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Favre set INT record

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  • Favre set INT record

    He was interviewed after the game about the record and had this to say,

    "I don't care about setting records, I just want to win football games."

    Now, Walter you might know this (I certainly don't), who has the record for pick-6s, Pennington seems to be gunning that one down.

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    Favre plays hard and plays to win like he said, it doesn't always work out and holding this record doesn't make him look bad at all he is a HOFer for sure
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      Yeah, I'm a big Favre fan. I found it funny though that his three records this year all came in wins, all with similar after game comments.


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        I'm trying to find that record for you Jimmy.

        Well, it takes someone really good to play that long despite throwing all those picks.
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