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This just in: 49ers are dumb.

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  • This just in: 49ers are dumb.

    This is in my write-up, but:

    Question: If a team placed four defensive ends on the field, what do you do? I was confident the 49ers would pound the ball with Frank Gore. Instead, they insisted on dropping Trent Dilfer back in the pocket, which resulted in 3 fumbles by the beginning of the 3rd quarter.
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    I have to agree. Trent Dilfer is getting murdered out there.
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      How about Ron Turner?

      It sounds like the 49ers need to add Ron Turner to their coaching staff. The Bears offense can be predicted simply by looking at the personnel. Their running back circus tells it all. If Donkey Peterson is on the field, it's always going to be a pass. If Benson's in the backfield, it's a run.

      After pointing this out, it only took my 9yr old nephew 10-20 seconds to begin predicting the Bears playcalling with about 95% accuracy.

      This might explain the Bears sudden inability to run and lack of pass protection with a carryover o-line. It also might explain why the game-winning drive occurred after Griese's headset lost communication with the sideline.


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        Why is Trent Dilfer in an NFL roster is beyond me.
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