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What is a survivor pick?

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  • What is a survivor pick?

    Hey Walter,

    What's a Survivor Pick. You're 8-0 on them in the NFL, so how come only one unit? Thanks.

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    I have it for three units; not one unit.

    This is from another thread on this forum:

    In case you don't know what this is, you need to pick a team to just win each week. If that team wins, you stay alive. If that team loses, you're out. You can't pick the same team twice.

    Seattle over Tampa won in Week 1.
    Chicago over Kansas City won in Week 2.
    Pittsburgh over San Francisco won in Week 3.
    Dallas over St. Louis won in Week 4.
    New England over Cleveland won in Week 5.
    Baltimore over St. Louis won in Week 6.
    Washington over Arizona won in Week 7.
    Tennessee over Oakland won in Week 8.

    These are guidelines I use:

    1. Never pick road teams
    2. Never pick a bad team
    3. Stay away from public plays
    4. Never pick a team that could either be looking ahead or behind
    5. Never pick divisional games
    2016 NFL Mock Draft

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      Thanks Walter


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        This is a little confusing
        Walter got PWN3D
        Rams GM

        2. Jake Long, OT, Michigan
        33.Cliff Avril, DE, Purdue
        65.Tom Zbikowski, S, Notre Dame
        101.Tavares Gooden, LB, Miami
        137.Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon
        168.Maurice Purify-WR-Nebraska
        180.Justin Forsett-RB-Cal