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As Favre Looms, Jackson Struggles

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  • As Favre Looms, Jackson Struggles

    From PFT...
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 30, 2008, 7:22 a.m.

    Though the Packers seem hell-bent on preventing quarterback Brett Favre from playing for the Minnesota Vikings, we can’t help but think that Favre’s defection to purple is, to a certain extent, inevitable.

    Unless the Packers can persuade Favre to take a trade to some other team or decide to welcome Favre back at a time when it’s clear they don’t want him, Favre eventually will be released — and presumably will promptly sign with the Vikings.

    To the extent that the Vikings are on the fence about whether they’d prefer Favre to current starter Tarvaris Jackson, Jackson’s performance on Tuesday could help nudge the powers-that-be toward embracing the 38-year-old veteran.

    Jackson was intercepted twice on Tuesday. During seven-on-seven drills.

    The field is tilted heavily toward the offense in seven-on-sevens, with the quarterback able to find the open receiver without worrying about having his head removed from his body. And, still, Jackson threw two picks.

    Despite all of the offseason talk about Jackson’s motivation and development and all that crap, the fact remains that Jackson was unable to take advantage last year of defenses that were obsessed with blanketing tailback Adrian Peterson. Given that the team is in good-to-great shape at every position but quarterback, it’s easy to see why they’d be interested in an upgrade, even if he comes from the unlikeliest of places.

    In fairness to Jackson, he completed three of four passes in a third-and-long drill, connecting for a 25-yarder with Sidney Rice and a 25-yarder with Bernard Berrian.

    Still, two picks in seven-on-sevens isn’t good.

    Yeah, um... two picks in 7 on 7 drills? Seriously?

    [sarcasm]Good to see that Jackson's still playing as great as he did last season.[/sarcasm]

    In other news from PFT...

    MURPHY HEADING TO MISSISSIPPI TO TALK FAVRE OUT OF SHOWING UPPosted by Mike Florio on July 29, 2008, 11:19 p.m.
    New Packers president Mark Murphy, who might want to renegotiate his compensation package given the events of the past few weeks, is putting in some overtime in the Brett Favre fiasco.

    Specifically, Murphy is flying to Mississippi in a last-ditch attempt to persuade Favre not to report to Packers training camp, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

    Murphy will meet with Favre and agent Bus Cook on Wednesday morning.

    “They’re asking him not to come up there,” a source tells the Press-Gazette. “They don’t want him up there.”

    But what can they offer him to keep him away? Nothing, other than his unconditional release. And our guess is that Favre and Cook will push Murphy hard for an outright release — especially since Murphy’s personal visit to Mississippi is proof positive that the Packers are on the ropes on this one.

    /me looks into ordering a purple and gold number 4 jersey...
    WFB Comments on Vikings @ Steelers Game Rigging
    PuppyPuncher:"It sure was nice enough of Roger Goodell to let the refs from Ark-Florida officiate the Vikings-Steelers game"
    NoNonsenseCoach:"As a Steelers fan living in Pittsburgh I can still admit that tripping penalty was a complete ghost call."
    Simonds:"The tripping call was awful, yes, but there were a number of other absurd calls that went against the Vikings, including a DEFENSIVE delay of game penalty against the Vikings only called after a failed attempt to convert a third and 2 by the Steelers. Even the commentators were utterly floored that the refs made that call."
    Wraith36444:"A shady tripping call on Minnesota essentially gave the game to the Steelers. The Vikings were the better team, but it is too hard to beat a decent team and the refs. Oh and Harvin is the man."
    MaineMan:"I have to agree that it was an awful call and that it changed the outcome. Overall a great game by the Vikes and tragic that the well-deserved victory was stolen away like that."
    PaddyPatriot:"I've seen this play and I have to agree, I can't believe they called it tripping"
    Johndoe:"You know the officiating is bad when a Steeler's fan, like myself, thinks it was pretty bad."
    Steelers_Pens_Fan:"I will admit that the whole "tripping" thing probably shouldn't have been a flag."
    ZN0rseman:"It's great to know that good old fashioned pro football game rigging is still alive and well in America."
    Klunker18:"I'm with Z on this one. Definitely one of those games that makes you wonder if the NFL wants certain teams to win."
    TRICKaz"I agree that was a BS call"
    InjuredReserve:"Have yet to hear anyone say it was the right call. Seems as if the Vikings were cheated a bit."
    Eagles4Life:"Coaches just need to be able to challenge penalties"
    EL_Guapo:"The tripping call was bad, the delay of game was stupid Either way, the Vikings showed they are a top team."
    EllijayFalconsFan:"The tripping penalty was rediculous."
    Archon095:"Even as a Steeler fan I agree that the call was bull."
    BroncosCon:"I'm sorry that was a total bull**** call and it changed the outcome of the game. Pittsburgh still won, but it was almost like Denver winning at Cincy."

    Tony Dungy:"The Vikings are just one bad tripping penalty away from being undefeated.
    Jon Gruden:"That was just a bad, bad call. It cost the Vikings an important win at Pittsburgh, and it could really hurt them in the post season."