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  • My Fantasy RB - 2008

    Outlook; 2008

    LaDainian Tomlinson (SD) - Is still the Top Fantasy RB, because he is on a good team and has
    Consistently been the best since coming into the league.

    Adrian Peterson (MIN) -He is the runner up, but will be number one on many other Fantasy Draft boards. Will the sophomore jinx happen to Peterson????

    Joseph Addai (IND) - Is one of the best all around RB’s who plays on a very good team.
    Second to only LT in total TD’s in 07.

    Brian Westbrook (PHI) - How long can Westbrook play at such a high level with the amount of plays he makes for Philadelphia?

    Clinton Portis (WAS) - Has typically been one of the most productive RB’s since entering the league.

    Jamal Lewis (CLE) - I guess he proved all his critics wrong in 2007. Cleveland will ride this Wagon again this season.

    ^Steven Jackson (STL) - When he is on the field and healthy he has as much talent as anyone in the League. He would rank higher on the list if not for were he plays.

    ^Willis McGhee (BAL) - Had 8 total TD’s in 08. If Baltimore finds a passing game McGhee
    Would no longer be facing 8 in the box.

    ^Marshawn Lynch (BUF) - Has the potential to be a great player. The Bills have some holes on their offensive line. The wagon will not reach the goals if he doesn’t have the horses to pull.

    Marion Barber (DAL) - Plays on a good team and will be asked to carry more of the load on 1st and 2nd downs in 08. If barber could show more stamina he would rate higher.

    Frank Gore (SF) - Suffers from playing on a poor offensive team. Even so Gore still gets his statistics.

    Larry Johnson (KAN) - 1,789 yards and 19 total TD’s in 06.

    ^Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) - Plays on a good team and will most likely be asked to carry a bigger load with the aging Fred Taylor seeing less time in 08.

    ^Laurence Maroney (NE) - Sleeper pick. Should become the starter in 08.

    ^Ronnie Brown (MIA) - Very talented RB, but his Fantasy stats will be married to his teams success in 08. If healthy I see a big douse of Brown trying to pull the Dolphins out of the seller.

    Honorable mentions; 2008

    Earnest Graham (TB) - Solid all around RB on a good team.
    Ryan Grant (GB) - He is really Green Bays only rushing option. Had 8 total TD’s in 08.
    LenDale White (TEN) - 1,110 yards with 7 TD’s in 07
    Edgerrin James (ARI) - 1,222 yards with 7 TD’s in 07 (his age is starting to become a factor)
    Fred Taylor (JAC) - 1,207 yards with 5 TD’s in 07 (his age is starting to become a factor)
    Brandon Jacobs (NYG) - His best is still a head of him.
    Thomas Jones (NYJ) - (4) 100 + yard games with only 2 total TD’s in 07.
    Michael Turner (ATL) - Will get his share of touches, but has never carried the load he will have to this season, so he is a bit of an unknown.
    Selvin Young (DEN) - With Henry’s release comes a bigger role for Young.
    Willie Parker (PIT) - Isn’t used much in the red zone and will probably never have double digit TD totals.


    Darren McFadden (OAK) - We will find out if all the hype is warranted.
    Kevin Smith (DET) - It’s his job to win in Detroit.
    Jonathan Stewart (CAR) - Like Mendenhall he will have to share his attempts, but should become their short yardage RB.
    Rashard Mendenhall (PIT) - Willie Parker will take from his carries, but he will be in on short yardage and goal line plays and should do well in the TD department.
    Matt Forte' (CHI) - Cedric Benson will be looking over his shoulder and Forte' might eventually replace him. Forte' will get his opportunity at some point. This also means Benson is High risk fantasy value.
    Ray Rice (BAL) - Electric!

    Stats; 2007

    (1,000 yards rushing) 2007

    LaDainian Tomlinson (SD) - 1,474
    Adrian Peterson (MIN) - 1,341
    Brian Westbrook (PHI) - 1,333
    Willie Parker (PIT) - 1,316
    Jamal Lewis (CLE) - 1,304
    Clinton Portis (WAS) - 1,262
    Edgerrin James (ARI) - 1,222
    Willis McGhee (BAL) - 1,207 yards with 7 TD’s
    Fred Taylor (JAC) - 1,207
    Thomas Jones (NYJ) - 1,119
    Marshawn Lynch (BUF) - 1,115 yards with 7 TD’s (also passed for 1 TD)
    LenDale White (TEN) - 1,110 yards with 7 TD’s
    Joseph Addai (IND) - 1,072
    Frank Gore (SF) - 1, 102 yards with 5 TD’s
    Brandon Jacobs (NYG) - 1,009 yards with 4 TD’s
    Justin Fargas (OAK) - 1,009 yards with 4 TD’s
    Steven Jackson (STL) - 1,002 yards with 5 TD’s (had 38 receptions for 271 yards, with 1 TD &1 TD passing)

    (TD‘s rushing) 2007

    LaDainian Tomlinson (SD) - 15
    Joseph Addai (IND) - 12
    Adrian Peterson (MIN) - 12
    Clinton Portis (WAS) - 11
    Marion Barber (DAL) - 10
    Earnest Graham (TB) - 10
    Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) - 9
    Jamal Lewis (CLE) - 9
    Ryan Grant (GB) - 8
    Kevin Jones (DET) - 8

    (TD‘s Total 10 or more) 2007

    LaDainian Tomlinson (SD) - 19
    Joseph Addai (IND) - 15
    Adrian Peterson (MIN) - 13
    Brian Westbrook (PHI) - 12
    Marion Barber (DAL) - 12
    Clinton Portis (WAS) - 12
    Jamal Lewis (CLE) - 11
    Earnest Graham (TB) - 10
    Frank Gore (SF) - 10
    Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) - 10

