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Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State

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  • Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State

    Watching some film earlier tonight and I really liked what I saw out of this junior tackle (for the upcomign season...watching 2007 soph tape).

    He's 6'5, 295 and is a very impressive run blocker. Isn't the great athlete that I want (or it could be a bad evaluation by me with lofty expectations), but for the most part I think Ukung is a big sleeper.

    He made one pancake block on Chris was ugly. Absolutely demolished him to the ground.

    One thing I noticed is that he totally missed a blocking assignment (though it might have been the tailback's responsibility) but it didn't affect the play much it was just an observation I made...this obviously gets better with more experience and maturity. He needs to get stronger (though he is pretty impressive righ tnow) and this comes with more lifting in the offseason for college players. I like his use of hands.

    Anyways keep your eyes on him. Heard it here first.
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