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    Originally posted by scar988 View Post
    Crabtree represents a position of ZERO need. if we want to help Ryan we get Oher and move Baker to RG and have a good pair of OG and a good LT for Ryan's protection.
    Thank you. That is what I am saying.


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      Originally posted by Ryan Leaf View Post
      How can you say there is zero need? Roddy White had one good season. You are going to trust Laurent Robinson and Harry Douglas? Those are average receivers.
      Laurent Robinson was a very good receiver last year and is only improving. Harry Douglas will be a great Slot-man in the league and Roddy White is a Beast. his year last year was foreshadowed when we lost Vick due to a bigger passing offense AND a right handed QB.
      Originally posted by Blazedestin View Post
      I don't think Baker has the ability to play right side. He's definitely more suited for pass blocking. Can Blalock shift to right guard?
      taht's fine then, have Blalock play RG, Blalock can play 3 positions on the OL at LG, RG and RT. hell, have Blalock play RG and move Clabo to RT.

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        Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
        Let's all remember it was scar telling us how Atlanta wasn't going to take a WR especially in the 3rd round in the draft.

        Anyone had a WR in an Atlanta mock and Scar knocked it down.
        It makes no damn sense for us to take one!

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          You are relying on receivers who have played one good (not great) year each in the NFL. People will need to learn at some point that judging a player by one year of output (even a rookie year) is lunacy.

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