    (40 or more Receptions) 2007

    Brian Westbrook (PHI) - 90 for 771 yards, with 5 TD’s
    Reggie Bush (NO) - 73 for 417 yards, with 1 TD
    LaDainian Tomlinson (SD) - 60 for 475 yards, with 3 TD’s
    Frank Gore (SF) - 53 for 436 yards, with 5 TD’s
    Kenny Watson (CIN) - 52 for 374 yards, with 0 TD’s
    Adrian Peterson (MIN) - 51 for 420 yards, with 0 TD’s
    Earnest Graham (TB) - 49 for 324 yards, with 0 TD’s
    Clinton Portis (WAS) - 47 for 389 yards, with 0 TD’s
    Kevin Faulk (NE) - 47 for 383 yards, with 0 TD’s
    Marion Barber (DAL) - 44 for 282 yards, with 2 TD’s
    Willis McGhee (BAL) - 43 for 231 yards, with 1 TD’s
    Joseph Addai (IND) - 41 for 364 yards, with 3 TD’s
    Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) - 40 for 407 yards, with 1 TD

    (100 yard + rushing games) 2007

    Willie Parker (PIT) - 8
    Adrian Peterson (MIN) - 6
    LaDainian Tomlinson (SD) - 6
    Brian Westbrook (PHI) - 6
    Jamal Lewis (CLE) - 5
    Willis McGhee (BAL) - 5
    Fred Taylor (JAC) - 5
    LenDale White (TEN) - 5
    Brandon Jacobs (NYG) - 5
    Ryan Gant (GB) - 5
    Joseph Addai (IND) - 4
    Clinton Portis (WAS) -4
    Thomas Jones (NYJ) - 4
    Justin Fargas (OAK) - 4
    Ronnie Brown (MIA) - 4

    (Injury) 2007

    Ronnie Brown (MIA) - only played in 7 game in 07. Has the potentail to be one of the top 5 RB’s in08
    (5.1 yards /attempt with 5 TD’s and 39 receptions)
    Larry Johnson (KAN) - only played 8 games in 07.
    Rudi Johnson (CIN) - after posting (3) consecutive 12 TD seasons. His production fell to 4 TD’s in 07.
    Travis Henry (DEN) - Has not had a complete year without injury since 2002.

    ^ = Fantasy value is on the rise.

    I only listed the RB's who I thought had any Value.
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    Nice list. I'd have Jackson higher but that's just me.
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      My fantasy RB is Eva Longoria... Oh, RB, ok. I like AP a lot but everybody agrees that Chester Taylor hurts his value. Ballsy to have Addai at 3 over guys like westbrook and Jackson. I don't like him very much as a player but I was defenitly wrong when I said he was going to be a bust. I like it.


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        I've got Willis McGahee and Jonathan Stewart as my fantasy starters, and Reggie Bush and Ricky Williams as my backups.


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          Don't sleep on a J Stew and DeAngelo Williams combo. I think they'll rack up huge numbers together.


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            I think everything on the Panthers offense hinges on Delhomme. If he's healthy, teams have to respect the throwing game with Steve Smith, Mushin Muhammad, and DJ Hackett and thus DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart can tear it up on the ground. If not, Matt Moore isn't going to command the offense that well, and teams will focus on stopping the ground game.
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              I think the Carolina offense hinges on Jordan Gross. Can he play LT? Also, their interior OL needs to step up.
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                jordan gross and jake delhomme. j stewart is a beast though. love that guy. almost as good as brandon jackson.


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                  Originally posted by starqb14 View Post
                  jordan gross and jake delhomme. j stewart is a beast though. love that guy. almost as good as brandon jackson.
                  I hope that's a joke. Brandon Jackson isn't anywhere near Stewart's level.


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                    Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
                    I think the Carolina offense hinges on Jordan Gross. Can he play LT? Also, their interior OL needs to step up.
                    So do you think that Otah can't play LT at all or is it that he's too young?
                    I think this would be solid: LT: Otah LG: Whalton C: Kalil RT: Gross. I don't know who their RG is though I should.

                    Blazedestin: I think you're right about it hinging on Delhomme but Matt Moore didn't look too bad last year. I think it is more on the receievers. If Moose, Hackett, and Jarret don't step up, they're in trouble.


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                      I don't see how you drop Jackson due to injury concern, but not Clinton Portis.


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                        "The Bills have some holes on their offensive line."

                        Care to name them?


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                          Originally posted by NoNonsenseCoach View Post
                          I don't see how you drop Jackson due to injury concern, but not Clinton Portis.
                          Jackson hasn’t been as consistent as Portis has been…he is also a player who I listed as rising value, but personally I’ll take consistency over potential almost every time.

                          As far as having Joseph Addai rated so high. I think he has earned it. He’s not the sexiest choice, but he is productive in everything he does and Westbrook has been very productive, but I question how much abuse he has taken over the years carrying such a heavy work load.
                          Eventually it takes it’s toll.

                          Bills red….Melvin Fowler. Certainly not a bad OL and I didn’t mean to imply that their OL sucks….It’s just that I think they could be better with a better OC.
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                            Originally posted by NoNonsenseCoach View Post
                            I don't see how you drop Jackson due to injury concern, but not Clinton Portis.
                            Portis hasn't really been injured that much. And when he has been, for the most part, he's played quite productively. Portis also projects to have a very good year as he will be used as Seattle used Shaun Alexander when he was in his prime. I think Portis could be in the top 3 fantasy producers this year.

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