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Steve Smith suspended...

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  • Steve Smith suspended...

    2 games.

    That's pretty bold suspending the best player on their team other than the Pep master.

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    When I first heard about the incident, I laughed it off as Smitty being his usual badass self, but then more details came out. With Lucas' injuries and Smith's history, I think 2 games is justified. I don't want to be a franchise who lets star plays skate on stuff like this, assaulting our starting CB on the sidelines with his helmet off is just unacceptable and retarded.

    Oh well, I didn't hold out much hope for us beating SD with him and I like our chances against CHI without him.

    Hopefully Lucas will be okay and will be ready to play on week 1.


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      There goes their offense.


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        Jonathan stewart????
        Brett Favre in 2 years...sigpic


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          is this 2 pre-season or reg season?
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            I think we've made changes to get a less reliant on him this year, in the one man offense sense. On paper, our receiving corps and power running game is looking better this year than it has in a while('03).

            Jake's health and our crappy D-line are my biggest concerns heading into the season, with Smith's health/availability coming in 3rd


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              Originally posted by jayhawk fan12 View Post
              Jonathan stewart????
     there only hope.


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                Nice, Smith should be a fantasy sleeper then.


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                  2 preseason games or 2 regular season games?
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                    Regular season games obviously, first two preseason games would be like rewarding him.


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                      ^^ @SD and CHI, my take is still:

                      Oh well, I didn't hold out much hope for us beating SD with him and I like our chances against CHI without him.

                      Definately a big downer though after an otherwise productive week at TC


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                        Dammit his first game back will be against the Vikings. Why couldn't they suspend him one more game?

                        We will still beat the Panthers with ease.


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                          Well, they can beat the Bears, but the Chargers game is now an impossibility. Well, at least the line will go up in SD's favor. I still like the Panthers to cover, but it's not going to be a big play for me now.
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                            Did you guys see this yet? LOL...Steve Smith is still a flippin hot head

                            FIGHT AROSE FROM LUCAS NOSE JOB?


                            We’re hearing via our network of sources that the fight between Steve Smith and Ken Lucas, which ended with Lucas getting a broken nose, arose from the perception or reality that Lucas has had one or more nose jobs.


                            As the rumor goes, some of the players make fun of Lucas for the perception or reality that he has undergone the procedure once or more in the past. And, as the rumor goes, Lucas made a solid play on Smith not long before the fight happened. And, as the rumor goes, those who make fun of Lucas for the perception or reality that he has gotten one or more nose jobs then started to make fun of Smith for being shown up by Lucas. And, as the rumor goes, this prompted Smith to take out his frustrations on Lucas and/or his nose.

                            Again, this is all rumor. However, a search of available photos suggests that, at some point between sitting for his 2005 head shot with the Panthers and his 2007 team head shot, something changed regarding Lucas’ nose. Here’s the photographic evidence.


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                              Does anyone else think this a pre-emptive move? With the commish suspension crazy, I think this is a way of cutting him off at the pass, so to speak.