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Army orders Lions draft pick Campbell to withdraw

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  • Army orders Lions draft pick Campbell to withdraw

    Caleb Cambell has to wait two years before he can play for the lions a shame for him.

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    So they told him he could play, then withdraw on that...F the US Army.
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      Originally posted by MikeyP View Post
      Caleb Cambell has to wait two years before he can play for the lions a shame for him.
      Actually he will probably never play for the Lions and probably begged the Army to do this because The Lions drafted him.

      While he agreed to terms of a 3-year contract, the Lions wouldn't let him sign it until this issue was resolved. So now the Lions retain his rights until the draft next year and have until then to sign him to a contract. If he doesn't sign by then, Detroit loses all rights to him and he can re-enter the 2009 NFL draft. If he goes undrafted then, he becomes an undrafted free agent.


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        This is what it's all about...

        "Navy Secretary Donald C. Winter ruled last month that Mitch Harris must serve a five-year active duty commitment. Harris, a 22-year-old pitcher with a 95-mph fastball, was selected by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 13th round in this year’s draft.

        Harris acknowledged being surprised by the ruling because Campbell was being allowed to pursue football while completing his military service as a recruiter and in the reserves.

        “Army has redefined the Alternative Service Option to include playing professional sports,” Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk has said. “Our coaches are now operating under a significant handicap when recruiting head-to-head with Army. It may not be reflected on the playing field today, but I can guarantee you that it will result in a competitive disadvantage down the road.”

        MFers, MFers, MFers!

        The Navy complained because they didn't want the Army having a competative advantage in recruiting. It's not enough to just have the DOD revise the policy for the future, they had to get the Army to dash Campbell's dreams so that the Army wouldn't be able to say "Look, we sent a player ot the NFL" to recruits.

        “It’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t mean Caleb Campbell’s dream is dead. It just means it will be delayed,” Army spokeswoman Lt. Col. Anne Edgecomb told The Associated Press.

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        Simonds:"The tripping call was awful, yes, but there were a number of other absurd calls that went against the Vikings, including a DEFENSIVE delay of game penalty against the Vikings only called after a failed attempt to convert a third and 2 by the Steelers. Even the commentators were utterly floored that the refs made that call."
        Wraith36444:"A shady tripping call on Minnesota essentially gave the game to the Steelers. The Vikings were the better team, but it is too hard to beat a decent team and the refs. Oh and Harvin is the man."
        MaineMan:"I have to agree that it was an awful call and that it changed the outcome. Overall a great game by the Vikes and tragic that the well-deserved victory was stolen away like that."
        PaddyPatriot:"I've seen this play and I have to agree, I can't believe they called it tripping"
        Johndoe:"You know the officiating is bad when a Steeler's fan, like myself, thinks it was pretty bad."
        Steelers_Pens_Fan:"I will admit that the whole "tripping" thing probably shouldn't have been a flag."
        ZN0rseman:"It's great to know that good old fashioned pro football game rigging is still alive and well in America."
        Klunker18:"I'm with Z on this one. Definitely one of those games that makes you wonder if the NFL wants certain teams to win."
        TRICKaz"I agree that was a BS call"
        InjuredReserve:"Have yet to hear anyone say it was the right call. Seems as if the Vikings were cheated a bit."
        Eagles4Life:"Coaches just need to be able to challenge penalties"
        EL_Guapo:"The tripping call was bad, the delay of game was stupid Either way, the Vikings showed they are a top team."
        EllijayFalconsFan:"The tripping penalty was rediculous."
        Archon095:"Even as a Steeler fan I agree that the call was bull."
        BroncosCon:"I'm sorry that was a total bull**** call and it changed the outcome of the game. Pittsburgh still won, but it was almost like Denver winning at Cincy."

        Tony Dungy:"The Vikings are just one bad tripping penalty away from being undefeated.
        Jon Gruden:"That was just a bad, bad call. It cost the Vikings an important win at Pittsburgh, and it could really hurt them in the post season."


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          I've been saying **** the US Military, Government, and Law Enforcement since George Bush entered office. But NOOOOOOOO nobody listens to me.
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            Basically, The Army got a few weeks of positive publicity out of the kid, now they are yanking it out from under him while most people aren't paying attention. Nicely done Uncle Sam.


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              america is really strange


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                Yeah I saw this story yesterday. It's a shame but he did sign a contract with the Army.

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                  Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
                  So they told him he could play, then withdraw on that...F the US Army.


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                    Holy crap look who's back?!

                    What's up man?
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                      Had nothing to do 2day so wanted to see what was going on.


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                        Aren't u that guy who couldn't take Matt's crap? =P

                        What's up bills?

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                          Originally posted by Joey_Potter View Post
                          I've been saying **** the US Military, Government, and Law Enforcement since George Bush entered office. But NOOOOOOOO nobody listens to me.
                          Military and law enforcement are two completely different entities. Look to the royal f*ckup that is post-war Iraq to see how well they intersect....(that is, not at all, for those not paying attention).

                          Anyway, agreed with Norseman. Government agencies and departments are structured in a waaaaaay outdated fashion - instead of being under one umbrella, they are all separate and end up competing and, in most cases, impeding each other. The Army vs. Navy thing is one example.

                          I'd love serving my country one way or another, but i'm not stupid enough to sign up for the military (not bashing soldiers here, to clarify, mostly a figure of speech). This is just another example of BS from them.


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                            Law enforcement and the military work hand in hand basically because of the possibility that one day there will be a declaration of martial law. It's all behind the scenes in the sense that nothing they do really gets mainstream press coverage but the facts are out there on government websites. The issues in postwar Iraq weren't communication issues. The problem was the GWB really didn't care what happened after major combat operations one bit.

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                              90% chance he was going to get cut anyways.