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ProbabilityFootball is BACK for 2007

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  • ProbabilityFootball is BACK for 2007

    Dear Friends

    I have set up a Group: NFL2007 PW football
    Please when sign up join the group.

    For only $5.00 all can win cash prizes each week and the yearly pool I been in this one for 3 years or more and last year I won a week got my money back and more

    A friend of yours, Christopher Robidoux ([email protected]), has
    registered to compete in a unique NFL football contest, ProbabilityFootball.
    Christopher, who is entered under the user name swifty, has indicated
    that you might also be interested in playing in the contest.

    ProbabilityFootball is a new contest with more than fifty cash prizes totaling
    nearly $4000 in cash prizes, and an entry fee of just $5. This is one of
    most generous prize funds for a low-cost contest you'll find anywhere. By
    registering now, you'll still have a chance to get off to a quick start
    in competing for yearly prizes.

    To register or find out more about the contest, please visit the contest
    site at We hope to see you there soon!

    The ProbabilitySports Team

    p.s. When registering, don't forget to supply your friend's user name,
    swifty, so that your friend can receive a referral bonus.