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  • put your TVs on CBS

    CLE/BAL field goal - you won't believe what's going on right now.

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    sorry I didn't get to see it had. Jets-Steelers on CBS here, but I heard about a controversial FG at the end of the game. Forum Moderator

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      I saw that, it's bull**** CBS wasn't allowed to show that live.
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        Its Goooooooooooooooooooooooood.

        Finally Good Days For The Browns!!!!!!


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          I saw that and I said it was good, I thought the game was over so I changed it to ESPN then went back and the game was in OT. I was like WTF happend. lol


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            that was insane
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              Originally posted by Walter
              I saw that, it's bull**** CBS wasn't allowed to show that live.
              I thought that was the goofiest thing as well. You see four guys sitting around a desk going "oh it's got the distance is it good no it's not good wait it's good what's going on?". And then two seconds later they're showing the actual play.

              I liked when they were discussing the official's review, and JB is barking at one of the stagehands for the name of the referee. Like the stagehand was supposed to pull it out of his ass or something. All around some of the craziest minutes I've ever seen on a televised NFL game.