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Siena over #20 Stanford

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  • Siena over #20 Stanford

    Hell yes!! Finally my team is making some noise (again). It's only been 18 years since they beat Stanford. They are a legit mid-major. Almost beat Cuse (****ing Johnny Flynn), and will win the MAAC and upset someone in the NCAAs. Just a prediction. Of course, they were good the year before I went to school there and the year after I leave, huh, funny how that worked out. Forum Moderator

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    Haha I saw that, and was hoping you'd post something about it. Yet another mid-major to beat a ranked team.
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      Good job Siena! The CRAP-10 showing why it is overrated! Mercer and Siena beats 2 of the best PAC-10 teams so far.
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