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If these are the top five overall picks in the 2008 NFL Draft...

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  • If these are the top five overall picks in the 2008 NFL Draft...


    1. STL
    2. MIA
    3. NO
    4. BUF
    5. NYJ

    Then who are your picks?

    Here is mine and the mock looks very awkward:

    1. STL: Glenn Dorsey DT/LSU
    Both Larry Glover and Orlando Pace are old, but they go with the more highly rated player, and Dorsey is slightly better than Long imo so he is the first overall pick.

    2. MIA: Jake Long T/Michigan
    Ronnie Brown looks to be out of the doghouse, and no point in investing a huge contract into the running back position again. Obviously they don't go for a quarterback because they drafted John Beck who they are high on. Too high to take Justin King or Kenny Phillips. Long is obviously the pick here.

    3. NO: Sam Baker T/USC
    Don't need a QB. Obviously don't take a RB (McFadden). Don't invest more money in the DE position (Campbell, only way this happens is if either Grant or Smith is released). Too high to take a LB. Too high to take Justin King. Reallly their only option right now is Baker for pass protection. Somewhat of a reach, but he is hardly a bad pick here.

    4. BUF: Calais Campbell DE/Miami
    This is a really tough pick. I know Kelsay is the captain and they have Aaron Schobel, but they are lacking an elite player on the defensive line. Still too high to take Justin King imo, they won't take McFadden or Woodson obviously. Just a bad spot for Buffalo with Long and Dorsey off the board.

    5. NYJ: Malcolm Kelly WR/Oklahoma
    This is obviously the most debatable pick of my 5 pick mock. Darren McFadden is a more highly rated player than Kelly, but I don't feel like he fits a need at such a high pick. They don't need a safety with Phillips, and I don't see them spending a high pick on a CB when they already drafted Revis.
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    Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.

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    1. STL: Jake Long T/Michigan : I think The rams have to go Oline, Its hard to with the first pick but there offense is struggling because Bulger is getting so beat up these days.

    2. MIA: Glen Dorsey/LSU : They have a lot of team needs and O-line is a major one, but I think they will go Defense here and go O line in Round 2.

    3. NO: Sam Baker T/USC: I agree with your pick here, I think they will go O line with most of there skill positions already set up, althought hey could suprise and put Mcfadden in the backfield with Bush, who Knows

    4. BUF: Brian Brohm, QB: This is where Buf could surpise some folks and get tired of waiting on Losman to be the player they thought he was. Brohm could be there Franchise QB for years to come.

    5. NYJ: I think if Mcfadden falls here then there is no way they can pass him up with pick #5. He is a differance maker and with they way there running game has been the past few years how can you pass up a Franchise back, Thomas Jones won't be around forever..


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      1. STL - Jake Long, OT, Michigan. I agree with Walter that at this point in time and in his career Orlando PAce can not be relied on. Pace will get one more shot, and if he proves he can perform without getting hurt then Long still gives you a excellent RT until PAce does move on.

      2. MIA - Glen Dorsey, DT, LSU. Their entire defensive line is getting old and they need to start adding playmaking youth. They may take a hard core look at Calias Campbell if Jason Taylor retires, but in the end Keith Traylor will be entering his 17th season and next up, Vonnie Holliday his 11th.

      3. NO - Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky, this is the Debateable pick, but Bree has been so awful this year its ridiculous. He has only put the ball in the endzone once, yea 1 time in four games. And he turned the ball over 11 times in that some time frame. Ouch, thats uglier then Harrington's worst days in Detroit.

      4. BUF - Sam Baker, OT, USC. This is a tough call because Buffalo as a team is not as bad as they appear. Its one thing to overcome injuries, its totally different when 90% of your starters are on IR by the mid point of the season.

      5. NYJ - Calias Campbell, DE, Miami. This was another tough call for me. They are going to think hard about Brian Brohm with Pennington missing time again this year. I still laugh at John Abraham calling Pennington an Egg, everytime you touch him, he breaks. And i don't have much faith the Kellen Clemens is the answer either, but in the long run they have been looking for a replacement for Abraham since they traded him.


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        1. St. Louis - Jake Long - OT - Replaces Orlando Pace, and what would be the use of having a decent QB like Marc Bulger if he was on his back often?

        2. Miami - Glenn Dorsey - DT - When you give up 179 rushing yards in one half to Justin Fargas, you really need to improve there, not to mention guys like Vonnie Holliday are old.

        3. New Orleans - I would definetly trade this pick. No player here would fill a need and they have already gotten an elite RB in Reggie Bush, spent a first rounder on Robert Meachem and have Colston, Henderson etc and big free-agent bucks on Brees. Unless Glenn Dorsey were available here then I'd trade down. I would possibly take Calais Campbell due to the lack of sacks from Smith and Grant, but they have both played in the Pro-Bowl recently and have decent contracts so I don't see how that pick would help them much.

        4. Buffalo - There isn't a defensive player here that would fill a need for them that warrants the 4th overall pick. Would probably take the top reciever on the board, they really need a guy who can take coverage off Lee Evans and even then he hasn't played all that well this year.

        5. Jets - Darren McFadden - RB - Thomas Jones has been a big free-agent bust and IMO not only is McFadden the best player on the board he would fill a need as well for the Jets.


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          Craig: Woodson before Brohm? Have I touched thou draftnik with knowledge???
          2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

          Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.