be a valuable addition to the Jags and that it will help propel them to the level of the Colts, but they paid a king’s ransom for him.

    -Talk about the year of the offensive line. A tackle was taken #1 overall for the first time since Orlando Pace in 1997. Denver started off the run of linemen at #12 with Ryan Clady, followed by Chris Williams at 14, and Branden Albert at 15. And that’s only in the top 15! Overall, 8 of the top 31 picks were spent on offensive linemen. Think this has anything to do with the destruction of the entire Rams team because of their O-line injuries?

    -The first round was crazy for running backs. Darren McFadden to the Raiders was an obvious choice, but things got strange after that. I don’t think anyone saw the Panthers, who used a 1st round pick on a running back two years ago, taking Jonathan Stewart. Wasn’t his stock supposed to drop because of injuries? Shows how much the talking heads know. Most people figured Jerry Jones would take Felix Jones, but no one imagined Rashard Mendenhall falling all the way to the Steelers at 23. Mendenhall and Fast Willie Parker is a scary combination.

    -I’m pretty sure the Titans are trying to kill Vince Young. It is obvious that he needs a wide receiver, so what do the Titans do? Oh right, they go ahead and draft Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson?? They had their pick of wide receivers but for some reason they decided that a second round quality running back was the right choice at 24. I say the NFL drops the Titans from the league until they get their act together.

    -The Ravens traded up to draft Joe Flacco and I love this selection. There was a lot of talk before the draft that they wanted to take Chad Henne but I like Flacco more. Henne has been a consistent player at Michigan and will probably prove to be a serviceable quarterback, but Flacco has more upside. He is one of the largest quarterbacks I have ever seen but he is also unproven against NFL quality competition. I’m still amazed Brian Brohm lasted until the second round.

    -My two big winners of the day: Chiefs and Steelers.
    Chiefs: They were able to stay put with the 5th selection and grab the best DT of the draft. I still can’t fathom Dorsey falling that far…They needed offensive line help and got who some considered the second best offensive linemen in Braden Albert. To top off the day, they were able to get a first round quality CB, Brandon Flowers, in the beginning of round 2. They can now focus their efforts on other positions, like wide receiver.

    Steelers: We’re only 2 rounds in and I’m already willing to say that this could turn in to one of the best draft classes in recent history. Rashard Mendenhall should have been gone by the middle of the round but he somehow lasted until #23. Thirty picks later they grabbed a wide receiver, Limas Sweed, who was supposed to go mid-to-late first round. They still need O-line help but it looks like Big Ben got the big receiver he wanted.

    -I’m pretty sure Jason Campbell had the best day of the draft. He went from having tiny receivers with Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El (both 5’10”) to having Devin Thomas (6’2”) and Malcolm Kelly (6’4”).

    -Aaron Rodgers just can’t get a break. I understand why the Packers would draft Brian Brohm strictly from a value stand point. Last year he would have been a top 10 pick and they somehow scooped him up with pick 56, but it doesn’t exactly send a vote of confidence to Rodgers. He finally gets out of Favre’s shadow and now he has Brohm breathing down his back.
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    I wonder if his thoughts on the Steelers draft changed after seeing them draft only one linemen.


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      Forget the lineman, I think everyones thoughts should have changed after they traded up for Dennis Dixon over Carl Nicks.