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  • My College Football Podcast

    Hey all, what's up?

    I feel like i'm leeching off of my buddy doing this but I decided to do this. If you're a college football fan and have a couple minutes to spare, please check out my podcast (

    The podcast is my ranking of the top teams in college football. I recently joined a poll a group of broadcasters formed on their own and I decided to give an in-depth view of how I came up with my rankings.

    Feel free to leave comments/feedback if you happen to listen to it. I didn't really plan on posting about it here, but after talking with walter and getting his feedback on it the other day, I chose to post on here to see what you guys think.

    Sorry for rambling a bit in this post, just wanted to explain why i posted and explain what the podcast is about. Thanks for reading this post. Thanks also if u happen to listen to the podcast.

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    I think you should slow down your speech and talk with more confidence, and diversify the introductions.


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      You're not leeching man. Trips is my buddy from Penn State
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        Ya dude you're talking a little fast.