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    I'd just like to clarify one thing about Trent Edwards, something I had to do a lot when Edwards took over.

    It's not that Edwards can't throw the football as far as J.P. Losman, because he can. I've seen Edwards at mini-camp and training camp, he has no problem throwing the football as far as Losman can. Is his deep ball accuracy not as good? Maybe, but we don't really know yet because the former OC Fairchild handcuffed Edwards when he took over. Or it was Jauron, one of them did it. Either way, I feel its somewhat incorrect to knock Edwards for a "lack of deep throwing ability." Towards the end of 2007, Edwards completed a few bombs to Evans.

    I agree with everything else Walter wrote, the schedule might get us in even though we aren't close to some of the other AFC teams, just gotta beat the teams we're supposed to

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    Trent Edwards has much more poise. That's what it pretty much comes down to...and usually what it does come down to (the quarterback that can handle himself with the calmest and most confident especially in pressure situations).
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    Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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      Although you'll get a lot of this in Buffalo, most of Trent Edwards bad performances were in atrocious conditions, not to me because he was poor himself. The Giants game for example....mammoth blizzard.


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        You could be right, we'll have to see. It would make sense that the Bills would be more conservative than usual with Edwards.
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          I think it's funny because he was hyped up to be an early second round pick right before the draft and then he dropped to the late 3rd. Now he's panning out to be pretty darn good. Usually it's the other way around.


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            I sincerely believe that if Edwards would've played for a decent college program he would've been right up there with Russell and Quinn. Looking back 07 was a really good QB class


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              I liked Edwards better than Russell from the beginning. The standard for academics was so high at Stanford, I knew he was smart. He was also a very highly touted recruit. He had durability issues because his team was absolutely horrendous in college. His first drive with the Bills against the Pats made me think... wow. This is the guy. The next week I went to the Ralph to see my first football game. It was Edwards first start, and he looked magnificent. Losman had 'better stats' but Edwards just had a presence... he knew how t win games and the whole team looked better when he played.

              I look at it this way. With Losman, we barely beat the Phins. With Edwards, we destroyed them.

              I have no doubt in my mind that Edwards will be our next great QB.


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                I don't think Trent Edwards has 'great' in him, but I think he can consistently real good for years.