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  • A Very Confused Raven Fan

    OK.. the Ravens are 0-5 ATS this year. They've scored 1 touchdown in the last 2 games; and yet the spread is still more than TD?

    I've lost on the Ravens every week and obviously not interested in losing again this week. I simply cannot see the Ravens scoring enough points to cover the spread. Yes, they will win, but I see a score in the 20-13 range.. and therefore am taking the Rams.

    If somebody has any advice or comments to offer, please don't hesitate. (Yes I know Walter picked the Ravens.. but even he seems skeptical going against the trends.)

    The Billick Hater

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    Well, it's a lose-lose situation. If you take the Ravens, you're going against those trends and going with a team that can't score. If you take the Rams, you're picking a team that can't win on the road, and a horrible QB.

    I think Baltimore will get a few defensive/ST scores and cover. Hopefully.
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      I feel the same way. Ravens will likely win, but not by that amount. I'd say it's a very shaky pick.