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Favre wants release from Packers

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  • Favre wants release from Packers

    It looks like Brett Favre still isn't ready to retire as he asked the Packers to release him so he could return to the NFL with another team.
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    Brett, grab a cigar, walk to your front porch and chill... It's over...

    R.I.P. Sean Taylor 1983-2007


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      Originally posted by MMONTERO View Post
      Brett, grab a cigar, walk to your front porch and chill... It's over...
      haha no doubt
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        jason taylor, welcome to green bay.

        brett, welcome to another team to go 4-12.


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          Didn't he want to be traded last year when TT wouldn't go for Moss (which I approved of, I've rather have a young OL to add depth than an old seam route runner that's mooned us...). It's fair to say he's the best QB of Packers lore (Starr benefited from a dominate, 2-back era ground game), but damn! this is the 5th year he's tortured us...go play somewhere else. We'll still love ya for helping (keyword HELPING) bring back Titletown to relativity and your excitement after a TD, but're 39 and have achieve FAR FAR FAR more than the anyone who's played the game. You looked old against da bears and the giants in the playoffs. But we offered you to come back and you turned it down....
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            WSSP radio in Milwaukee reports that the Vikings have made initial inquiries about Brett Favre, "pending his release from the Packers."

            The station's website claims it will have more about the story in the coming future. Minnesota could and should have interest in Favre, but we strongly doubt that Favre will be released. If the Vikings want him as a potential one- or two-year fix, they'll probably have to come up with a trade package. Favre's agent, Bus Cook, brokered the Steve McNair deal (Baltimore sent Tennessee a conditional fourth-rounder for McNair in '06) two offseasons ago, so he has experience dealing with this sort of thing.


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              A client of Brett Favre's agent, Bus Cook, is reportedly saying that Cook and Favre are targeting Miami and Carolina as the "most likely" landing spots if the Packers let him go.

              The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel even suggests Cook has had conversations with both the Panthers and Fins. It's become clear that GM Ted Thompson will not cut Favre outright, but is more than willing to shop him around. Packers beat writer Tom Silverstein ends his blog post with "let the bidding begin."


              The Tampa Tribune believes Bucs coach Jon Gruden will "be first in line" in the Brett Favre bidding if the Packers take him off reserve/retired.

              Gruden got Bucs management to give up a draft pick for waffling QB Jake Plummer, so think of what he'd get them to part with for Favre. We're not sure if Gruden and Favre were at all close when Gruden coached the Green Bay wide receivers from 1994-1995, but they do have some history. For what it's worth, we don't think there's a better fit across the league.


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                Stay retired Brett. Let your legacy be sealed.
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                  Originally posted by Joey_Potter View Post
                  Stay retired Brett. Let your legacy be sealed.

                  Well, he is for sure coming back so his legacy is already crushed. This guy is all about him self. Why would you put an organization in the position he has put the Packers in?


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                    I wouldn't be surprised if the Packers try to get some sort of deal with Favre where they'd allow him to go to any team that isn't in the NFC North. Baltimore, Tampa, and Carolina all sound like the most logical spots for Favre to go to, because Green Bay would be insane to let Favre walk to Minnesota.
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                      I predict Favre gets hurt this year.


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                        Originally posted by NoNonsenseCoach View Post
                        I predict Favre gets hurt this year.
                        But Favre is the iron man!


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                          If Favre goes to Tampa that gives up a big arm Gruden has never had, but it also gives Gruden an arm that turns the ball over a lot.

                          I have mixed feelings about Favre going to Tampa Bay.
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                            I'm calling it right now...Favre to the Ravens.

                            That is the most logical spot for him. Buss Cooke who is Favre agent was also the agent for Steve McNair who the Ravens took a chance on.

                            They should be a playoff contender with Favre and that would be a perfect situation for Flacco to sit back and learn for a few years.


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                              This ruins everything!