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Angelo Carriero's Top 10 Impact Rookies

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    Originally posted by Walter View Post
    LOL it makes sense chronologically. People are going to read both regardless.
    I think people should read the first one before the second least that is more "chronologically correct."
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      Whatever man, I dont care anymore.

      I'm going to bed, we'll see what everyone thinks when I wake up.
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        I read both and liked both. I think I kinda liked the first one better. He is pretty good. He didn't knock me off my seat with any of his points but he had a couple interesting ones.
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          Thank god for Ryan Leaf (the poster). Matt, come on now. I'm not a bandwagoner, casual fan, non-creative, idiot writer. Some people would take that to be offensive. I did change it because Walt told me to and had no problem with that. This was an IMPACT article not SLEEPER like you wanted it. If I did that i'd have Wesley Woodyard, Brian Johnston, and Kirk Barton, but I didn't because that wasn't what I was writing for.

          And I did like your top 10 fantasy rookies. I think you're a good writer, I really do. But you suck as a person. You helped me early on in my writing but now you trash it? What's the deal?


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            I'm confused by this article. Is this rookies who are gonna make a positive or negative impact or both?


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              Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
              So who can't write for the site? What makes Carriero special? What makes that article any good?

              If I liked his Draft guide, I would be all for him because I am FOR more writers for the site...but I just think they should be really good, creative, and informative.

              So what makes you Special ?
              I think you are a little ****y ***** who is overrating himself.

              I mean i still think you are a great writer but IMO you really are too convinced by yourself.
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                I picture Matt as some wild animal protecting his territory.

                Impact could mean different things so it’s hard to judge the list. I can’t judge the writer either, it was just quick summations but I thought everything made sense. I don’t know what else he could have said.


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                  Good article. I was very high on Hardy, so I see him making an impact early as well. Steve Slaton is a player who I never particularly liked, and I doubt he will get much playing time in Houston.


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                    I still think Vernon Gholston will emerge as a huge stud. Granted there are many in this class that I feel are great but I really like this guy
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                      Just a thought:

                      I don't see a problem with any Tom, Dick, and Harry writing their ratings/rankings. Different strokes for different folks they say. What you (Matt) may think is trash, other readers may find enlightening. I relate it to rookie hype. People are gonna like a persons rankings/rating more if they agree with that person on various players.

                      I see nothing wrong with posters sending in their rankings...but let that be known. Add the disclaimer: "These are Joe Blows rankings and in no way reflect the thoughts of the moderators of this site". Something like that.

                      Now to play devils advocate...what qualifies Matt as the resident ranking/rating professional? I'm not trying to be an @$$ (though I may get called one)...just trying to get informed. Has Matt ever played football? Does he spend hours breaking down game films (not just Kentucky film). Is he a scout of some sort for a team? Does he play fantasy football? Just curious, since I'm new to this site.

                      H3ll, if I had the time I wouldn't mind sending in some rankings to get blasted or an article since I like to consider myself a "very well informed fan/vet of the game".

                      Where should I send my credentials?
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                        I feel like Lofton and Rivers should be higher because the LB spots seem to always be instant impact.

                        I don't understand why everyone suddenly likes Steve Slaton.


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                          I think Gholston makes the biggest impact. He plays a position where he can be productive immediately and he's a physical beast. Many rookies get by more on their physical skills than acquired talent.

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                            It was an ok article. Solid read but didn't tell me much I didn't already know. 6/10
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                              I think Sedrick Ellis could be a big part of an improved Saints team. I love when teams improve up-front, they have a much better chance of being for real.


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                                Originally posted by EL Guapo View Post
                                I think Sedrick Ellis could be a big part of an improved Saints team. I love when teams improve up-front, they have a much better chance of being for real.
                                I agree Ellis may make the biggest impact on any team because he is a top tier, elite talent that is being slid into an already established D-Line. As long as Will Smith and Charles Grant don't have a slow start like they did last year, Ellis could be pushing for Defensive rookie of the year.