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Best Quote from Mini-camp so far.

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  • Best Quote from Mini-camp so far.

    The highlight of the afternoon practice came when cornerback Asante Samuel broke up a pass intended for DeSean Jackson. A.J. Feeley threw the pass, and Samuel jumped up and woofed some at Feeley after making the play. "Didn't you learn last year that you couldn't get a pass in on me?" said Samuel, bringing the whole team to laughter. Even head coach Andy Reid chuckled on that one. Samuel, of course, had two interceptions, one for a touchdown return and one in the end zone to kill a drive in the end zone late in the game to deny the Eagle the upset bid in a late-season game in New England.
    lol dam.
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    that's good, funny stuff.


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      Ohhh, burned. Must suck to be Feeley.


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        it sucked to be Feeley LONG before this happened.
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        Jay Cutler, I am good, for now.


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          Originally posted by Drumsteroo View Post
          it sucked to be Feeley LONG before this happened.
          True. Remember when he was famous for 5 seconds before fading in obscurity.


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            Plus, Heather Mitts is no longer with Feeley.
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            Round 5, (158) Andre Fluellen, DT, Florida State
            Round 5, (159) Erik Ainge, QB, Tennessee


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              Why would she be with him? There are better men for her (ones that aren't losers).


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                When asked about a potential QB controversy in Detroit involving last year's second round pick Drew Stanton, This was Jon Kitna's response...

                "When (center) Dominic Raiola is in the game, I'll be in the game," Kitna said. "That's how I know when I'm up. When I see No. 51 go in, that's when I go. Nobody gets to touch his butt but me -- and his wife."
                I found that quote very amusing...


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                  He should have asked how the Super bowl went for Samuel.


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                    Originally posted by NoNonsenseCoach View Post
                    He should have asked how the Super bowl went for Samuel.
                    That would have been hilarious.