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  • Pete Prisco’s : OL Rankings

    I don’t know what he rates his conclusions by;

    I.E… blocking, pass blocking and depth should be considered equally and age should have some measure of consideration.

    Given that criteria I don’t know how he could come up with the conclusion that the Browns had
    The 6th best OL and Dallas was #1.

    The Browns rushed for 1,895 yards as a team.

    Dallas rushed for 1,746 yards as a team.

    Cleveland allowed just 19 sacks in 07.

    Dallas allowed 25 sacks in 07.

    We have added to our good depth in 07 with Rex Hadnot in 08.

    Other then Tucker our OL is fairly young and Joe Thomas is not even in his prime. I would give us a slight edge here too.

    Fraley is solid at center, but he has trouble with the big nose tackles.
    Well it’s not like he doesn’t have to play against two of the best in Casey Hampton and Kelly Gregg twice a year.

    On another note La’Charles Bentley will be taking his physical on Monday. To see if he is able to participate in the veteran mini camp.
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    Redskins got disrespected. We may be getting old but well... look

    LT - Chris Samuels (5 Pro Bowls)
    LG - Pete Kendall (very solid guard)
    C - Casey Rabach (strong center)
    RG - Randy Thomas (great when healthy)
    RT - Jon Jansen (should be a perennial Pro Bowler when healthy)

    I mean, that's a solid line. Just because they're a bit old doesn't mean they suck. When Todd Wade and Jason Fabini are backups on your team you have a pretty good offensive line.

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      How is san Diego rated of Tampa? That is a joke. Much less 2 overall.
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      Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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        Thought the Vikes would be higher than 8, the road grading of that left side alone should warrant top 5
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          Yeah, I didn't like this and I agree that Cleveland should be #1.